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Is Paddleboarding Easy To Learn and Master?


If you’re wondering, “Is paddleboarding easy?” The answer to that is both yes and somehow no. To explain, people can learn the basics of standup paddleboarding or SUP in no time.

You may be ready to ride on the waters in minutes, hours, or days. It’s only that becoming brilliant at it often takes a while. What’s more, doing some tricks like performing a 360 pivot may be hard at first. With experience, though, the activity usually becomes more accessible.

After all, practice allows for getting the hang of it. So, how easy is paddle boarding? It is either effortless or straightforward for people who try it out. Hence, it would be best if you attempted paddleboarding to comprehend its nature.


Paddleboarding at Ocala Florida

Paddleboarding at Ocala Florida


Besides, the kind of board used for navigation affects people’s paddling performance. Also, weather conditions may influence the atmosphere, waters, and more. Thus there are many factors to consider when describing the challenge it poses.

In this post, we will give you tips to appreciate and start paddleboarding.


How Is Paddleboarding Easy For People?

It’s not strange why many healthy people and surfers consider it easy. After all, more often than not, the difficulty of the activity depends on several things. A SUP paddler’s body structure and skill level usually make a difference.
For instance, fit individuals often have denser bones and muscles. So they are likely able to climb and balance better and faster than others. Overweight or obese individuals usually float more but may have issues balancing. Skilled paddlers get on a paddle board, move forward, and change directions faster. They already know how to work their boat and blade. Newbies still need to be familiar with everything and develop muscle memory. Thus the ease of paddleboarding depends on the person on the ship and moving through the water.


paddleboard on the shore

paddleboard on the shore


Before thinking about the effect of the paddle board technique, begin with the type of boat used. So try to ask, “How easy is paddle boarding with different kinds of boards?” In most cases, a wide one is more accessible for practice and continuous navigation. It’s only because such allows for a more stable vessel. Tall or heavy individuals often find it convenient to ride on. Also, of the types of paddle boards, inflatable ones are frequently the most steady. Thus they are great for those who are getting into paddleboarding.


Basic SUP Paddle Board Technique For Everyone

Is paddleboarding easy at the beginning? Some people find it challenging, while others are like natural paddlers. Either way, a technique or process could simplify mounting and moving away. It only takes patience to get everything right, and it’s all good.
Here are some pointers to start with standup paddleboarding.



    1. Once you have found a good launch area and your board is floating, go ahead and get on the deck pad. Try to kneel on your boat. If you’re not at ease with that for now, then you can sit or lie down on your stomach. Having a kneeling, crossed legs, or prone (traditional) position helps. They lower your center of gravity and improves your balance. After you’re stable, try to use the paddle to move.
    2. Attempt to stand up on the board, be quick yet sure, and work on your balance. Put the paddle in front and on the deck before getting on your feet. Focus on getting yourself upright while holding your paddle. Keep a wide stance while you’re on the center of the board. Remember to keep looking forward and stand straight. Is paddleboarding easy this way? When you get everything right, it turns into a straightforward activity.
    3. Hold your paddle with your hands far apart and the blade away from you or angled forward. This way, you don’t scoop the water up. Make the most of your effort, and propel yourself onwards. Also, get the entire blade in the water. While you’re at it, make sure that it’s straight and in a vertical position for the most part.
    4. When you’re finished paddleboarding, bring your vessel to shore. Step off one foot at a time and lift your boat by the handle.
is paddleboarding easy

a girl learning the basics of paddleboarding


More SUB Tips

  • The paddle permanently or at most needs to be vertical. Making it diagonal and paddling will only cause your vessel to turn sideways more.
  • Plant the blade in front of you in the water when moving. Don’t start near the sides of your feet. It will only make you waste your effort. How easy is paddle boarding with this? You may get it on the first try or spend some time mastering this paddling method.
  • When you’re on top of your board, work on your footing. One of your goals is to keep afloat, after all. Being too far in the front or back will cause the nose or tail to sink.
  • Steer clear of shallow reefs and return to shore when it gets too windy. Dealing with obstacles in the water can be troublesome. Strong winds affect the water and may tip you over.
  • Always put on a leash to ensure your vessel stays close to you no matter what happens.
  • As much as possible, surf the waters with a friend or group of people. It would even be better when there’s a lifeguard around. After all, you can’t be too sure of the weather and water conditions.

Why Is Paddleboarding Easy For Some?

Usually, the answer to this lies in the usage of a boat. Like any other vessel, it becomes easy to mount and maneuver with the right approach. Plus, practice makes perfect.
So, doing it repeatedly results in efficient and effective paddleboarding. But it’s not always that SUP raft requires the correct paddle board technique. Frequently, for easy navigation, it takes having the right motivation. That is in getting good at paddling. So there are various reasons why some are better at it than others.
couple paddleboarding

Is Paddleboarding Easy? Couple paddling

Many times, what inspires folks to do some paddleboarding is the activity’s benefits. Some do it for leisure, while others find it appealing due to its dynamic nature.
In doing it, people experience relaxing or even challenging outdoor adventures.It provides another perspective when it comes to boating, after all. In SUP paddling, folks get to perform cardiovascular exercises. Somehow, it helps burn fats even though it involves low-impact movements. In fitness, the activity helps strengthen the core and enhances balance. Thus, due to its appeal, it’s no wonder why people continue to pursue and even become masters of it.

Is Paddleboarding Easy Yet Risky?

Yes, almost everyone can do it. Also, it indeed comes with risks. After all, it’s an outdoor activity that exposes people to the elements. Plus, the environment has unique conditions that can be pretty risky to paddlers.
Still, despite these threats, there’s no reason to shy away from enjoying it. Bear in mind that there are safety measures to take. These can prevent or at least reduce the chances of problems occurring. Hence, people have every right to have fun doing some standup paddleboarding.


a person grabbing paddleboard after falling

a person grabbing a paddleboard after falling

It can be dangerous to do it when you are not equipped to swim or check the weather because it is a water sport. To enjoy paddling, paddlers often go to areas 20 to 30 inches deep.
At any time, the winds may change and push you far away from the shore. Yet, aside from knowing how to swim, putting on a life jacket is essential. A SUB paddle board may float, but it’s not the best personal flotation device. Still, paddle away from shallow waters since there may be things to damage your vessel. Examples are coral reefs and oyster beds. So there are possible problems with paddleboarding, but they are often avoidable.

Is paddleboarding easy? No way!


So is paddleboarding easy to get the hang of? The basics are straightforward, but it takes more than that to enjoy standup paddleboarding. After all, SUP has a learning curve, but it is enjoyable and satisfying once you can get up and go.

Still, getting on a board and doing the proper strokes are only part of the activity. There are safety considerations to bear in mind too.

Aside from paddleboarding, you still have to know how to swim and avoid shallow areas. Paddling with people is most ideal too. Thus there are aspects to it that make it effortless and also challenging.


How easy is paddle boarding for you? What do you think? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. We love hearing from our readers. As always, thanks for reading.


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