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Local theatres and playhouses have shaped Florida’s performing arts. These theaters, from opera halls to hamlet theaters, have hosted many performances and cultural events. Some of the world’s most illustrious arts and music centers are listed here. There are still performances at these historic venues by both regional and national acts.




10 Historic Local Theatres and Playhouses in Florida



Florida’s Local Theatres and Playhouses are within the Sunshine State. After all, Florida is home to some beautiful, excellent historic local theatres and playhouses. People built these theaters as single-screen movie theaters. Concerts, movie evenings, and community musicals with plays keep history alive today. These theaters and playhouses are also great for history lovers. Read on for these “don’t miss” theater options.



The Barn Theatre – Stuart, FL



2400 SE Ocean Blvd.; Stuart, FL 34996

(772) 287-4884




Florida’s Barn Theatre is young. This 1967 theater moved to the Barn in 1971. The Barn, a community-supported theatre, presents full musicals, plays, and other unique events. This year has yet another fantastic lineup. From March 9th to the 26th, 2023, you may catch La Cage Aux Folles on stage. It shows how much Georges and Albin care about one other and their children. The Wedding Singer will take place from July 13th to the 30th of 2023. In this film adaptation of Adam Sandler’s comedy, the protagonist who wants to be a rockstar falls for a charming server. Also, buy tickets early. Try one of the best state’s local theatres and playhouses.



The Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse – Cocoa, FL



300 Brevard Ave.; Cocoa, FL 32822





Cocoa, Florida, is home to a theater worth visiting: the Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse. When it first opened in 1924, people called it The Aladdin Theater. It featured both live performances and silent pictures. Present-day productions at the theatre include musicals, plays, and concerts.





Titusville Playhouse – Titusville, FL



301 Julia Street; Titusville, FL 32796


Email our Executive Artistic Director, Steven J. Heron




You can see great performances and relax in plush seats at one of Florida’s local theatres and playhouses. The cute and cozy Titusville Playhouse in Florida is an excellent place to stay. The said playhouse is famous for its live theater because it is small and friendly. Its relaxing setting encourages audience participation and makes the theater experience more personal and immersive. The Titusville Playhouse is a charming place where people from the area and visitors can see live theater.



In 1965, two local theater groups came together. They were the Mask and Hammer Players and Titusville Little Theatre. Their union formed the Titusville Playhouse. Both groups began performing in 1954. The building they currently use was a saloon and hotel built in 1905. In its early years, the tavern and hotel complex showed silent films and vaudeville. Later they showed movies. Although significant renovations brought the theatre new beauty, its historical past remains essential. In 2023, the playhouse will be in its 58th season. This group brings Space Coast plays, musicals, and children’s activities.



Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts – Miami, FL



1300 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33132
Administrative Offices 786.468.2000
Security Hotline: 786.468.2081



In 2006, Miami opened the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. But, it occupies the site of an old Sears, Roebuck, and Company department store. Miami’s Art Deco style began with this 1929 establishment. This theatre also qualifies due to its age and theatrical industry impact. The department store’s landmark tower is all that stands now. Today the Arsht Center is the largest Performing Arts Center in Florida.



local theatres and playhouses



Florida Theatre – Jacksonville, FL



128 East Forsyth Street; Jacksonville, FL 32202

Administrative Office – (904) 355-5661

Box Office – (904) 355-2787




Constructed in 1927, The Florida Theatre is Jacksonville’s oldest theater. It was the largest Florida movie theater when it opened. In 1956, The theater gained national news coverage when Elvis Presley played there. A local judge threatened to have him arrested if he didn’t tone down the sexual nature of his performance. Famous comedians and musicians perform at the theatre today.



Jacksonville’s Florida Theater attracts various audiences. Still, it belongs to the famous Florida local theatres and playhouses. This historic theater is perfect for many shows due to its gorgeous architecture, interior design, and acoustics. The Florida Theatre has everything. Concerts, plays, stand-up comedy, and dance acts. Tourists and history buffs visit due to its extensive history and cultural significance. They adore its beautiful design, old charm, and legacy. The Florida Theatre is a must-see for theater and performing arts fans, whether local or visiting.



Saenger Theatre – Pensacola, FL



118 South Palafox Place; Pensacola, FL 32502

(850) 595-3880




The Saenger Theatre is a historic theatre built in 1925 on the site of an opera house in Pensacola. A hurricane had destroyed the original opera house years earlier. Builders use opera house bricks to build the theatre. They made the theatre in Spanish Baroque style to match the rich Spanish history of the area. The theatre shows Broadway productions and classic films now. These performances celebrate the past’s illustrious history.



Polk Theatre – Lakeland, FL



121 South Florida Ave.; Lakeland, FL 33801




Constructed in 1928, The Polk Theatre still resides in Lakeland, Florida. Like others of its time, it hosts most of its beauty in the interior. Lakeland was a tiny town in the twenties, so the theatre was part of a tight-knit community. The Polk Theatre plays vintage films, virtual cinema, and live acts today.



