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The latest census data revealed that the Sunshine State welcomed many newcomers. It accommodated over 200,000 people in the past year alone. Also, this occurrence makes it the second-largest US state in population growth. So, why are people moving to Florida? Why move to Florida when you can? Here are the top reasons!



Why move to Florida? Is it a nice place to live? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, you’re not alone. We’ve seen the marks of a massive Florida population growth. Hundreds of new housing complexes are under construction. Plus, the place has occupied parking lots. Commuting to work takes more time than before. So, why are so many people moving to Florida?


why move to florida

Fort Lauderdale, Florida



Studies after studies on migration revealed Florida something about the place. It’s the hottest destination for people who move out of state. For instance, the research found one in eight people selected Florida for relocation. The study further states that it appeals to migrators from different places. They include Wyoming, South and North Dakota, Tennessee, and Michigan, emigrants. Others come from Maine, New Jersey, and North Carolina. Also, thousands of people resettling to Florida go there for other reasons. Some folks relocating are part of a national trend of leaving blue for red states.



So, why move to Florida? Significant perks include incredible job opportunities, low taxes, and a business-friendly environment. Likewise, lower-class and middle-class folks find affordable living attractive.



Why are people moving to Florida? We took some time to gather the list of crucial grounds. So, are you curious to answer, “Why are so many people moving to Florida?” Our post has you covered!



Why Are People Moving to Florida?



They Like Florida’s Beautiful Weather



Why are so many people moving to Florida due to the atmospheric conditions? The state offers sunny and warm weather for the majority of the year. The rest of the world is busy roasting chestnuts on open fires. Floridians enjoy their annual BBQs and Dolphin watching in Florida. After all, the Sunshine State has stunning beaches. It is like a family tradition to have breakfast and put away your stockings and presents. So this place allows you to load up your vehicle for a trip. It also grants exploring Florida’s spectacular outdoors. Discover the best beaches for swimming in Florida in 2023 and dive into an unforgettable aquatic adventure.



why move to florida

Orlando, Florida



With more than 200 days of beautiful sunshine, Florida welcomes new residents. The state accommodates newcomers with warm, sunny weather. Also, despite the hot and humid summer, Florida’s season tends to be mild. Residents in the southern part of the state will likely only need to wear sweaters in cooler months. Miami, for instance, has an average winter temperature between 76-80 degrees. Summer temperatures can go as high as 90 degrees.



No State Income Tax Means an Affordable Cost of Living



Why move to Florida to experience financial relief? It’s where you don’t have to pay any state income tax. Also, the Sunshine State is among only a few US states that allow affordable living costs. The place enables residents to stay without paying state income taxes. Yet the government requires settling some taxes, like proper and pay taxes. Still, this arrangement makes the state tax burden much less than others.



Florida’s affordable cost of living also appeals to upper-income groups. In contrast, living in other US states like New Jersey or New York is inexpensive. After all, they demand residents to pay an income tax rate of 10.75% and 10.9%, respectively. Hence, moving to the Sunshine State benefits different societal classes.



Furthermore, Florida’s constitution disallows the government to impose an income tax. Hence, the favorable situation will remain. On top of that, imposing dues or new taxes on residents may not occur. After all, it demands a two-thirds majority of the state House and Senate.



Other than state income taxes, other state taxes are also meager and mild. The average sales tax, for example, is approximately 7%. In contrast, a corporate tax rate is only 5.5%, paving the way for consistent economic growth. Hence, Florida’s affordable living entails a good quality of life. This condition is why occupants have favorable reviews of the Sunshine State.



Astonishingly Business-friendly Environment



The Sunshine State has staggeringly diverse economies. It features a GDP of more than $1 trillion. Because of that, it is one of the nation’s most significant economic forces. So, why are people moving to Florida for business? Its lucrativeness is one of the primary reasons. After all, the state is home to several huge enterprises. Disney World, Harry Potter World, Universal Studios, and LEGOLAND are only some examples. Still, the booming tourism industry is part of the state’s total revenue. Bear in mind that it produces a significant income.



Businesses in Florida

Businesses in Florida



Moreover, Florida has a few other thriving industries like aviation and aerospace. It’s even home to the renowned Kennedy Space Center. Moreover, the booming clean tech industry has more than 11,750 registered companies. These businesses provide hundreds of thousands of job opportunities. Besides, it also has over 46,000 healthcare establishments. Hence, Florida is the second-largest US state for medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing.



