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Kayak Trails in South Florida You Should Visit in 2021

Waterways are abundant in southeast Florida. Many eco-tourism opportunities can be found, including kayak trails in South Florida. Moreover, these offer sustainable alternatives to the city life of the coast. Spending time in the outdoors is a must whether you live in the state or only visit it.

In addition, because of its fascinating and diverse natural scenery and many more stunning areas from the sea, kayaking possibilities exist on the Southwest coast. We’ve set together this guide to help you determine where to take your paddle next, as well as a list of the best kayaking trails in south Florida.


Top 10 Kayak Trails in South Florida


1.  West Lake Kayaking- Broward County, Florida

For a population of 2 million inhabitants, it is one of the most open natural kayaking areas. With moderately priced rentals seven days a week, West Lake Park kayaking is a perfect place for a novice to explore kayaking or canoeing. During high tide, the White Trail’s more private, smaller sections are only recommended.

Also, you will have a decent headwind on West Lake because it’s big enough. Pace yourself if you’re a beginner kayaker. If you have your kayak, you can start from this charming little park along the Intracoastal Waterway. There is a floating dock for fast starting, and free parking is available in the lot closest to the South Coast.


2.  Everglades National Park- Collier County, Florida 

South Florida also has several fantastic kayaking tracks with a diverse range of flora, fauna, and wildlife. Rent a kayak in Everglades City and paddle out into the famed wetlands to see alligators and mangrove trees up close. It’s also the starting point for a trip to the Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge. Take the 100-mile Wilderness Waterway along the west side of Everglades National Park, culminating in Flamingo. Moreover, the journey takes about five days for devoted paddlers. There are camping facilities along the way.


The above video shows a glimpse into the kayak trails in south Florida, via the Everglades.

3.  John D. MacArthur State Park- Palm Beach County, Florida

One of our favorite types of kayak trails is a ride to an island accessible only by ferry, which can find at John D. MacArthur Beach State Park. It’s much more relaxed than it’s a historical island with a fascinating history. A shaded stroll through a woodland of natural trees along with some deserted little beaches equals a fantastic day spent in a kayak.

The park also stretches west to Munnion Island, with excellent picnic shelters, a trail, and its little secret beaches. The Munyon Island kayak trail is a fantastic little excursion. It’s a fun blend of paddling, picnicking, birds, and cultural heritage for South Floridians.


4.  Peanut Island Park-  Palm Beach County, Florida

The water around Peanut Island Park in Riviera Beach is a pure Caribbean blue color, unlike everything else nearby. This tiny island, which is also a wonderful county park, is situated at the inlet’s mouth to the Port of Palm Beach, so the water is fresh and clean from the ocean.

Peanut Island is an excellent destination for snorkeling, kayaking, and other water activities because of its calm ocean water. But there’s something to this finely landscaped gem. It’s only reachable by boat trip or private yacht, but it’s an excellent spot for a picnic or simple in-town camping.


5.  Middle River – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The Middle River is a famous kayak and stands up whitewater kayak destination in Fort Lauderdale. However, there are a few patches of mangroves and unformed habitat, most of the area dominated by people’s pools and landscaping.  Kayaks can launch from Colohatchee Park, which also has bathrooms and picnic tables. Outdoor kayaks are lighter and quicker to turn, making them attractive to beginners and experienced paddlers alike. Consider it like trying to run.


6.  Biscayne National Park- Homestead, Florida

Paddling in Biscayne Bay doesn’t need a trail, much like kayaking off the beach. On Key Biscayne, there are a diversity of locations to park and launch a kayak. You can also launch your kayak near the Deering Estate, which is further south. A visit to an active bird rookery or circling Chicken Island may be part of this kayak journey. The breathtaking Caribbean-turquoise water will remind you that Biscayne National Park is the beginning of the Florida Keys.

7.  Indian Key- Monroe County, Florida

Indian Key Historic State Park is a fantastic place to kayak. The historical island is now a ghost town with jungle-encrusted ruins and excellent snorkeling along its rocky coast.

Indian Key Historic State Park is just 30 to 45 minutes away by kayak. You can launch your kayak along the Overseas Highway on the ocean side of the park city. The Kayak Shack will have you set up and have weather and tidal forecasts.


8.  Bahia Honda State Park- Big Pine Key, Florida

When kayaking in Bahia Honda State Park, you can’t overlook the main feature that makes it unique: the lake. The waters around Bahia Honda Key are crystal clear and have a tint out of this world. So bleak. So open and honest. Peering into the shallows on a clear day is like snorkeling; you can see anything from fish and sharks to seashells.

Moving out over the lake is one of the easiest ways to see Bahia Honda if you’re happy to spend time here. Kayaks can be rented at the park and used to explore the Atlantic coast for an hour or two.


9.  Oleta River State Park- Miami, Florida

Oleta is well-known in the Miami area for its excellent kayaking and mountain-biking trails and its sandy crescent beach and inviting picnic pavilions. Beautiful mangrove caves can find on the park’s kayak track, which swirls through the park. Oleta will be a great place to kayak for a couple of hours. Kayakers can also see dolphins and seals.


10. Nine Mile Pond Kayaking- Homestead, Florida

The Nine Mile Pond canoe path is among the state park’s quarter kayak trails. It’s only eight miles out from Flamingo, the park’s main road’s edge. It’s a 5-mile circle that takes four to five hours to paddle through. The landscape is peaceful and beautiful.


kayak trails in south florida

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Kayaking offers a fun activity, particularly in southern Florida, with its many options. With the guideline above, we hope you can enjoy kayaking even better. If you like this article, do let us know in the comments and share it with others.


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kayak trails in south florida

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