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Central Florida Day Trips For Everyone


Tourists can gain from Central Florida day trip ideas. Traveling in the Orlando area in the region can prove to be long and boring with poor preparation. Trippers may feel miserable and want to return home when their outings don’t turn out great. Thus, it pays to be ready with the right places to visit and things to do.


Haphazard organization can lead to costly trips in the metropolitan area. Excursionists can have problems without having fixed destinations and directions when traveling. So it’s best to decide which places to visit the best beaches on the East Coast of Florida and find out how to reach them before anything else.


The central part of Florida or Greater Orlando has so many hotspots to check. They are often for Floridians and foreign travelers. But this doesn’t mean that journeying within the region has to be overwhelming. We can first see different tourist destinations and plan how to set foot in them.


central florida

Central Florida Day Trips For Quick Getaways


See splendid locations and make it to them with Central Florida day trip ideas. Such short excursions are amusing and interesting while allowing many travels at once. It only takes hours to finish each of them, with travelers taking full advantage of their time and money. Thus, it’s safe to say that they are cost-effective and worthwhile.


Because of them, travelers have a chance to have a quick journey with the option to skip an overnight stay. After enjoying attractions, tourists can return to their lodging at nighttime or earlier. These travel highlights are usually accessible and already offer plenty of leisure. It means that we can have a great time with them even if we only have one day to spend on our day off.


Within 100 miles of Orlando City, in the middle of Florida, are the many spots for traveling. Plus, modern conveniences are available like food and transport services are abundant. So getting in and out of places, and taking quick breaks, is easy. This is why many recommend these Florida destinations for day-tripping.


Theme Parks For Central Florida Day Trips


This is one of the Central Florida day trip ideas for people who want to have a good time with rides, games, and more. These places usually provide visitors with plenty of unique structures and spectacles. Also, theme parks often present talented entertainers and accommodating staff. Still, these even come with fairs, pleasure gardens, and areas for gastronomical delights. So, in these Florida destinations for day-tripping, visitors could enjoy life.


The Orlando metropolitan area has about 12 theme parks. Here are examples of the most popular ones people could go to.


Walt Disney World Resort


This is where people can have interactive experiences with all things about Disney. There, the staff offers ways for guests to relate to beloved Disney characters. So it’s easy to notice themed amusements during trips inside.


central florida day trip ideas
Near the cities of Orlando and Kissimmee, this spot is a grand resort complex. The recreation center is broad with an area of almost 40 square miles. In it, people maintain or operate the structures and machines in the tourist theme parks. The place has many resort hotels for guests, some operated and managed by Disney World. We can say that its confident catchphrase, “The Most Magical Place On Earth,” delivers what it says.



  • Epcot
  • Magic Kingdom
  • Hollywood Studios
  • Animal Kingdom

Water Parks

  • Typhoon Lagoon
  • Blizzard Beach


Many Central Florida day trip ideas come to mind due to the various attractions there. For instance, guests can take pictures and do more in the Cinderella Castle of the Magic Kingdom park. The structure has decorated sections to see. Also, there are services for guests to have a “royal” experience. Visiting the Spaceship Earth of the EPCOT park can provide a dark ride with a historical tour. So there are plenty of options during excursions when visiting the Walt Disney World.




The annual pass to access all parks costs more than $ 1,299 because of taxes. To enter one park only for a day, the payment is at least $109 before tax.


Universal Orlando Resort


Day-trippers who want to bring TV and movies to life can visit this spot for their fulfillment. This is also part of the worthy Central Florida day trips to pursue since it offers all sorts of amusements. Here, people can enjoy rides, dine with good food, and shop to their heart’s content. There are even privileges to witness or even take part in film productions. So spending some hours wandering in the resort complex can be a good idea.


universal studios florida
Situated at 6000 Universal Boulevard, this expansive site is home to film favorites. There are theme parks dedicated to showing memories of fictional characters. These would be the classic heroes and creatures that graced the TV screens and cinemas. Also available are hotels to accommodate guests who wish to stay for a while. But day-trippers can stop by the resort and enjoy it for hours.