Furthermore, the Sunshine State is also home to vibrant segments. They include defense and homeland security, financial, and tech services. For instance, the Miami mayor mentioned the city pushing to be the crypto capital of the world. What’s more, Florida is also home to business giants. Big names such as Office Depot and Burger King are there. Still, other known brands are from the Sunshine State. The list includes Royal Caribbean International, Circle K, Hard Rock Café, and ADT Corporation.



Florida exports over $55.5 billion of goods as an international exporter. In that capacity, it’s the seventh-largest US exporter state. The exports include more than machines, phones, aircraft parts, and circuits. So, why does the sunshine state has such a diverse range of industries? Of course, because of an incredibly business-friendly environment!



But what is a business-friendly environment? Why move to Florida if you wish to start a business? Again, Florida has no state income taxes. Also, the incorporated tax rate is relatively low. Besides, Florida’s transparent permitting process encourages investors to apply and form businesses. That’s why over a dozen corporations from California have moved to Florida.



The Cultural Diversity



It’s a land that eliminates negative stereotypes and biases. The University of South Florida even has the resources to address such issues. Hence, the Sunshine State is incomparable as a US state in cultural diversity. Still, why are people moving to Florida for its cultural diversity? Throughout the state, you will likely interact with people of various backgrounds. It’s possible to encounter unique religions, age groups, and other imaginable attributes. These people migrate to Florida for plenty of reasons. Some move to Florida for health reasons due to its warm climate. Others come here to start new businesses. Still, a few do it for religious freedom or to escape hardships.



why move to florida

Florida’s Cultural Diversity



As Florida nurtured, so did the population diversity. The place is now home to ex-soldiers. Their families and friends, plus other people worldwide, stay here. The Japanese, Danes, and Greeks all add a variety of richness to Florida’s culture.



Aside from people born and raised in Florida, many inhabitants are Northerners. They relocated for better job opportunities, weather, lack of taxes, and other reasons. Indeed, Florida’s cultural diversity is why are so many people moving to Florida.



Florida’s Charmingly Historical Cities



The state has a fascinating history. Yet why move to Florida for this reason alone? While almost all the nation’s states have a rich past, only a few can claim to have a history as old as Florida’s. Its records date back to the 1500s. For example, the city of St. Augustine is home to Columbus and his companions. They settled there in the early 1500s. This city is also famous for being the oldest and continuously occupied in the US. Thus, the place allows for a fascinating diversion for exploration.


The Gonzalo-Alvarez House

The Gonzalo-Alvarez House



You will find an overlooked early colonial city in northern Florida on the Peninsula. It has the marks of early Spanish and British forts. Still, cities and towns of the Sunshine State connect to the ancient inhabitants. Some visitors relate to many historical spots. This connection persuades visitors to move to Florida.



Moreover, for history fans, Florida boasts cities dedicated to monuments and war memorials. For example, Florida’s National Cemetery in Bushnell caters to 20th-21st century veterans. Another attractive site is the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument. It’s an archaeological spot that served as a shelter for enemy offenses.



Furthermore, a few Florida cities have psychics and mediums for paranormal enthusiasts. Cassadaga has spiritualists for curious minds. Still, other spots offer peculiar interests in the Sunshine State. So it’s a place that appeals to various tastes.


Hundreds of Beautiful, Pristine Beaches



People who love the outdoors and spending time on the beach should move to the Sunshine State. Florida is the only Peninsula in the US with dusted ends, shimmering sands, and crystal waters. Visitors can find hundreds of public and private beaches throughout the state.


Fort Lauderdale Beach

Fort Lauderdale Beach


Beautiful, warm, and inviting coasts allure guests from across the globe. The shores even inspire wanderers to extend their stay. If you love Dolphin watching in Florida, and romantic sunsets, stroll along one of many of Florida’s Gulf shores. In contrast, Florida’s Atlantic coasts are among the ideal places to wake up to the kiss of the morning sun.



Why are so many people moving to Florida for its waters? More than glorious beaches, Dolphin watching in Florida, crystal-clear waters surround Florida’s tropical paradise. Anglers appreciate the Sunshine State waters due to the tastiest fish in the world from it. Thus, it offers plenty all at once to locals and guests.



Florida’s Oceans and Lakes



Sightseeing is an everyday activity for many in the Sunshine State. But why move to Florida for excursions? The place has stunning oceans and breathtaking lakes. Whether professional or inexperienced, Florida’s waters welcome you to explore. Even so, people of various skillset may enjoy fishing, boating, kayaking, and canoeing. Tourists worldwide visit the Florida Keys to capture a few tasty saltwater creatures. The Sunshine State is also home to more than 700 springs for recreation. People can visit them with their watercraft and floating cooler to relax and have an escape.



