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Florida State Fair 2023 will be celebrating its 119th birthday. And, with all the latest and greatest, it is a “cannot miss.”

Florida State fair rings the bell in February each year. It attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. Also, the event paves the way to preserve agriculture’s character. It does that by featuring extensive exhibits for agriculture, horticulture, needlework, and woodcarving. Still, it does more than hold cattle contests for the best pie and elegant quilt. The Florida State fair also includes all kinds of fine arts and crafts competitions.

Florida State Fair 4H

Florida State Fair 2023

Moreover, participants can also enjoy live shark exhibits, mechanical bulls, and thrilling rides. Of course, guests may also appreciate the famous fair favorite foods. Redneck Burger, Pizza Cone, Bacon Chocolate, and much more offer these gastronomic delights.


It’s one of the oldest and most great fairs in the United States. Also, the Florida State Fairgrounds is on U.S. Highway 301 North in Tampa. It has something for everyone, from indoor and outdoor exhibits to shows and rides.


We are eager to take you on a comprehensive guide. Our piece will show you what to expect and how to enjoy the exhibits, food, and entertainment. So, let’s get started!



About Florida State Fair 2023


February 9th to 20th, 2023

From 11:00 A.M. to 09:00 P.M.

4800 U.S HIGHWAY 301 North, TAMPA, Florida 33610


First ringing the bell in 1904, the fair emerged as the South Florida Fair in Downtown Tampa. Later, people renamed it “the mid-winter festival.” At first, Florida State Fair’s attractions were primary. It only had a few agriculture exhibits and five races to bet on. Today, the fair has everything. It holds exciting agricultural shows to fine arts and crafts competitions. Organizers also provide cattle contests to enthralling rides and Florida State Fair 4H.


Now, many tourists and locals look forward to it. Some even search for the Florida State Fair 2023 entertainment schedule early. The fairgrounds accommodate families and friends gathering for leisure and to celebrate moments. Pets can’t enter, but service animals accompanying their handlers can. Hence, it’s where exciting festivities happen for guests.


What to Expect at Florida State Fair 2023?


Florida State Fair 2023 has everything for everyone. It will be bigger, grander, and more entertaining. After all, it’s famous for its exciting rides, great food, entertainment, and much more. The 11-day extravaganza attracts visitors across the United States. The occasion allows them to showcase their agriculture, crafts, and horticulture skills.

Florida State Fair 4H

Florida State Fair 4H

Participants applaud competitors for owning the best bull. They also praise the most attractive quilt. That’s the tradition Florida State Fair still rejoices and cherishes on this very day. There are plenty of fun activities you can do at no extra cost. Unique exhibits, free shows, expo areas, equestrian demonstrations, etc., all attract massive crowds. Here is what you can expect at Florida State Fair 2023:


  • The Food at Florida State Fair 2023

Food at Florida State Fair is one of the most popular things you want to enjoy on your visit. You can expect the best of everything here, from traditional food to modern fusion dishes. Yet, some old favorites are candies, fried Oreos, and kettle corn.

The Food

The food

Also, what makes visitors look forward is the number of crazy dishes that appear at the state fair. Visitors can treat their eyes and taste buds with the tastiest and weirdest dishes.


A few of them include the following:

  • Pizza Cone
  • Bacon Ice Cream
  • Krispy Kreme Doughnut Burger
  • Deep Fried Twinkie
  • Chicken and Waffle Pizza
  • Deep Fried Strawberry Shortcake
  • Giant Mozzarella Stick
  • Chocolate Covered Bacon
  • Rice Funnel and Red Beans Cake

Moreover, information booths at the Florida State Fair 2023 offer food maps. Guests can use them to plan their deep-fried excursions. Apart from enjoying and eating various dishes, you can join the fair’s foodie crawl. Participants can taste all the latest menu items and vote for the best ones. You can get voting cards from the guest services located throughout the fairgrounds.