The Polk Theatre in Lakeland is known for its magnificent architecture, diverse events, and superb sound. Folks treat it as one of the recommended local theatres and playhouses. Live theater and music are famous at this downtown Lakeland theater. People admire how it supports the performing arts and showcases local and national talent. The Polk Theatre offers Broadway, classical, and modern acts.



Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center – Sanford, FL



201 S. Magnolia Ave ; Sanford, FL 32771





The Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center is an old theater in Sanford, Florida. When it first opened in 1923, people called it the Milane Theater. Since then, people have given it different names and fixed it up. As the Milane Theater, it showed both movies and live events and grew into a thriving theater. In 2008 folks renamed it the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center. A well-known local venue, it hosts concerts, plays, and events throughout the year.



Sunrise Theater – Fort Pierce, FL



117 South Second Street; Fort Pierce, FL 34950
Sharon Engle, Executive Director
(772) 467-4122



The Sunrise Theater, another old theater in Florida, first opened in Fort Pierce in 1922. At the time, the theater became the cultural hub of the city and one of the few venues of its kind in the entire state. Ultimately, it had to close for a long time because it needed repairs. Still, volunteers worked together to patch up the building. In 1999 it reopened as a place for all kinds of performing arts. Now, plays, musicals, concerts, and comedy shows are on at the Sunrise Theater all year.



The Sunrise Theater in Florida has modern features and many shows. It’s recommended for local theatres and playhouses. The theater hosts concerts, plays, and other events thanks to its current sound and lighting equipment. In Fort Pierce, Florida, it’s good. The theater preserves the performing arts and hosts community events with local, national, and international talent. In 2023, the Sunrise Theater will still host famous musician concerts, comedies, and plays. The Sunrise Theater is beloved for its entertainment and cultural significance.



The Naples Players – Naples, FL



701 5th Avenue South,; Naples, Florida 34102

(239) 263-7990




Another of Florida’s local theatres and playhouses, The Naples Players, emerged in 1953. Before 1975, the group played at different places in the area because they didn’t have a building to call their own. As they grew, they moved to other sites until they were big enough to build their own house on 5th Avenue South.



local theatres and playhouses



Importance of Local Theatres and Playhouses



1. Nurture New and Upcoming Artists



Many actors, directors, writers, and choreographers began their careers in a small-town playhouse. Also, these venues allow budding talent to practice, receive feedback, and develop their abilities.



Moreover, many community theaters offer classes for children. Shy kids use the stage to improve their self-esteem and social abilities.



2. Share Valuable Skills



As performers act, many artists construct sets, costumes, lighting, and sound effects. Local professionals like helping with these issues and improving the stage and entertainment.



3. Advertise Local Businesses



Community theaters need local businesses to succeed. But, the companies also profit from the advertising and increased traffic.



On-stage displays advertise local companies in theaters and playhouses. Local theatres and playhouses may showcase local businesses during intermission or before the show. Also, many small theaters and playhouses publish show programs with ads before performances. Still, local businesses can attract captive audiences with display, discount, or directory ads.


4. Community Socialization



Actors, directors, choreographers, scene designers, and stage effects technicians enjoy themselves. Preparing for a show together benefits them. They often form close friendships during rehearsals and performances.



Likewise, the audience members often socialize among themselves, too. In many community theaters, people in the audience meet each other. They even become good friends throughout the season.


5. Feature the Local Community



Putting on a famous play or musical brings the local community’s attention. The theater makes more money when a community theater puts on and advertises a show. It’s more profitable with outsiders involved. But local businesses also see more customers and more money coming in.



Visit Florida Local Theatres and Playhouses



Many old Florida theaters and playhouses offer unique and culturally exciting experiences. These venues showcase Florida’s theatrical legacy and local talent. Visit a local theater to support the arts and experience local culture.



Attend a play, musical, or live performance at these fantastic cultural venues. Supporting local theaters and playhouses preserves Florida’s artistic legacy for future generations.



Local theaters are more cultural than Florida aquariums. Regional theaters let you see the local arts scene, learn about the local culture, and help the artists. Aquariums are places where you can see sea life. A local theatre offers a unique and culturally rich experience that an aquarium cannot.



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FAQs About The Local Theatres and Playhouses



What distinguishes Florida’s ancient theaters and playhouses?



Florida’s historic theaters and playhouses are unique and culturally significant. These places have helped nurture the local art scene for decades. They showcase Florida’s theater tradition and local talent. These theaters provide visitors and locals with a rich cultural experience.



How can I support Florida’s historic theaters and playhouses?



Attending a show, donating, or volunteering can benefit Florida’s historic theaters and playhouses. Plays, musicals, and live performances are fantastic ways to learn about local culture and support the arts. Donations and volunteerism can preserve these historic sites for future generations.



Why visit Florida’s historic theaters and playhouses?



Florida’s antique theaters and playhouses offer a different cultural experience. Visitors can learn more about Florida’s theater heritage and local performers at these venues. Florida citizens and visitors may support the arts, preserve the state’s cultural legacy, and enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience by attending a live performance.



local theatres and playhouses

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