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Florida may have a lot of vacation hotspots available. But it’s visiting Key West and the island chain, linked by the overseas highway, that many endorse. It’s only because of the many things that visitors could do in these gorgeous locations. They offer great weather, amazing food, lively water sports, and vibrant nightlife. Thus they make perfect traveler destinations.
The islands or “keys” have a lot of features that excursionists may find enjoyable. Yet travelers are likely limited to visiting a few places at a time. There is no doubt that visitors could only do a couple of activities too. So know your options and plan a trip to Southern Florida for a fun journey.
Here are some of what folks could try doing when visiting the Florida keys.
visiting key west

The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, Key West, Florida


On Visiting Key West For The Hemingway Home and Museum

If your idea of having a good time is having a historical trip, then this is something that might appeal to you. This museum will give visitors the privilege of stopping by what was once the home of a well-known author. There, tour guides show guests the sections of the house, garden, pool, and writing studio. Visitors will encounter many polydactyl cats too. These came from the ones Ernest Hemingway adopted.


Schedule and Fees

The museum is open daily from 9 AM to 5 PM. It is cash only for admission and rates are $17 for adults and $7 for children who are 6 to 12 years old. Kids who are 5 and under can come in for free. People can negotiate the rates to be cheaper if they would come in large groups.

kayaking in the keys


Lido Key Kayaking For A Relaxing Adventure

Riding a boat or kayak and paddling can be quite relaxing. It may allow you to reach places by water and have an interesting journey. This is one of the things you could do if you’re visiting Sarasota in Florida. Lido has plenty of open waters and mangrove tunnels to navigate. Thus it is a great nature spot to explore.
While doing some kayaking, you may see some animals along the way. Dolphins, crabs, sea hares, and manatees may surface the waterways from time to time. Yet there are also birds like pelicans and herons that may greet you on your journey. Still, there are sandbars where you could also stop to stretch and even swim.

Travel Necessities and Cost

You can only do Lido key kayaking when you have a kayak, paddleboard, and paddles to use. So this means that you might have to rent if you’re a traveler. Also, you may have to search for a tour guide to show you places or tell you stories and help you navigate.
Rentals often cost $45 per person. Tours vary in price because of the unique demands and offer available. Paradise Adventures charge $80 for those interested in private tours. Guided or group tours in the mangrove tunnels cost $59.

Visiting Key West To Access The Mallory Square Is Good Too

Every night festivities or the sunset celebration happen in Mallory Square. When you’re in the area, you will see street performers, food carts, art, and other attractions. You are likely going to meet thousands of tourists because it’s a favorite social spot. It’s even right to say that it’s a commercial hub too.
visiting key west

Have Fun From AM to PM

But it’s not all about spending enjoying the evenings and spending the night here. There are some interesting locations to see during the day too. Here are some other things to see and do there:
  • Check out the scenic views and national landmarks. Visit the Key West Lighthouse, Shipwreck Treasure Museum, and Seaport. They are great locations for sightseeing and learning some history. The Southernmost Point and Crowne Plaza La Concha Hotel are popular spots to try too. They are excellent for picture-taking and experiencing the sea breeze.
  • Going for a food trip. You have the option to dine in different kinds of restaurants or have food delivered to you. Antonia’s Restaurant which has been serving Italian cuisine for 30 years is a good choice. If you need pastries, artisan bread, or want to have food sent to you, there’s the Old Town Bakery. Since you’re on a beach, you might as well try seafood too. The Half Shell Raw Bar has your oyster and fish needs covered.
  • Discover the local wildlife. There are so many animals in Florida and some of what you can see, pet, and even cuddle are here. You can try the Monroe County Sherrif’s Petting Zoo to access many creatures for free. To view aquariums and even swim with the marine life, you could visit the Theater Of The Sea. It costs $44.95 for those who are 11 and up and it’s $29.95 for children 10 years old and below.

Getting In

Guests can book flights to get to the Key West International Airport. For those who want to go by boat, there is also the Key West Express to take. If you don’t mind taking stops or want to go for land travel, you can drive from Miami to the destination.

Going To Siesta Key For Watersports

Something that may be as enjoyable as visiting Key West is traveling to Siesta Key. It’s an 8-mile, island barrier filled with powdery sand beaches and clear waters. People who visit often do more than picture-taking, sunbathing, and swimming. They try these activities for leisure:
visiting key west
  • Rent jet skis
  • Do parasailing
  • Look for dolphins



Fun at Florida Keys


Booking The Best Things To Do In Siesta Key

Companies like Siesta Key Watersports are open to taking reservations. Their jet ski rental costs $119 for an hour and it’s only $399 for 4 hours. But for this, guests will have to secure a safe boater’s card first to be on a jet ski. Parasailing is at $109 for the standard package to get lifted in the air for scenic views. Sunset tours and those with sandbar hopping and drinking are available. These are at $60 to $65 for adults.
Other companies also offer boat or paddling tours like Lido Key kayaking. It’s because the Siesta and Lido islands are not that far from each other. Thus tourists can also book adventures on an island for a day and transfer later for further fun.

Aerial view of Cedar Key, FL


Appreciate Nature In Cedar Keys

Like in the other islands of North Florida, there are many things to do in Cedar Key FL. As sites like TripAdvisor would suggest, the place has many nature spots to admire. The preserved surroundings, wildlife, artifacts, and vegetation are worth checking. Thus, if you are a conservationist or want to enjoy the earth, visit this island.
things to do in cedar key fl
Going here will likely give you a different experience than visiting Key West. That’s because this key has spots that are often serene, historical, and perfect for hiking. Examples are the Cemetery Point Park, Historical Society Museum, and National Wildlife Refuge.


  • The Cemetery Point Park is where visitors could fish, swim, and even go kayaking. It’s got a sandy shore, clear waters, and fitness trails for picnic trips and adventures.
  • Open only for 4 hours on certain days of the week, visiting the Historical Society Museum is a treat. It’s where you could access old photos, videos, and memorabilia of all things about Cedar Keys. The entrance fee is $3 only for adults and it’s free for the kids.
  • The Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge offers a lot of sightseeing opportunities. Visitors may see exotic and rare birds, reptiles, fishes, and even crustaceans. Even those who care about plants will enjoy the vegetation. They are all in their ideal habitats. There are even trails to take for leisure strolls.
visiting key west

pelicans are often seen

In Conclusion

It’s clear why many recommend visiting key west and other Florida keys. Their features make them perfect getaway destinations. Locals and foreigners may enjoy going to them, regardless of their interests. The tourist attractions and activities in the keys are so many. There’s likely an adventure on every island for everyone.
Yet it pays not to be hasty to try out things. Do some research about the various Florida keys before anything else. With planning, one can expect to have a great vacation later on.
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