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Explore These Hiking Trails in Orlando Florida


Orlando is a fitness lover’s paradise. Not only does the state have a wide range of healthier food choices, but the warm weather in Central Florida encourages residents to get outside and exercise. One of the best ways to enjoy central Florida is through the many trails. Outdoor enthusiasts find great enjoyment hiking trails in Orlando, Florida. We have included favorite trails in the Greater Orlando region and throughout Central Florida..

Although Florida is a flat state with few mountains to hike or ascend, hikers find many gorgeous trails to explore. Driving, running, and biking are only a couple of the most common sports among Central Florida locals. In fact, you need not become a sports lover to enjoy the great outdoors in Orlando. Many people enjoy a relaxing stroll down one of these trails at any time of the year.


Top 10 Best Hiking Trails in Orlando, Florida


1.The Seminole-Wekiva Trail

Because of its scope, elegance, and ability to accommodate many visitors, the nearly 14-mile Seminole Wekiva Trail is one of Seminole County’s Showcase Trails. The trail is moderately complex and is often used for cycling, running, horseback riding, and mountain biking. This trail is also accessible to dogs, but they must be on a leash. The Seminole-final Wekiva’s 4 miles mirror the quiet wooded areas where the path started. The Markham Road trailhead, at the trail’s end, has plenty of parking and restrooms.


2.  Disney wilderness preserve

Even if you aren’t a big fan of amusement parks, Disney offers nature lovers a bit more than its theme parks. The Disney Wilderness Preserve is a rare outdoor discovery with over 1,000 different species of plants and native animals. You will not  feel disappointed by your stay, as you will not see anything else related to Disney. The Disney Wilderness Preserve Loop and Interpretive Trails offers the natural Florida experience. It consists of a 5.8-mile moderately trafficked loop trail with a suitable lake for all ability levels and located near Kissimmee, Florida. The trail is open all year and is famous for climbing, running, nature trips, and bird watching.


3.  Bear Creek Nature Trail

While the Bear Creek Nature Trail name might seem frightening, it is a typical trail where you will undoubtedly encounter friendly walkers, hikers, and bikers along the way. It’s not a particularly long trail, but the stunning scenery can make you feel as if you’re in heaven. Like the famed Florida palms, the track line designed with beautiful trees keeps you from getting lost. Families often find this one especially intriguing.


4.  Black Hammock Trail

This trailhead situates at the end of a short dead-end road in an old Black Hammock residential neighborhood. The Black Hammock Trail is a little more isolated than most of the other trails in the city, but that adds to its appeal! The trailhead for Black Hammock is in Oviedo, about 30 minutes from downtown Orlando, and it’s far from any city noise. The 4.5-mile trail is also fully shaded throughout, so you won’t notice the Florida sun when walking it.


5.  Split Oak Forest Wildlife & Environmental Area

A split oak inspired the name of the Split Oak Forest Wildlife & Environmental Area. The 200-year-old tree was cut in half but survived, and the surrounding area now offers some of Orlando’s best hiking. Like many other places in Central Florida, the Split Oak Forest surrounds wetlands, so if you’re lucky, you might see some of the region’s wildlife. The Split Oak Forest WEA has nearly eight miles of trails to discover, so come prepared to hike! Families with small children might keep the length in mind when choosing this trail.


6.  Little Big Econ State Forest

With its hills across a scenic river, the Little Big Econ State Forest offers excellent hiking near Orlando. Along the beautiful main tributary of the St. Johns River, which names Outstanding Florida Water, you’ll find shadowy trails. The Econ is a slow-moving, tannic-colored river with a few bluffs along its banks contributing to the riverside hike’s elevation changes. There are two significant exits, all of which have ample parking and good trail maps. The trails total 16.3 miles. Many locals enjoy an occasional hike on these trails. They seem to attract repeat hikers.


7.  Bill Frederick Park

Bill Frederick Park, located right in the heart of Orlando, has a wild side as well, with more than 2 miles of trails winding through stub forest and along Turkey Lake. It may become your favorite so that you can bring your pet with you. The park itself is a 187-acre paradise with boating and camping options. However, the hiking trail is just about two miles long. There are numerous campgrounds available for camping trips and rest in this family-friendly location. A sign that says “Nature Trail” points you in the direction of the tree line at the top of the slope.


8.  Kelly Park Loop Trail

Kelly Park offers various outdoor experiences, but a walk along the loop trail is a perfect option for any nature lover. Dr. Howard Atwood Kelly, a prominent surgeon, donated Kelly Park in 1927, and it is now a nature refuge and bird sanctuary. The path is just below 2.5 miles long, making it ideal for a short outing.

The Kelly Loop Trail showcases Natural Springs and the park’s best features. You’ll find plenty to do here if you want to play in the icy waters, camp in the campground, or hike the trails. Travel from the parking lot to the significant monuments above the concessions stand to begin your hike.


9.  Wekiwa Springs Hiking Trail

Wekiwa Springs State Park, located just outside of Orlando, is a little-known treasure. Over the summer, the springs are bustling with tourists and families who are enjoying the great outdoors. Visitors are primarily attracted to Wekiwa Springs by the water sports, such as canoe and kayak rentals, but the hiking in this marshy park is also lovely. Wekiwa Springs is one of Florida’s busiest and most famous state parks. This expansive trail system transports you to vast habitats inhabited by deer and Florida black bears. This trail often attracts repeat hikers who enjoy finding something new with each visit.


10. Brevard Zoo Linear Park

Brevard Zoo Linear Park is a mixture trail that runs alongside the wetlands around the Brevard Zoo. The 3-mile ride brings visitors from the zoo to wetlands and pine and oak islands under the zoo. The boardwalks provide a perfect vantage point for viewing the resident flora and fauna of the swamp. The path does not have any water fountains or toilets, so plan accordingly.



Consider trying one or more of these hiking trails in Orlando, FL and central Florida region. In fact, you might make it a family outing! Central Florida hosts some of the finest hiking weather and natural sights, year-round. So, plot a trip with family and friends to these fantastic trails. Before embarking on your hike, double-check the trails for any course improvements or closures. Also, before setting off on the path, look for resupply points and water breaks, and make sure you have enough water.


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