Theme Parks

  • Universal Studios Florida
  • Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Water Park

  • Volcano Bay

Entertainment District

  • Universal CityWalk


The Central Florida day trip ideas of visitors are to ride and go sightseeing. Those looking for thrills and chills can get their fill by taking themed rides. Fans of film franchises could visit “islands” dedicated to several popular movies. Attraction and slides also await in the water park. Still, for shopping needs, a retail district is also present. Thus, for all kinds of travel enjoyment, this site in Florida has got people covered.



At the time of this writing, there are different rates for visiting the theme parks. Without taxes yet, it’s about $109 for a ticket to the Universal Studios. To enter the Islands of Adventure, it’s also $109. But, for Volcano Bay, it’s only $80.


To skip long lines to board rides, there are Express tickets too. The Universal Express and Volcano Bay Express allow folks to skip the usual lines once. That is for certain rides only. Their respective prices are $79.99 and $19.99. To have unlimited chances to bypass long lines, there’s Universal Express Unlimited. The price of it is $109.99.


Central Florida Nature Trip Opportunities


Sometimes, to have a great getaway for a short while, all we need is some exposure to nature. This means getting in touch with the world to see animals, plants, and more for our senses to feel at ease. Feeling saturated with the urban lifestyle can be toxic too. So it makes sense to enjoy the natural things from time to time. Some of the Central Florida day trips can provide experiences travelers can relish.


Orlando has many environments that are ideal for recreation. Often, they have gardens, trails, and geological formations for excursionists to appreciate. Also, these nature reserves are rich with all sorts of wildlife. These are where folks can go camping, hike, take pictures, have picnics, and try watersports. Thus making them a part of our day trips is worth it.


Wekiwa Springs State Park


In Apopka, and minutes away from downtown Orlando, this spot is great for warm weather. It has clear, clean, and cool waters for swimming. Also, this is where folks can come to see some wildlife in their ideal habitats. The best hiking trails in Central Florida and swimming opportunities for guests are also available. Like in visiting other state parks in Florida, this one comes up in Central Florida day trip ideas.


travel to wekiwa springs


Amenities and Things To Do


The park has modern and primitive campsites where visitors can stay. But guests don’t have to spend nights since it’s for day-trippers too. For those who only want to stay for hours, the park has picnic grounds and restrooms to use. So it’s possible to be outdoors there for a little while to experience serenity.


Adventurers may also try the canopy forest, hiking on tropical hammocks, and birding. Other than birds, people may encounter white-tailed deers and Florida black bears. The reservoirs allow for fishing opportunities too.




The park opens at 8 in the morning and operates until sundown every day. Vehicle owners can enter by paying $4 to $6. The entrance is only $2 for pedestrians and bicycle riders.


Canaveral National Seashore


It is on the east coast and Washington avenue of Titusville city in Florida. A short drive from Orlando will take travelers to this secluded and serene best Florida beach campgrounds for unforgettable getaways. But privacy is only what makes this spot worthy to be part of Central Florida day trips. It’s likewise a place that has a rich history.
east coast of central florida


Things To Do


This travel destination is where people could visit historical sites. Examples are the Seminole Rest and Turtle Mound locations which are archaeological sites. But it also allows folks to do some swimming, the best hiking trails in Central Florida, boating, birding, and fishing. So visiting this site is also ideal for those who only have hours to spare for their day off.




Park passes are available to buy at select locations. The entrance posts of the Apollo and Playalinda beaches have them. But fees can range from $10 to $100. People walking and on their bicycles to enter need only $10 to pay. Riders of motorcycles need $15 for entrance and it’s $20 for those on vehicles like cars and minivans. The most expensive fee is for commercial tour vehicles. Yet the fees for such means of transport vary and can range from $25 to $100.


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In Conclusion


Instead of doing random Central Florida day trips, travelers may want to plan first. Part of the planning is to research places. That is to know what they offer excursionists and how to reach them. Besides, knowing these things lets us tell if they are fit for day trips or otherwise.


Still, traveling, it isn’t only all about enjoying. Rather, there needs to be a balance between having fun and being responsible. That is why, before an outing, research about admission fees is important too. So try reading about what travel destinations can provide and the costs to incur in getting to them.

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