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Best Beach Chairs and Umbrellas


Summer is here, so it’s time to hit the beach! But before you can relax and soak up the sun, you must ensure you have the right beach gear. That’s where our guide to the best beach chairs and umbrellas comes in.   We’ve rounded up a selection of the most popular and highly-rated beach chairs and umbrellas on the market. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable chair to relax in or a sturdy umbrella to protect you from the sun, we have something for you.


Enjoy the Sun and Sand in Style


Whether planning a family trip to the beach or a getaway, finding the best beach chairs and umbrellas helps make your time in the sun more enjoyable. A comfortable chair and an umbrella for shade are an excellent base for your day in the sand and sun.

Sun, Sand, and Style: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Beach Chairs & Umbrellas

  beach chairs and umbrellas

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Introduction to the Best Beach Chairs & Umbrellas


There’s nothing quite like a day at the beach! We enjoy soaking up the sun and listening to the waves crash along the shore. One of the best ways to make sure you have a comfortable and enjoyable day at the beach is by having the right beach chairs & umbrellas. We consider these essential items for any beachgoer. They provide a place to relax and offer protection from the sun. This guide helps you navigate the many options available. We help you choose the perfect beach chairs & umbrellas for your needs. Let’s explore the different types of beach chairs and umbrellas. Consider the factors to consider when choosing them, how to set them up properly, and how to care for them so they last for many beach trips to come.

Types of Beach Chairs


There are several types of beach chairs to choose from, each with its own unique features and benefits. Some of the most popular types include:


  • Classic Beach Chairs:

These traditional folding chairs are made from lightweight materials like aluminum and fabric, making them easy to carry and set up. They typically offer a few reclining positions and may have additional features like cup holders or storage pockets.  


  • Low-Profile Beach Chairs:

These chairs sit low to the ground, allowing you to stretch out your legs and stay close to the sand. They are perfect for those who like to sunbathe or want a more laid-back seating option.  


  • Backpack Beach Chairs:

These chairs have built-in backpack straps, making them incredibly easy to transport. They often come with extra storage compartments and a cooler, so you can keep your belongings and refreshments close at hand.  


  • Loungers:

A beach lounger is the way to go if you’re looking for ultimate relaxation. These chairs have a long, reclining design that lets you fully stretch out and comfortably catch some rays.  


  • Hammock Chairs:

These chairs offer a unique and comfortable seating option, as they suspend you slightly above the ground in a hammock-like seat. They are great for relaxing and swaying gently in the breeze.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Beach Chair


When selecting the perfect beach chair, there are several factors to consider. These include:


  • Comfort:


This is a top priority when choosing a beach chair. Look for chairs with padded seats, adjustable backrests, and ergonomic designs to ensure you can comfortably relax for hours.


  • Portability:


You’ll likely need to carry your beach chair from the car to your spot on the sand. So it’s essential to choose a lightweight and easily transportable option. Backpack beach chairs are an excellent choice for easy transportation.


  • Durability:


Saltwater and sand can be harsh on your beach chair. Therefore, select a chair made from durable materials that can withstand the elements. Please be sure to look for chairs with rust-resistant frames and UV-resistant fabric.


  • Weight Capacity:


Please be sure to choose a chair that is helpful to your weight. Most beach chairs have a weight capacity of 250-300 pounds. If needed, select one of the options available with higher weight capacities.


  • Additional Features:


Consider any extra features that make your beach chair even more enjoyable. Look for cup holders, storage pockets, built-in coolers, or an attachable umbrella. Some chairs even come as a double with a shared umbrella.

Types of Beach Umbrellas


Just as there are many types of beach chairs, there are also a variety of beach umbrellas to choose from. Some popular options include:


  • Classic Beach Umbrellas:

These are the traditional umbrellas with a pointed pole that you can stick into the sand. They typically have a wide canopy to provide ample shade and may have a tilt feature to adjust the angle of the umbrella as the sun moves throughout the day.  


