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Strategies To Stay Cool In Summer



Florida has hot summers and high humidity, making your vacation experience uncomfortable. Please read our guide about Florida and how to stay cool in summer.



Summer in Florida is not a joke. You will want to turn your back around to sit in a cool place as soon as you go outside. While summertime in Florida is the best time to see the state at its best, it is also essential to keep the body cool. It is not about comfort but also about protecting your body against UV rays and heat stroke.



stay cool in summer

Summer in Florida



That said, keep in mind that summer in Florida runs from May. Also, it lasts till September with pretty warm and humid conditions. So, if you plan to visit Florida during the summertime, read our guide to learn how to beat the summer heat.



These tips and solutions will help you learn how to enjoy the summer in Florida and enjoy the top Key West things to do. They also help avoid worrying about overheating and dehydration.



Summer In Florida



The Sunshine State offers plenty of activities everywhere. Yet summer conditions vary depending on where you stay.



For those who want to see the state best, the best time to visit is in June. But plan your visit for August if you want to skip crowds. Moreover, we recommend the Southern regions if you plan to explore the coasts of Florida. After all, they have incredible crystal-clear waters and cozy beaches.






Summer in Florida represents the rainy season, spanning from May to mid-October. The sunshine state sees about 4.6 inches of rainfall during summer. It means you should expect a lot of rainy days throughout the season. Frequent rains can occur as the summer go on.



In August, it’s hurricane season. It comes with powerful hurricanes and tropical storms lasting till September. If you plan a visit toward the end of summer, be ready for any weather hazards.






The location of the Sunshine State is why it attracts so many visitors yearly. It is because Florida is the only mainland state closest to the Caribbean. Also, it has a subtropical climate. But, it also means that the humidity levels in Florida can be extreme throughout the year. It may be more humid during summer.



That said, dehydration and exhaustion are possible. These problems can occur when you go there in July and August. So it would be best if you take precautions to remain safe. Consume plenty of water, take frequent breaks, find shade, and stay cool in summer.



Water Temperature



The water temperature in Florida can be 80°F (27°C). It makes summer in Florida the best time for snorkeling, swimming, and other water sports. Additionally, people compare the summer water temperature in Florida to the bathwater temperature.



stay cool in summer

Temperature rising during summer in Florida.


Water temperatures can vary from place to place. Places like Miami, Florida Keys, and West Palm Beach have the warmest waters. But Northern regions like Northern Atlantic and Panhandle areas are different. They have the coldest waters in the state during summer.
Furthermore, the warm waters cause tropical storms and hurricanes. It puts more moisture in the atmosphere. So the southern regions are likely to see more frequent tropical storms. That is despite those areas having the most pleasant waters.



Tips on How to Stay Cool in Summer



1. Keep Yourself Hydrated



Drinking water is one of the most effective ways to stay cool in summer. Folks recommend it, especially when enjoying a vacation in Florida’s hot, humid conditions. Remember that while sweating can be uncomfortable, overheating is worse. It can ruin your outdoor experience in Florida. Also, drinking a lot of liquid is essential to maintain electrolyte balance.


beating the summer heat

A person keeping herself hydrated during summer season.



While the tip may seem simple, only a few people can follow it. So, it is always wise to carry a water bottle and drink water even if you don’t feel thirsty. Besides refreshing yourself, drinking a lot of water can allow you to stay energetic. So drink up to enjoy your outdoor time.



A few other benefits of staying hydrated include:



  1. Lubricating joints
  2. Flushing internal wastes.
  3. Regulating hunger and metabolizing food
  4. Producing sufficient saliva



But, it is also worth mentioning that excess water intake can be harmful. Drinking too much can make some electrolyte problems and cardiac disease worse. So, it is vital to consult your doctor and discover your appropriate water intake. People have different hydration requirements based on their health conditions and activity level.



Tips For Staying Hydrated



  • Drink a glass of water in the morning to enhance your metabolism and boost your energy levels.
  • Get yourself a fun, fancy water bottle. An attractive water bottle can be a visual reminder to consume more daily water.
  • Using notifications or alarms is another excellent way to keep yourself hydrated. Reminders can ensure you avoid dehydration throughout the day.



