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Are you feeling the need for a marine escape, craving the tranquility of underwater wonders and the thrill of close-up animal encounters?


Look no further! Our curated list of Aquariums in Florida to Visit promises to alleviate your aquatic wanderlust. Imagine immersing yourself in massive coral reef exhibit, where vibrant ecosystems come to life, or witnessing Florida’s sea life thrive in their natural habitats. If the desire to explore these extraordinary experiences tugs at your curiosity, let our guide be your remedy, into awe-inspiring moments of marine bliss.

Visit One Or More Of Our List Of Aquariums In Florida


Research proves the enormous benefit of aquariums to mental health and stress reduction. It’s good that visitors and residents of Florida have a wide selection of public aquariums. Also, people can visit them for a day of peace and to destress. Thus, check out the research options on our list of aquariums in Florida.

Also, aquariums in Florida, often regarded as the best aquatic encounters, it provide a window into the wonders of our aquatic ecosystem. They allow visitors to experience stress relief and permit getting up close with various fascinating marine animals. These aquariums offer interactive programs that appeal to tourists of all ages, ensuring an enjoyable experience for everyone. You will enjoy the thrill of exploring marine life at most of these top aquariums in Florida.


Visiting the Florida best aquarium is an exciting way to discover Florida’s aquatic life. These aquariums in Florida offer everything you need to discover the wonders of marine ecosystems and observe fascinating underwater creatures, while also promoting awareness about the importance of preserving these environments for future generations. They provide immersive experiences, like dolphin swims, diving, and more top Key West things to do. It’s to learn about marine life conservation efforts. Let us look at this list of aquariums in Florida and enjoy it!

8  Aquariums In Florida To Visit in 2024

1.  Florida Aquarium – Tampa, FL


At The Florida Aquarium, you can go from tree to sea level. Explore the fascinating world of marine life and get an incredible underwater experience with thousands of animals and plants, including sharks, alligators, seahorses, and more. The aquarium offers an interactive experience, allowing guests to get up close and personal with the sea life. Don’t miss the chance to walk through the shark bridge, a thrilling adventure that lets you observe these majestic creatures from above the water. Additionally, feel amused while undergoing training, making your visit both educational and entertaining. The place has over 20,000 aquatic animals and plants. It has a tunnel for visitors to walk into and admire all-around views of the animals. You will have a snorkel adventure and swim with the fish over their Dry Tortugas Park replica. It’s a thrilling in-water coral experience. The aquarium also has a play area with a waterslide and a pirate ship, which is great for kids.


Remember to check out the SeaTREK, an underwater walking journey. You don’t need a snorkel as you view sea life within a dry walking adventure.

2.  Key West Aquarium – Key West, FL


With a trip to the Key West Aquarium, you will learn about the fascinating world of the sea and encounter amazing animals. Explore the aquarium’s many parts to get a better view of our planet’s enchanting seas. Many marine creatures, including eels, can be found in the aquarium. You will forget your fear of sharks by feeding and petting a shark at the Key West Aquarium. You can handle and catch any of the aquatic animals in a touch tank. The invasive species educational program also suggest by Key West.   

3.  Clearwater Marine Aquarium – Clearwater, FL

Explore the world of marine life rescue beyond the traditional aquarium experience. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a non-profit aquarium in Clearwater, Florida. The people who run it devote themselves to saving and restoring sea life. While the CMA’s mission is to help animals, not all animals can be free. The organization rescue, rehabilitate, and release them. Yet disabled creatures prevent them from living a whole life in the wild. If this occurs, the animals get long-term residential treatment. This condition allows visitors to see them up close and personal.
Guests can also learn more about these animals through other means. A behind-the-scenes tour of their rescue clinic and release site is educational. The property also has an underwater observation tunnel. It’s where you can see bottlenose dolphins and Shipwreck Alley. Besides, the place is not far from the beach. Hence, you guests can watch animals and swim after during their visit. Still, Clearwater Beach is one of the best beaches in Florida due to its white sands and vivid waters.

4.  Sea Life Orlando Aquarium – Orlando, FL


You will be nearer than ever to the wildlife and features of the world’s oceans at SEA LIFE, one of the best aquariums in Orlando, FL. SEA LIFE is a part of the most well-known aquarium brand in the world, with 50 locations worldwide. Orlando is the 50th most popular destination for international tourists and the eighth most visited in the United States, making it a top choice for travelers. SEA LIFE in Orlando offers an incredible experience, allowing visitors to explore the wonders of the ocean right in the heart of this vibrant city.


SEA LIFE Orlando delivers a slew of aquatic experiences. It features animals from across the world’s oceans! In Orlando’s first 360-degree ocean cave, travelers can meet more than 5,000 species. Included are colorful fish, seahorses, and jellyfish to see. Turtles and sharks can also surround visitors. SEA LIFE Orlando offers an outstanding education, conservation, and entertainment mix. The caretakers are so professional in the way they interact with audiences. They’re like artists performing on stage during theater shows in Florida. Hence, guests can enjoy their stay there.    

5.  Miami Seaquarium – Miami, FL

It is a venue where killer whales move while dashing through the air and dolphins walk on water. Endangered marine turtles and manatees also find a safe harbor there. Hence, because of this aquarium, you don’t have to visit the the Blue Springs State Park to witness sea cows. Still, it’s where sea lions entertain children of all ages. In this marine museum, guests can enjoy a world-class marine-life amusement park. It features eight exclusive aquatic animal exhibits and regular spectacular displays. So it has similarities with Panama City Florida Aquarium.
Miami Seaquarium is also the place to see Penguin Isle. This place is one of the few South Florida aquariums offering an interactive experience. It hosts a face-to-face encounter with penguins, flightless aquatic birds native to colder regions. Also, the site features an 800-square-foot rocky dry area with an adjoining 9000-gallon pool, replicating their natural habitat and ensuring a happy and healthy home for these charming creatures. Guests visiting can spend quality time watching these entertaining little birds in action.
Just to let you know, many people think of penguins as marine mammals. Yet, they are actual birds, though flightless.
Of course, most know the enigmatic stories and interesting facts about dolphins. They are some of the most beautiful and intelligent marine animals on the planet. You might also communicate with one of these incredible creatures at Dolphin Harbor. It is the current home of Miami Aquarium’s dolphin encounter services. The Miami Aquarium is a place to feel inspired, get trained, and have fun!