  • Sunshade Umbrellas:

These umbrellas have a unique design with side panels that provide extra protection from the sun and wind. They are great for creating a private and shaded space on the beach.  


  • Cantilever Umbrellas:

These umbrellas have an off-center pole and a large canopy, making them perfect for providing shade over a large area. They are ideal for use with beach chairs, loungers, or even a small table.  


  • Pop-up Beach Tents:

A pop-up beach tent is a great option if you want even more shade and privacy. These tents are easy to set up and provide a large, shaded area that can protect you and your belongings from the sun and wind.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Beach Umbrella


When selecting the perfect beach umbrella, there are several factors to consider, such as:


  1. Size: Choose a beach umbrella with a canopy large enough to provide ample shade for your seating area. Keep in mind that larger umbrellas may be more difficult to transport and set up.
  2. UV protection: Look for umbrellas with a high UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating, which indicates how much of the sun’s harmful UV rays the umbrella’s fabric will block. A UPF rating of 50+ is recommended.
  3. Stability: A beach umbrella should be sturdy enough to withstand windy conditions. Look for umbrellas with a strong pole, a vented canopy to allow wind to pass through, and a sand anchor or other securing mechanism.
  4. Ease of setup: Choose an umbrella that is easy to set up and take down, so you can spend more time enjoying the beach and less time struggling with your umbrella.
  5. Portability: Consider the weight and size of the umbrella when it’s collapsed, as you’ll need to carry it to and from the beach. Some beach umbrellas come with a carrying case or shoulder strap for easy transportation.

Combining Style and Functionality: Beach Chair With Umbrella


For those who want the ultimate in beach relaxation, a beach chair with umbrella is a perfect choice. These all-in-one solutions combine the comfort of a beach chair with the shade and protection of a beach umbrella, ensuring you can enjoy your day at the beach in style and comfort. Many beach chair with umbrella options have adjustable canopies, allowing you to easily change the angle of the umbrella as the sun moves throughout the day.

Tips for Choosing a Beach Chair With Umbrella


When selecting a beach chair with umbrella, consider the following tips:


  1. Choose a chair and umbrella with complementary features: Look for a beach chair and umbrella set with features that suit your needs, such as adjustable reclining positions, cup holders, and a high UPF rating.
  2. Consider the combined weight: Since you’ll be carrying both the chair and the umbrella, ensure the combined weight is manageable for you to transport.
  3. Check the attachment mechanism: Look for a chair with a sturdy and secure attachment mechanism for the umbrella, so you don’t have to worry about it coming loose or blowing away in the wind.
  4. Color and design: Choose a beach chair with umbrella in a color and design that reflects your personal style and preferences.

Top Beach Chairs & Umbrellas Brands


Some of the top brands for beach chairs & umbrellas include:


  1. Tommy Bahama: Known for their stylish and functional beach gear, Tommy Bahama offers a variety of beach chairs and umbrellas that are both durable and comfortable.
  2. Rio Brands: Rio Brands has been a leader in the outdoor furniture industry for over 70 years, offering a range of high-quality beach chairs and umbrellas to suit every need.
  3. Sport-Brella: Specializing in sun protection products, Sport-Brella offers innovative beach umbrellas and sun shades with unique features like side panels for added protection.
  4. KingCamp: With a focus on comfort and durability, KingCamp offers a range of beach chairs and umbrellas that are perfect for a day at the beach.
  5. Quik Shade: Quik Shade’s range of beach umbrellas and chairs are designed with portability and convenience in mind, making them perfect for those on the go.