Besides the excellent fishing, people associate Florida’s oceans with endless recreational activities. Some of these adventures you can only experience here. Many already enjoy and frequent scuba diving. Some adventurers swim with manatees, sea turtles, and other animals. So it’s almost always lively here.



Florida’s Incredible Wildlife



Swamplands in Florida offer one of the most beautiful habitats and ecosystems. The tropical paradise encompasses thousands of unspoiled acres. Also, it’s home to preserves and national wildlife refuges throughout the state. While some enjoy the city’s hustle and bustle, others explore and appreciate nature. It explains why people are moving to Florida for these attractions. The place offers the privilege of immersing in a variety of fascinating wildlife.



Florida’s wildlife refuges allow visitors, residents, and visitors to explore nature. It’s where folks can see flocks of some of the rarest species and do introspection. Florida Keys, for instance, is the only home to shepherd-sized Key-deer. Also, Florida lakes and waterways shelter other rare and endangered creatures.



Moreover, South Florida is home to fascinating critters. It’s the place to see the American crocodile and Florida panther. It also provides the ideal habitat for the Bottlenose Dolphin, manatee, and Black Bear. Moreover, people from across the world come to the state for watersports. They visit to catch various fighting fish.



Florida’s Wild Nightlife



Disney is aware that people have different ideas for excitement the sun sets. Orlando is famous for its nightly celebration scene, but it offers more. Miami’s South Beach is also an incredible place for some quality fun. During the day, crowds and beach lovers enjoy the fluffy sand. Yet, Ocean Drive convinces locals and tourists to try and enjoy its amusements at night. After all, it’s where folks can visit the bars, restaurants, shops, and local scenery.


Florida Panther Prowling

Florida Panther on a Prowl



Besides Miami and Orlando, Tampa is also a famous Florida city. People recognize it for its historic nightspot. Within it is Ybor City. Once home to notable Cuban cigar factories, the place still looks terrific. It now offers restaurants, shops, and clubs for everyone’s indulgence. Tampa’s 7th Avenue is among the “Top Ten USA Streets” for a reason. Likewise, filmmakers used it to film “Live by Night.”



The time in the Florida Keys is also very different, being a daily getaway spot. Locals say visiting the Florida Keys will let you forget the outside world. Going there to relax and have fun is like transporting yourself to the best place imaginable. It’s so good that you might never go home.



After Everything That Was Said



Why move to Florida? Many who moved to this state say it’s a good choice. They say so after seeing its inhabitants’ cost of living, state taxes, and other benefits. The Sunshine State promises financial relief, amusement, and endless leisure. Why are so many people moving to Florida for good? After experiencing the thrills of Florida, many guests learned to love the place. That’s why the state continues to grow.





The place has something for everyone. Yet, if you or one of your loved ones intend to move there, we strongly recommend staying there for at least 2-3 months. Also, it’s best to do that before making the final arrangements. After all, some folks stay while others leave after a while. Hence, it’s a matter of getting used to or otherwise. Still, if you find a spot in the Sunshine State, congratulations. After all, it offers comfort, livelihood, adventures, and relief. So what’s not to love about it?


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Where are the safest places to live in Florida?



According to safewise.com, Niceville, Weston, and Parkland hold the top 3 spots. It’s because researchers found them to have the lowest crime rates. These places also have residents with their own homes. Anyway, another website claims it’s a safe place. Other than the three cities mentioned, staying secure means preventing trouble too. Hence, you should be fine if you skip or steer clear of specific neighborhoods.



What should you consider when moving to Florida?



Moving to another state or country is a big decision. When transferring to the Sunshine State, different things come to mind. For instance, it’s part of the US. Even if you don’t have to deal with some taxes, you will have to face some wild plants and animals. Some areas have risky critters and lush shrubs that cause problems. Hence, moving where it’s safe from wild animals would be wise. Still, consider moving where you can stay safe from these and easy travel.



Is traveling to Florida worth it?



Relocating to the Sunshine State is a good idea when you can find a good place to transfer. It’s great when you can live near amusements or quiet areas. Also, there are benefits to staying where you can access conveniences. Still, with its warm summers and wet wintertime, it’s a place that is open to many opportunities. Hence, for those reasons and more, Florida may be an excellent location for dwelling.



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