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Are you tired of compromising between wet or dry storage solutions for your favorite beverages when embarking on aquatic adventures in your small watercraft? Look no further than the CreekKooler 30 Quart Floating Cooler. Traditional coolers often lack the versatility needed for on-the-water experiences, leaving you with the dilemma of choosing between keeping cold drinks or maintaining a dry storage space. The CreekKooler 30 Quart, with its innovative design featuring cup holders, a locking lid, and secure storage, alleviates these pain points.


Say goodbye to the struggle of juggling cold drinks and secure storage – this cooler is engineered to enhance your small watercraft journeys, providing the perfect solution for both your thirst and your gear. Let’s dive into a comprehensive review to discover how CreekKooler 30 Quart addresses these concerns and revolutionizes your aquatic adventures.

The 30-quart CreekKooler is an insulated, floating, and towable cooler for paddlers. With its design, kayakers and canoeists can enjoy having this vessel tagging along. It provides dry and buoyed-up storage for any excursions. During warm summer days, it makes hours of outings with the heat and sun possible. After all, it’s a portable container that always keeps drinks cold and refreshing. During boating trips, it can hold beverages, food, and other things. Yet does it chill drinks and carry things right? It has unique features, but is it ideal for relaxing and whitewater paddling? So, with these things in mind, it pays to take a close look at this product.

There are many insulated coolers for kayaking and canoeing. You can attach this kind to the back of a water vessel. In this review post, we’ll explore what makes it an excellent product and see its natural flaws. Thus keep reading to become acquainted with this boating accessory.

CreekKooler Product Performance


Shaped like a boat, it’s the kind of kayak cooler that impresses with its versatility. This vessel that weighs almost 20 pounds is buoyant. This means that taking it almost anywhere is very possible. For the most part, with its tough construction, it’s not difficult at all to pull it downstream. The boat-like vessel floats on smooth and rough lakes and rivers with ease. Often, owners make it a tow behind cooler for kayak boating. In essence, it does navigate with ease behind any watercraft. Not only does it do well on water but people can pull it behind them while walking too. After all, it does have a sturdy exterior that can withstand uneven or bumpy terrains. So it’s clear why many traveling kayakers and canoeists usually bring this item.

This tow behind cooler for kayak paddling is very dependable. It may cause a bit of drag on the water but doesn’t bring about serious issues. Cruising still becomes possible with this at the rear of a water vessel. Even on rough rivers, it tows easily. Aside from that, this item allows for day trips with cold beverages. After all, its storage compartment permits lengthy cooling. It’s possible to keep ice in there for more than a day. Plus, with its molded build, using cups for drinking becomes a breeze too. Thus considering it a constant rafting companion makes a lot of sense.

CreekKooler 30 Specifications


  • Dimensions: 39.5L x 21W x 12H (inches)


  • Weight (empty) 17 pounds


  • Chamber Depth: 39.5 inches


  • Capacity: 30-12 ounce cans and 20 pounds of ice (or the equivalent)



  • Useful cooling time: 48 hours (ice)


  • Available colors:
    • Beige
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • White


  • Seasonal Use: Year-round, Hot or Cold weather, Rain and Snow


  • Notes: Watertight with a locking lid and o-ring for maximum security


CreekKooler 30 Quart Design


This kayak like design cooler comes in 5 colors. Different 30-quart models have beige, blue, red, white, and yellow hues. So buyers can choose what can complement their style. Compared to the Pup line, it has more capacity to hold. That is to say, it can contain twice as much as a Pup CreekKooler can carry. That would be because it can accommodate 30 quarts or 12 oz cans of beverages. Also, with its insulated construction, it can carry 20 pounds of ice. Plus, its lid covers its opening well. Hence, it’s clear that this kayak like design cooler can keep drinks for 24 to 48 hours as advertised. With it, you know that putting things inside is fine and won’t cause spills.

Features of This Floating Cooler


Because of its 30 quarts carrying capacity and insulation, it can serve as a floating refrigerator/freezer. It’s only that it can keep cold drinks and even hold them while you cruise or float somewhere. It trails at the back of your vessel with a few simple steps. Getting it to follow your boat’s rear isn’t that difficult too. You only need to have one of its ends with the rope handle connected to a line. Next, attach the cord from the kayak cooler to the stern of your canoe or kayak. After that, you’re all set to have a good time.


You don’t have to worry about dragging it on the sand or even rocky surfaces. Its construction with thermoplastic polymer makes it withstand the elements. Also, it’s almost 40 inches long, 21 inches wide, and one foot high. In that way, its frame makes it very portable and perfect for traveling. Weighing less than 20 pounds, it’s quite lightweight to carry too. The CreekKooler is not even something to worry about because it has a watertight lid. The cover has a tether to secure it in place so things won’t fall off your boat too. Rather, it gives freedom and serves as something like a barge that serves drinks. Thus, making it available gives plenty of conveniences.

Navigation With a Tow-Behind Cooler


Installing it is quite easy. But using it does have its challenges sometimes. Despite objects in and on it with similar weight and shapes, the vessel may change directions. It may zigzag through the water from time to time, yet it’s easy to pull in when needed. Not only does it have a rope handle for cable attachment but the said part is easy to grab by hand. Even so, usually, the beverage barge does well with a short cord to connect it to a watercraft. So there are ways around its simple issues.