2. Find or Make Shade


People know Florida as “The Sunshine State.” So blocking the harmful sun rays is an effective way to stay cool in summer. Finding a shelter won’t stop the Florida heat. But it will protect you against direct sunlight and solar radiation. After all, it can make temperatures 10-15 degrees warmer.



stay cool in summer

Folks staying underneath the shade to enjoy the beach.



But, since it is hard to cover in Florida when you enjoy the outdoors, bring an umbrella. It can allow you to make shade when you need it the most. Florida beaches and other spacious outdoors have portable umbrellas too. When buying a parasol, choose one that is large enough to accommodate your family.



3. Schedule Your Outdoor Activities According to the Weather



Avoid unnecessary outdoor activities during the day (especially from 12:00 p.m. to 04:00 p.m.). Yet, schedule your outdoor activities if you want to do specific tasks in the summer daytime. Do it according to the weather. In this regard, it is so essential that you get up early in the morning and complete your tasks before noon.



swimming in florida

A woman taking a dip to relax.



During summer in Florida, 3:00 p.m. is the most hectic time. So hike, work in the garden, enjoy a bike ride, or do anything else outdoors before or after that. Try doing something else close to that time to beat the summer heat. You can enjoy a nap in the afternoon, watch a movie, or visit a shaded place with many trees.



Moreover, appliances in your house can also increase heat. For instance, ironing, running the dishwasher, or doing laundry increases your place’s temperature. So, it is wise to do your chores early in the morning or evening rather than during heated hours. The strategy will also help you maintain ideal indoor temperatures.



4. Enjoy Cold, Mineral-Rich Food and Drinks



Consume mineral-rich food and cold drinks to stay cool in summer. In this regard, food containing high water content is also essential to beat the summer heat. But buy a collapsible cooler bag. For obvious reasons, it’s challenging for food and beverages to remain cold outdoors. These collapsible cooler bags are portable and ideal for long trips.



fruits and veggies for the summer heat

A variety of cool and natural beverages.



Some great foods with high water content include:

  1. Cucumber: This fruit contains up to 95% of water, and one serving of it has only eight calories. The food is also a rich source of vitamin A, K, and fiber.
  2. Watercress: Its water content is high. Hence, it’s one of the reasons why it belongs to the “powerhouse veggies and fruits.”
  3. Tomatoes: These are also rich water sources. A cup of sliced raw tomatoes has 170g of water.
  4. Apples: A 100g serving of apples contains up to 85g of water, making them a perfect fruit to stay cool in summer.

5. Wear Sunscreen



Using sunscreens to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays is an excellent idea. While they help protect you from sunburn, sunscreens prevent premature aging. They stop or at least reduce leathery skin and wrinkles. They also help reduce the risk of cancer and sunburn-like skin reactions.



sunscreen to beat the heat

Sunscreen and glasses on the shore.



Applying sunscreen when going outdoors alters the core body temperature. It makes a person feel colder and cozier. So put on suntan lotion to enjoy the summer in Florida.



6. Choose Appropriate Clothing



Appropriate dressing is another great tip to stay cool in summer. In this regard, choose light, breathable, and loose-fit fabric clothing. For instance, cotton does not stick to your body. Likewise, select light colors because darker hues draw in and absorb heat. Remember that the darker, heavier, and tighter your dressing will be, the hotter you’ll feel.





7. Wear Goggles



Are you getting ready for sunshine, camping trips, the beach, or summer vacation? Remember to buy a nice pair of sunglasses when planning your gateways. Include that in your shopping list when looking for your summer garments. They are a fun accessory. Not only they do they look cool, but also help you avoid having to squint in bright, sunny outdoors. But beyond all this, sunglasses are also great for preventing UV damage to the eyes.



Remember that sunglasses are usually more oversized than regular eyeglass frames. They help shield your eyes and the skin around them. Moreover, good sunglasses will help you prevent tearing, eye strain, headache, and fatigue.


8. Take More Frequent Breaks



If you spend most of your time outdoors to enjoy summer in Florida, limit your outdoor escapades. Rest or enjoy staying indoors between the afternoon hours since the Florida heat is at its peak. Anyway, you can enjoy outdoor fun in the early morning or evening.



You can beat the summer heat in the afternoon by doing several things. Travelers can always enjoy rest breaks, indoor attractions, and mall shopping.



9. Limit Boozy Drinks Intake



Remember that alcohol is a diuretic and causes you to lose water by sweating. Perspiring and frequenting the toilet will make you dehydrated. It can make your situation worse if you are already dehydrated.



