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More Than Amelia Island Beachfront Hotels

Things to do Amelia Island Florida can provide are plentiful. If you’re after shifting your surroundings, this isle will please you. It has many beaches with white sand and bright blue water.

Despite the high volume of visitors, the atmosphere is usually calm and reserved. It also has historical sites, beautiful scenery, and high-end resorts in its vicinity. One can get peace of mind using the resources at their disposal.

As a bonus, it’s a great place to keep entertained during those dull moments. This part makes it an ideal vacation spot, whether you like to spend your time indoors or out.

This article shows why this holiday destination has something for everyone. Amelia Island lodging and activities are listed. If you’re considering visiting, read on.

Things To Do Amelia Island Florida Presents


Everyone can find something they like here. One perk is that nearby Amelia Island has some great B&Bs. They usually have great indoor amenities and are near places to go to the beach.

The area has Amelia Island, beach hotels, swimming, golfing, and other activities. Marine woodlands and premium golf clubs surround the coasts. These show canoeing and kayaking. Amelia Island’s waterways are beautiful and exciting for boating.

things to do amelia island florida

Resort on Summer Beach, Amelia Island, Florida

A state park there is still in good shape. If you’re interested in kayaking, this particular Sea Island still has wetland streams to explore.

Even so, the affluent place has historical areas to provide the splendor of old Florida. Additionally, compared to the other beaches in the state, the ones on Amelia Island are relatively quiet. It’s clear why many travelers favor this fantastic destination.

This place is a great place to visit at any time of the year. Guests can enjoy pleasant weather in the summer, spring, and fall. From March to November, people can stay anywhere on the island and enjoy warm days and calm winds.

Tropical, autumnal, and coastal foliage throughout the isle also impress folks. In wintertime, it turns into a birder’s delight. From November to early March, birds from the north move south.

Amelia Island then gets plenty of migratory creatures as its visitors too. Hence, a 13-mile long and 4-mile wide island sure has many features.


Specific Things To Do Amelia Island Florida Gives

Travelers can make it to Jacksonville International Airport first to reach the island. Once there, it’s easy to access Amelia Island beachfront hotels and nearby coasts. For instance, the Omni Amelia Island Resort offers luxury beachfront suites. Also, it comes with stunning Atlantic Ocean views. The upscale resort has a spa and championship golf course. A second option is the Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island. Since 1991, this Northeast Florida luxury travel hotel has been a leader in service. Also, it has long been ahead of the curve in providing top-notch outdoor tourist attractions. Thus, tourists to Amelia Island can choose from various excellent establishments.

Although they are enjoyable already, Nassau County has more to give its visitors. The area does more than present a friendly and also laid-back atmosphere. It’s where meaningful adventures can take place too.

So it is sensible to consider what more the island makes accessible.

It’s where you can set food in some of the most historical landmarks in America. For instance, the place is where the Amelia Island Lighthouse is. A private owner now owns the recent watchtower.

But it’s where folks made the original one from bricks that stood back in 1838. Hence, it’s the oldest beacon not only in Florida but also in the entire USA. Guests can’t climb the structure anymore, but it’s OK to get close to it, take a picture, and tour. Thus visiting the island can be quite a privilege.

things to do amelia island florida

Amelia Island, Florida, USA Fort Clinch, a 19th-century coastal fort.


There’s also the Bosque Bello Cemetery and St. Michael Catholic Church. Visiting the historical burial ground with winding roads gives a unique experience. After all, it allows for seeing classical and decorated headstones.

Together with the surrounding oak trees, the names and dates also provide a glimpse of the past. The church, though, is not only beloved by the community. It’s evidence of early Catholicism and Spanish settlement too. So Amelia Island Florida allows tourists to revisit the past.

If you’re looking for serenity and inspiration, a visit there might be just what the doctor ordered. The activities available on Amelia Island, Florida, are engaging. Thus the conclusion follows.



Amelia Island golf opportunities are very plenty. After all, resorts and clubs have exceptional landscapes. They cater to beginners and seasoned golfers alike. What’s best is that many of them are nearby luxurious lodging spaces and elegant seaside spots.

Thus, you can savor plenty when you’re golfing on Amelia Island. You can enjoy games, spectacular settings, and the ocean breeze. Hence, many amateurs and even professional golfers visit the island for a great time.

things to do amelia island florida

Aerial photo Ritz Carlton Hotel Florida USA


An example of the Amelia Island beachfront hotel for playing is the Ritz-Carlton. Another one would be the Omni Island Resort. Both are where people can try the things to do Amelia Island Florida presents.

The former comes with a championship course with 18 holes. The latter has the Long Point, Oak Marsh, and Little Sandy Shore courses. Each also delivers spacious rooms, deluxe hotel amenities, world-class spas, and gastronomic delights.

Still, there are exclusive spots like The Golf Club of Amelia Island and Amelia River Club. These not only host competitions but also boast lush foliage due to the myrtle, oak, and pine trees. In this way, the Amelia Island golf experience can be an honor to any golfer.

Swimming, Sunbathing, and More

Amelia Island in Nassau County has the best hotspots for taking a dip or water exploration. After all, the beaches have shallow, deep, and exciting waters. Also, they have white sands and plenty of warmth, making perfect sunbathing locations.




Yet, aside from these, other aquatic excursions are also available. For instance, guests can try Amelia Island kayaking. Various launching areas are operational. Travelers can take them to get from one island to another. Thus, whether in or out of the water, there are things to do Amelia Island Florida provides.