  • Check Out the Cracker Country


If you appreciate history, you cannot afford to miss a visit to Cracker Country. It allows visitors to discover fascinating information on the rural history of Florida. Theirs is a museum that will transport you to a few centuries back. The place gives glimpses of life in Florida during the 18th century.
Also, you may want to visit a few original buildings. They date from the late 18th century to the early 1900s.
  • Upcoming Concerts


The concerts are usually held at night and showcase great performances underneath the stars. After all, guests can expect to join the music events as the audience of Florida State Fair 2023 concerts. You can watch performers such as The Baby Chimps, Kim Cameron, Southbound75, and Banda Los Recoditos.


The concert ambiance is exciting, with vendors selling Florida State Fair food and drinks. Vendors also sell memorabilia and merchandise. A massive crowd of concertgoers is usually present, all there to enjoy the music and have a wonderful time.


People can also enjoy entertainment at the MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre. That is, this cashless stadium has a capacity of 2000 people. So you can have a wonderful time here with both friends and strangers.


  • The Midway at the Florida State Fair 2023


The Midway at the state fair offers an unforgettable adventure. It provides the experience through a variety of rides. For those who don’t know, Wade Show is the official provider of all the rides at the Florida state fair. The fair has more than the portable giant Ferris wheel (the Midway Sky Eye) in North America. It’s famous for other thrilling rides. Other amusements include Typhoon, Spider, Wipe Out, Sizzler, and Alpine Bobs.

Sky Eye Wheel

Sky Eye Wheel

Moreover, people divide those stunning rides at Florida State Fair 2023. Folks split them into four categories::


  • Kiddie
  • Thrill
  • Family
  • Spectacular

Additionally, the fair offers more than 100 rides, most of which are family-friendly. Yet, if you plan to enjoy a ride at the fair, remember to review the number of tickets required for the rides. Also, each amusement has height requirements. Our favorite fair rides for an extra dose of fun are the Midway Sky Eye, Street Fighter, and Wipe Out.


  • Agricultural and Fine Arts Exhibitions


If you are passionate about culture and fine arts, you should not miss Florida State Fair 2023 exhibitions. The fair includes all sorts of craft exhibitions and competitions. Visitors can reveal how Floridians have preserved their culture and heritage through these exhibits. In addition, history students also have the perfect opportunity to explore the competition section, which can help them produce an award-winning science or history project.


Some of the most popular competitions at the Florida State Fair are:


  • Art Portfolio
  • Wine and Juice
  • Culinary
  • Horticulture
  • Technology
  • Aquarium


Moreover, the agribusiness demonstrations at the state fair also attract massive crowds. Every year, the fair welcomes more than 6,000 animals for the exhibits. Be it cattle or veggies and fruits grown in the area, these exhibitions will allow you to discover the best of what Florida offers. Some artists may also display Florida statutes.


In addition to food and Florida State Fair 4H Livestock Judging, these exhibits are our favorite places to visit. The following exhibitions at the fair will amaze you:


  • Robot Zoo
  • Giraffic Menagerie
  • Creative Living Exhibits
  • Agriculture Hall of Fame
  • Florida Fish and Wildlife Exhibit
  • Cattle Ranching Museum
  • The Florida Forest Discovery


  • The Entertainment


In addition to delicious food, fantastic exhibits, and Florida State Fair 4H Livestock Judging, the entertainment is another notable feature. Visitors will find an array of entertainment included in the admission ticket.


Entertainment shows like the Sea Lion Splash, Demolition Derby, and the Showcase Community Stage happen. They feature talented artists from all across the state. Visitors often love seeing a few performances. Many appreciate the draft horse pull, camel rides, petting zoo, racing pigs, and more.

People recommend seeing several exciting shows. There are Fire Guy, Wet and Wild, Mighty Mike, High Dive, Cirque Ma’Ceo, Wall of Death, and Record Breakers. Interested thrill seekers may be able to see several performers through the Welcome Center.


