Our Sunshine State features an abundance of wildlife, waterways, hiking and biking, and more.

Visit Disney and Universal. . But then also explore some of the less advertised parts of Florida. Soak up the sun. Relish in the delightful afternoon rains. Visit some historical sites. And find the natural Florida that so many miss.

Florida Splendors

When you think of Florida, the theme parks might first pop into your mind. Or maybe you think of alligators and mosquitos. And Florida does indeed host those, as well as beautiful beaches, the Daytona 500, and the Miami Dolphins football team.

But I want to show you the true SPLENDORS of Florida.

Crowd at Universal Studios, Florida

Watch as we feature new FLORIDA SPLENDORS each week. And if you find one we haven’t listed yet, please let us know. We welcome readers’ viewpoints and contributions!

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