6.  MOTE Marine Aquarium – Sarasota, FL


More than 100 aquatic animals are at the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium. They are in the Mote Aquarium of Sarasota, Florida. The site houses manatees, sea turtles, river otters, and other resident animals. Also, the rehabilitation facility at the aquarium cares for sick and wounded turtles. Still, Mote is a recognized study and conservation center across the globe. After all, it has the science and analysis with international standards. Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium provides private programs for special groups too. So people can also have their unique adventures and learnings there.    

7.  Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park – Fort Walton Beach, FL


About 60 miles away from Panama City Beach, it’s worth visiting. Enjoy seeing dolphins jump and sea lions play during these spectacular displays! Also, it hosts sea cows. Thus, you won’t have to go kayaking to see manatees anymore because of this aquarium. With their new immersive programming, guests can do other things. For instance, you can interact with the animals mentioned and other fantastic creatures. Aquatic critters like stingrays, sharks, and otters are there (an extra fee applies). Enjoy interactive exhibits as well as breathtaking views of the ocean. The doors open at 9 a.m. every day.  

8.  Gulf World Marine Park – Panama City Beach

At Gulf World Marine Park, you can swim with dolphins. It’s a fascinating aquarium in Panama City. The Royal Swim tour allows visitors to communicate with dolphins in the ocean. This opportunity can occur when they force themselves to rise and glide across the water. The sea creatures do it from the soles of their feet.
Guests will also have up-close experiences with penguins. Folks can also go near harbor seals and try snorkeling with stingrays at the preserve. You may enjoy a short and thrilling trip with the dolphins in the splendid belly ride. Visitors can hold onto the pectoral fins of the animals too. Hence, the park allows interaction with dolphins like never before. This aquarium in Panama City Florida s a favorite of many.

Why Didn’t We List SeaWorld?


I love SeaWorld for its teaching environment and conservation efforts. SeaWorld works hard to improve the natural environment. Also, they often rescue and help many wild marine animals each year. Check out this site to read about their past, current, and future ventures.

Yet, I chose to leave them off our list for one simple reason. Much of their popularity at the park consists of the theme park section. As our readers know, we seek to reach beyond theme parks. Our focus remains on the lesser-known and natural areas of the Sunshine State.

Rest assured, we know SeaWorld exists. And we applaud their conservation efforts. We enjoy their animal exhibit, too. And for those wanting a mix of aquarium and theme park, they remain a possible choice.

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Plan Your Visit to Aquariums In Florida


If you’re not snorkeling or swimming, aquariums in Florida are a perfect place to see what’s going on below. You can visit more than one from our list of aquariums in Florida this year at your own pace, and stay updated on upcoming events and operating hours. Imagine the serenity from a day of underwater exploration on the shores. Whether you want to swim with dolphins and other creatures, these aquariums are worth it. After all, they are where you can learn about various fish species or have fun doing something else. So it explains why many make time to visit them.

Traveling to one of the said aquariums provides a lot of conveniences. It’s like going to the Florida State Fair 2023 to have lots of fun in one place. You get plenty of attractions in one visit. So, reaching to our top Key West things to do is worth the effort. Thanks for reading our post. You can share your travel plans with us, and we’d love to hear from our readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Visiting an Aquarium?
Sightseeing in an oceanarium provides stress relief and appeases curiosity. Seeing the free movement and swimming pace of the sea creatures in the facility is relaxing. Witnessing some of the life forms underneath the vast ocean is also fascinating. Still, the site educates the public on the importance of marine life preservation. So it’s beneficial to check out an aquarium in many ways.

 Places like springs and rivers offer bioluminescent waters and seeing manatees. Yet a good trip doesn’t have to involve witnessing rare sights. Besides, visiting Florida aquariums guarantee seeing many animals and other amusements at once.    

What Types of Aquariums Can Be Found in Florida?

Florida boasts a diverse range of aquariums, including both public and private facilities. Some notable ones include The Florida Aquarium in Tampa, Miami Seaquarium, and Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium in Sarasota. These establishments showcase a variety of marine life, from local species to exotic creatures.

Are There Any Unique Exhibits or Experiences Offered by Florida's Aquariums?

Many aquariums in Florida feature unique exhibits and experiences. For example, some offer interactive touch tanks where visitors can feel marine life like starfish and sea anemones. Others have immersive tunnel exhibits that allow guests to walk through underwater environments surrounded by sharks, rays, and other fascinating creatures.

Can Visitors Participate in Behind-the-Scenes Tours or Interactive Programs at Florida Aquariums?

Several Florida aquariums provide behind-the-scenes tours, allowing visitors to explore the inner workings of the facilities, learn about animal care, and interact with marine experts. Additionally, some aquariums offer special programs, such as animal encounters and feeding experiences, providing a more hands-on and educational visit.

What Marine Life Is Specific to Florida's Aquariums?

Florida’s aquariums showcase a rich array of marine life native to the region. Visitors can encounter species like manatees, dolphins, sea turtles, and various tropical fish. Additionally, some aquariums focus on the unique ecosystems found in Florida, such as the Everglades, providing insights into the state’s diverse aquatic environments.

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