Furthermore, visitors can also enjoy live music that will be played on different stages, including:

  • #No Filter on the Grove Stage
  • Dennis Lee Band on the Florida Stage
  • Renata the Band on the Midway Stage
  • The Broken Hearts Tom Petty on the Grove Stage
  • Community Showcase at the Entertainment Hall.


 Florida State Fair 2023 Tickets


How much does it cost to visit Florida State Fair? Here are the ticket prices:


  • For Adults: $10
  • Children (6-11 years old): $6
  • Seniors (55 years or older): $8

If you want to enjoy many enthralling rides at the fair, you should get ride armbands. These armbands are an excellent way to save a few bucks and allow you to enjoy unlimited rides. Prices for fair armbands are:


  • Any Day Ride Armband: $30 for one day (not valid for specialty rides).
  • Weekend Ride Armband:$20 for one day (February 11-13 & 18-21).


Tips to Enjoy Florida State Fair 2023


If you want to make the most out of your Florida State Fair 4H visit, here are a few tips:


  • Plan your visit on weekdays and arrive early to avoid crowds.
  • Remember to pack your essentials, such as sunglasses, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, a small book bag, a cell phone, and water.
  • Create a game plan ahead so you can enjoy your favorite food, activities, and rides.
  • Buying armbands is an intelligent way to save money.
  • Remember to visit the exhibition hall to explore the unique displays.
  • Be safe and stay active.
  • Don’t let fun houses trick you that promise you outlandish things like a lady with a snake head.


Details on the State Fair and So Much More


What happened during the Florida State Fair ride accident 2023?


According to several articles, a gondola ride called “The Remix” hurt a woman at the Florida State Fair. The woman was reportedly thrown from the ride and landed on the platform, suffering severe injuries. Witnesses described the incident as “terrifying” and said the woman was bleeding heavily from her head. Authorities shut down the ride immediately. Amusement ride inspectors and fair organizers are investigating. Her condition is unclear. The woman’s Florida State fair accident 2023 was terrible. In 2020, Andrew Joseph Jr. was the victim of a separate but equally tragic occurrence at the Florida State Fair. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s has stated that they are working to help stop future tragedies like these from occurring.


What can you sounds can you expect there?


Popular songs, comedy, country music, and classic rock are at the state fair. This website has the latest information on the Florida State Fair music lineup 2023.


Are there ways to get tickets cheaper?


Distributors had a flash armbands sale last year for the Florida state fair discount tickets 2023. Tickets bought ahead of time are cheaper than those purchased at the gate, and there are no extra fees. Keep an eye out for discounted tickets to local amusement parks!




What are the Florida State Fair 2023 hours?


The fair will be open from 11:00 A.M. till 09:00 P.M. However, keep in mind that the times can change at any time.


You can check the Fl State Fair 2023 schedule for changes. This is for you to ensure you’re on time to see events.


Can we park at the Florida State Fair?


Yes, the fair has multiple parking locations where visitors can park their vehicles free of cost.


What is the ticket price for Florida State Fair?


Purchasing your tickets in advance will cost $10 for adults, whereas $6 is for children. But price changes could happen. So it’s best to check on the Florida state fair 2023 dates and rates.


What is included in Florida State Fair 2023 ticket?


Visitors with an admission ticket can enjoy circus shows, musical performances, thrill shows, and agricultural and educational exhibits free of cost. There’s fun to have, similar to the Hillsborough County fair.


What is Florida State Fair 4H?


Florida State Fair 4H and FFA event is a specialty event that includes judging contests.


How do you find the other activities at the Florida State Fair?


Look for terms online, like “Florida State Fair Student Day 2023.” I think doing that may give you relevant information about the event. Popular internet browsers like Google often display the details of the occasion. Hence, it’s easy to find the schedule of events on the worldwide web.


What can you bring during the State Fair?


There are many things you can carry when attending the event. You can bring your concealed firearm if you have a valid concealed weapons permit. Service animals can also accompany people to the fairgrounds.


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