So we recommend limiting your alcohol consumption. We encourage drinking more water or soda to stay cool in summer. After all, these beverages prevent dehydration. This strategy is also most crucial during a heat wave.



10. Seek Out AC Whenever Possible



Whenever possible, seek out a place where there is a running AC unit. Doing so will enable you to enjoy the summer in Florida better. Locations like theme parks, shopping centers, and local theaters and playhouses in florida often have it. Hence, they are ideal when trying to beat the summer heat while enjoying your vacation.



11. Refresh with Cold Water



It is a great tip to cool down fast. Fill up a bucket of water with some ice and plunge your feet into it for a refreshing feeling. Another practical way to stay cool in summer is to grab some ice cubes. After that, place them on your body at the pulse point. You can use cooling cuffs for instant relief from the heat. Cooling cuffs lower the body temperature by cooling the blood on the underside of the wrist. The colder blood circulates to cool down your entire body.



12. Incorporate Water Sports



cooling off with water

Beautiful surfer girl diving underwater with surfboard.



When you feel uncomfortable due to the sweltering summer sun in Florida, head to the ocean, lake, or pool. Incorporating water sports is a fun way to beat the summer heat. In this regard, you can enjoy a lot of water sports and activities, including:





Parasailing is tremendous fun and recreational activity. It is one of the activities that everyone should experience at least once. You get to sit in a small vessel attached to a powerful boat. It’s secure, strapped in as if going on a car ride.



When the boat takes off, you see a giant parachute behind your vessel, catching the wind and lifting you in the air. It differs from an airplane ride and can be more fun. With it, you can have the opportunity to see the world from above while floating. It may seem extreme, but it isn’t scary. It is calm, and everything is slow.





Kayaking is another exciting activity you can enjoy during your Florida vacation. It is a water sport that allows you to enjoy the summer in Florida while relaxing and enjoying the cool breeze. Kayaking is a great water sport you can enjoy with your family or friends to beat the summer heat.



Standup Paddling



Over the last couple of years, standup paddling has become more popular. Flat water paddling is also an excellent way to enjoy sightseeing. But, it is different and more complex than riding on the waves, like surfing. While paddling, you can lay on your board and relax.



Jet Skiing



If you want a water adventure while vacationing in Florida, plan to experience jet skiing. It is an action-packed water sport and will get your adrenaline rushing. Moreover, enjoying jet skiing doesn’t mean you should have good swimming skills. Yet, you must wear a life jacket for safety.






As the temperature rises in Florida, more people head towards the waters to dip. The Sunshine State is famous for its beautiful beaches. It has natural and artificial swimming holes with refreshing cold waters. It is a great water sports activity to stay cool in summer.






Snorkeling is another great water activity for your whole family. It’s an incredible way to explore the world under the sea and enjoy summer in Florida. You can enjoy snorkeling even if you are new and have no prior experience. Yet, you should have basic swimming skills and know how to adjust your breathing.



Wrapping Up



That’s all about how to stay cool in summer in Florida with top Key West things to do. These are only a few strategies to beat the summer heat and enjoy going on vacation. Though Florida’s weather can be harsh, you can prepare to make your trip cozy. So plan and make adjustments as necessary. As outlined in this post, many things can make a trip to the Sunshine State enjoyable and worthwhile. Hence, a vacation there can always become relaxing and fun.



If you have ideas to contribute to making a trip to the Sunshine State cozy, we’d like to hear them. Please send us a message or leave a comment. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in our next post.


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How can I stay cool without air conditioning?



Many strategies to lower body temperature are available. Mentioned in this article are some of the best ones too. The best way to handle the heat is to stay hydrated. It helps you replenish the water lost from sweating. But there’s also a cooling fan for something that also cools a room. It doesn’t remove warm air and moisture. Yet it helps to move the air around.



Are there air-conditioned attractions in Florida?



Yes. There are even plenty of these amusements. Establishments offer activities via their roller rinks, cinemas, museums, and other sections. Malls and theme parks have these areas since many tourists prefer cool spots. Still, local theaters and playhouses in florida are also accessible.



When is it the hottest in the Sunshine State?



According to holiday-weather.com, it’s in July. Travelers can still enjoy a cold Florida in January.



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