Amelia Island beachfront hotels and resorts make it easy for tourists to swim and get sun. They also offer a quiet environment for family or group gatherings. In other places like the George Crady Bridge Fishing Pier State Park, it’s somehow unique.

Aside from enjoying the waters and sand, plus seeing the sunset, it’s where guests can go fishing. Still, groups lead folks to journey to various waterways for Amelia Island kayaking.

In that way, it becomes possible to reach specific tourist destinations. Examples are the Okefenokee Swamp, St. Mary’s River, Suwannee River, and Cumberland Island. Regarding land and aquatic activities, Amelia Island makes vacations remarkable.

Wildlife Immersion and Exploration

For this one, nature reserves are the best. After all, they are spots where wildlife remains untouched in their natural habitats. Hence, the animals and environment stay the same. These locations usually offer sightseeing, hiking, camping, and other activities. So it comes as no surprise why many tourists visit them when traveling. Some turtles, deer, alligators, and herons live near the trails. Tourists can watch them as they go about their activities. From boats, people can often see dolphins playing in the Atlantic Ocean. Some of them are even friendly enough to communicate with travelers. But sharks have been spotted nearby, so swimmers should be careful before getting in.

historic part of amelia

Historic American Flags at Fort Clinch State Park in Amelia Island, Florida

A few worthy destinations are Amelia Island and Fort Clinch State Parks. The first mentioned gives travelers a chance to do horseback riding on the beach. Guests can enjoy riding trails on a horse thanks to the family-owned Kelly Seahorse Ranch.

The next place pointed out combines enjoying nature and history altogether. It has exciting things to do Amelia Island Florida bestows. Fort Clinch tells stories about the Spanish-American war and more.

Tall oaks envelop the park campgrounds and hiking trails, making superb backdrops. With their uniqueness, they make practical Amelia Island places to stay. Because of that, a lot of sightseers take time to visit them.

Fernandina Beach

When the Europeans came, this city got its name. Before that, the natives called it Napoyca. It belongs to Amelia Island or the “Isle of 8 Flags” due to the countries that occupied it. Fernandina Beach is the administrative center of Nassau County today.
enjoy the blue skies, beach waters, and white sands

Beach life on Fernandina Beach on Amelia island.

This spot on the barrier island of Sea Island has many things to experience. Historic places like the old US Post Office, Custom House, and Courthouse exist. Also, it has two crucial local statues representing aspects of the city.

There’s a pirate figure that depicts the high school mascot. The shrimp figure characterizes the yearly Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival on April 29 to May 1. So the things to do Amelia Island Florida grants are many here too.

Visitors often look for Amelia Island places to stay due to the city attractions to see. One of the spots that accommodate visitors is the Hampton Inn. Such establishments allow pets with quality breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and outdoor pools.

Also, travelers stay for a bit since the shrimp festival takes days, and it may take a while to enjoy everything. Plus, there are other places on the barrier island to explore once the city festivities end.

The city has some gorgeous sands and azure waters. With them are quirky boutiques plus tasty and lavish restaurants. So it makes sense why Amelia island beachfront hotels are many.

Things To Consider Before Visiting Amelia Island


Get ready before you head out on the road. This strategy means having enough money for more than a bed and breakfast on Amelia Island. The place is more open than other tourist spots, but it’s clear that there’s a luxury price.

The attractive and friendly shops and eateries may not be that lavish, yet many other things there are. After all, it has upscale accommodations, intimate inns, and gourmet food.

Thus travelers need to spend for the things to do Amelia Island Florida permits.

It’s OK to travel there without a vehicle. If you’re not a resident and brought a car, you need to secure a permit that costs money. That is for passage and to get around the place. According to ChampionTraveler.com, estimated travel expenses are steep.

A week of solo traveling may go for above $2,500. It’s a little less than $8,500 for a family of 4. This already covers meals, travel, and touring. According to the AITDC, some wealthiest celebrities are residents and visitors. Thus it is clear that it is usually worth it but expensive for the most part to go there.

At The End Of The Day

With the things to do Amelia Island Florida allows, there is something worthwhile for all. It has luxuriant shorelines, waterways, hotels, inns, restaurants, shops, and golf courses. Travelers also get rich history, preserved flora and fauna, and magnificent festivities.

So it’s as clear as day why many are looking for Amelia Island places to stay. This spot is world-class because it is a paradise on earth.

We hope that this article discusses the island barrier in detail. Also, we wish you got enough information to decide if going here is ideal for you.

We’d like to hear about your experiences if you’ve been here. Thanks for reading, and keep safe on your next trip.

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To what extent does Amelia Island play a role in the shrimp fishing industry?



The harvesting of shrimp on Amelia Island dates back to the late 1800s. Many eateries on this island serve fresh shrimp because it was a shrimp hub. The island is also known for its annual Shrimp Festival. This celebration honors the shrimp business, which has supported its population.



On Amelia Island, is it possible to encounter free-roaming horses?



A tiny herd of wild horses does indeed call a protected region at the island’s northern end home. These horses may be descendants of early explorers’ Spanish horses.



Just how pivotal is Amelia Island’s Fort Clinch?



Fort Clinch, built in the mid-1800s, guarded the St. Marys River and Fernandina Beach. The fort attracts tourists due to its role in various battles, especially the American Civil War. It contains a beach and hiking trails.



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