Since it’s attached to a boat, it does cause a bit of resistance on occasion. Yet the drag only becomes clear when there are no currents or waves to push you along. Even if it may pull your boat sometimes, it doesn’t mean that it ruins boating experiences. Rather, it makes navigation safe. Above all, it can carry liquid for hydration, ice for cooling, and even fresh fish when fishing. It helps prevent heat stroke and other life-threatening illnesses during your trip. So the kayak cooler helps people enjoy safe and cozy paddling plus fishing.

Comparing The CreekKooler 30 To Other Coolers


Like other products in the market, this kayak cooler isn’t immune to flaws. But, even if it isn’t perfect, it does have exceptional qualities too. Hence, this tow behind cooler for kayak has its ups and downs too. It is important to know about these things to be an informed consumer. Some may find that the positive attributes weigh more than the negative ones. It can be the other way around too. So try to see for yourself whether this item is excellent for your boating needs.



  • Unlike its inflatable counterparts, it doesn’t need air to work. It’s ready to float once it’s on the water.


  • Since it’s constructed from hard plastic, it’s puncture resistant. You don’t have to worry when its hull slides on sand or other surfaces.


  • Its molded structure allows for holding drinks in and out of a barge-type vessel. Canned beverages like soda fit in the cup holders outside. 12 cans can occupy the inner layer. It even holds food and other things like live fish. 


  • Strapping it on your boat isn’t necessary at all. The kayak tow behind the cooler accessory stays on the surface. 


  • Tows well on lakes, rivers, creeks, and ocean shores. Also works well in your swimming pool!



  • Sometimes it goes in zigzag directions. There may also be issues when pulling it straight.


  • It may be challenging to find spare parts to replace damaged ones. However, the unit is quite sturdy.

CreekKooler 30 Quart Usage Concerns and Answers


The boat-like hull or barge also needs proper usage and care. That is for the product to stay intact, appealing, and functional. Like other chillers, it is susceptible to damage and weathering, although less so than most. Properly used and cared for, we expect this cooler will provide years of dependable service.

Longevity and Care of the CreekKooler 30 Floating Cooler


Washing the kayak cooler with dish detergent and water is part of maintaining it. Yet the removal of serious stains may need strong water pressure and car shampoo. Even bleaching and brushing may be necessary in some cases. Still, owning a CreekKooler means keeping it dry before storage too. After all, dryness is the key to preventing mildew formation. So it takes effort to have it around.


Safety of the CreekKooler 30 Floating Cooler


This kayak tow-behind cooler is not meant as a personal flotation device. Although it stays on the surface, other items are better for safety on the water. Aside from that, sellers don’t recommend connecting it to high-powered vessels. Motorized boats usually move forward fast and produce plenty of wakes. Such things may make it hard and dangerous to reach the kayak cooler during trips.

Video Credits: @calhounvlogs

Sailing With a New Tow-Behind Floating Cooler


For outdoor adventurers, the CreekKooler is the perfect extra for any boating activity that can also save space. Whether it’s spending time floating on the beach or doing white water kayaking, it keeps things cool. This plastic portable chiller makes beverages and food cold all day long with its dual wall. Looking at its layout and materials, it comes as no surprise why it does well than other products like it. Thus it is one of the best paddling accessories people can add to their rafting add-ons.

If you’re looking for a well-made and dependable kayak or canoe cooler, the CreekKooler is definitely worth checking out. This cooler can save space on your trips by towing behind your watercraft, and it’s perfect for keeping all of your food and drinks cold while you paddle around. Have you tried using a tow-behind cooler before? If not, be sure to check out the CreekKooler 30 – it might just be the perfect solution for your next outdoor adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the CreekKooler 30 Quart Floating Cooler Compatible With All Watercraft?

The floating cooler is a piece of equipment that can travel across any surface. It is towable behind a kayak, rowboat, paddleboard, or raft. It floats in the water, drying your food, beverages, and possessions. You may use it with a hard-shell or inflatable kayak.

How Is This Floating Cooler Different Than a Homemade, Portable Icebox?

It has several features that make it far more reliable than a makeshift container.

  • Its handles allow easy transportation. So you can drag it along the sand and tow it behind your water vessel.


  • It uses insulated plastic for its temperature control and safe storage. This feature guarantees containing objects in an ideal section for hours. Because of it, food, beverages, and other goods can stay cool and dry during a trip.


  • The cover on top secures items in place. This part locks everything inside while traveling.
Is the Color of the Floating Cooler Important?

Bright yellow, red, orange, or blue boats are less likely to be hit by ships. It’s the same with buoyant chillers. Also, in an emergency, authorities can locate a brightly colored item floating in the sea. As a result, many people prefer to buy those with eye-catching colors.

How Long Does the CreekKooler 30 Quart Floating Cooler Keep Items Cold?

The cooling performance of the CreekKooler 30 Quart Floating Cooler depends on various factors such as external temperature and usage conditions. However, it is equipped with insulation to help maintain the temperature of its contents for an extended period, ensuring your drinks and food stay cool.

Can the CreekKooler 30 Quart Floating Cooler Be Used for Both Floating and Stationary Activities?

Yes, the CreekKooler 30 Quart Floating Cooler is versatile and suitable for both floating and stationary activities. Whether you’re floating down a river or enjoying a day at the beach, this cooler is designed to provide convenience and keep your refreshments chilled in various water environments.

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