How to Properly Set up and Secure Your Beach Chairs & Umbrellas


To ensure your beach chairs & umbrellas are set up safely and securely, follow these steps:


  1. Choose a level spot on the sand: Select a flat area on the beach to set up your chair and umbrella, avoiding any slopes or uneven ground.
  2. Secure your beach chair: Open your beach chair and ensure it’s locked in place. If it has adjustable legs, make sure they are securely locked in the desired position.
  3. Anchor your beach umbrella: Insert the umbrella pole into the sand at an angle, so the wind pushes the umbrella into the sand rather than lifting it out. Use a sand anchor or other securing device to keep the umbrella firmly in place. If your umbrella has a tilt feature, adjust the angle as needed to provide optimal shade.
  4. Position your chair and umbrella: Place your beach chair under the umbrella, making sure the chair is fully shaded and protected from the sun.
  5. Secure any loose items: Use sandbags, stakes, or other weights to secure any loose items, like towels or bags, to prevent them from blowing away in the wind.

Caring for and Maintaining Your Beach Chairs & Umbrellas


To ensure your beach chairs & umbrellas last for many beach trips to come, follow thesetips for caring and maintenance:


  • Rinse off After Use:


When you’re done with your beach chairs & umbrellas, rinse them off with clean water to remove any sand or saltwater residue.  


  • Allow to Dry:


Allow your beach chairs & umbrellas to dry completely before storing them. This will prevent mold and mildew from forming.  


  • Store in a Dry Place:


Store your beach chairs & umbrellas in a dry place, away from moisture and direct sunlight. This will help prevent fading and damage to the fabric.  


  • Check for Damage:


Before each use, inspect your beach chairs & umbrellas for any signs of damage or wear. Replace any broken or damaged parts as needed.


  • Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions:


Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for care and maintenance of your beach chairs & umbrellas, as some may require specific cleaning or storage methods.

In this video is a review of three backpack beach chairs with cooler pockets, along with a bonus one-of-a-kind chair. Included  is the exploration of their unique features and personalities. The popular Tommy Bahama chair is lightweight with adjustable straps and multiple storage pouches. The Ostrich chair offers a beach umbrella carry system but needs improvement. The Life is Good chair has a clasp closure, removable cooler bag, and dual beverage holders. Lastly, it showcases a giant oversized chair with ample armrests and beverage holders. Enjoy the video and take it easy at the beach!

Video Credit: @BeachGearGuy



Choosing the perfect beach chairs & umbrellas can be overwhelming, but considering factors like comfort, portability, durability, and additional features helps you find the ideal set. Remember the importance of selecting a beach umbrella that provides sufficient shade and protection. Properly setting up and securing your gear ensures a comfortable and relaxing day at the beach. With proper care, your beach gear will last for many trips to come. Explore top brands like Tommy Bahama, Rio Brands, Sport-Brella, KingCamp, and Quik Shade for the best options. For ultimate beach relaxation, consider a beach chair with an umbrella. Happy beaching!


What makes a beach chair stand out as the best choice?

The best beach chairs offer a winning combination of comfort, portability, and durability. Look for features like adjustable reclining positions, padded headrests, and sturdy materials that can handle sandy and salty conditions. Don’t forget to check for lightweight designs and convenient carrying straps for easy transportation from your car to the shore!

How can I ensure my beach umbrella provides enough shade and protection?

To ensure your beach umbrella offers ample shade, consider its size and design. Opt for a wide canopy that provides coverage for you and your fellow beachgoers. Look for umbrellas with UV protection coatings to shield you from the sun’s harmful rays. Additionally, a wind vent helps prevent your umbrella from turning into a beach kite on breezy days, providing more stability for a worry-free beach experience.

How do I maintain my beach chairs and umbrellas to prolong their lifespan?

Proper care is crucial to make your beach gear last for many trips to come. After each use, rinse off any sand, saltwater, or sunscreen residue to prevent corrosion. Allow your chairs and umbrellas to air dry completely before folding and storing them in a cool, dry place. Periodically check for any signs of wear and tear, and make sure to repair or replace damaged parts promptly to extend their longevity.


Remember, investing in high-quality beach chairs and umbrellas ensures you’ll have a relaxing and enjoyable beach experience every time!

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