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Pine Island Florida is one of the sunshine state’s hidden gems. The area is a fascinating attraction, from the beach to its kayaking opportunities. It even offers incredible wildlife. So Pine Island is a vacationer’s secret paradise!


Visit Pine Island Florida


Pine Island in Florida is a recognized tourist destination among globetrotters. It brims with mangroves, beautiful coasts, and exotic natural habitats. Its gorgeous 17-mile stretch of waterfront is only accessible from Cape Coral and by boat. Also, it comes with various fishing spots and beautiful kayaking sites. Still, the island has other features. After all, it holds a fascinating, creative, and historical community.


pine island florida

Pine Island Florida


Moreover, Pine Island Florida allows travelers to get in touch with nature. Visitors can look at the great neighborhood’s tropical plants and fruit groves. It’s a quaint, secluded destination dotted by old county cottages and fishing bungalows. Hence, Pine Island is also at the top of our must-visit vacation destinations list.
Furthermore, Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale gets all the hype but turns crowded. Compared to them, Pine Island is an underrated destination in Florida to travel and relax. The site has a warm climate, excellent food, and plenty of fishing spots.
So, if you are looking for a tranquil, secluded place, Pine Island is the destination to escape it all. Read on to learn why Pine Island should be on top of your must-visit places list.




Pine Island Florida


Pine Island Florida managed to keep its rich heritage, unlike other famous destinations. The concerted efforts of the community preserved its natural beauty. Likewise, its charismatic and rhythmic vibes entice travelers from all walks of life.
Moreover, the communities there welcome everyone. The folks accommodate people interested in making it their Florida Spring Break destination. Are you looking for Pine Island Beach? Sorry to say, but there is none. So if you want to dip your toes in the sand, you must go to Cape Coral, Fort Myers, or boat to Cayo Costa.


Where is Pine Island Located?


Pine Island, Florida, is the largest on the Gulf Coast of peninsular Florida. It’s part of Lee County, Southwest Florida. Likewise, it’s minutes away from Cape Coral and Fort Myers, on the Gulf of Mexico coast. The island also has the honor of being the 118th most oversized island in the U.S.
pine island florida

style=”border: 2px solid #000;”An overview of the site.


The place is also around a 90-minute drive from another the beaten path area – Naples, FL. Since this part of Florida evokes a Florida of the past, the site is usually called “Old Florida.” Traveling to the island from Orlando would be about a 4-hour drive. A car ride from Palm Beach, Tampa Bay, or Fort Lauderdale would take about 3 hours. You may need the patience to get there.


How To Get To Pine Island?


To get to Pine Island, you will be driving over the Matlacha Bridge. It is worth noting that this is the only way to access the island if you don’t have a boat. Also, this 90-year-old bridge is a historic landmark. Its construction made the island more accessible to visitors. Hence, more than fishers and farmers can now access the area.
Also known as “the Fishingest Bridge,” visitors can walk on either side of it. Also, Matlacha Bridge is an excellent spot for those who want to catch some fish.


What To See and Do at Pine Island?


Despite the absence of a Pine Island beach to play on the sand, you still have a lot for exploration:


1. Explore The Iconic Pine Island Aquatic Preserve


Whether you want to kayak, camp, or wade around, there’s the iconic Pine Island Aquatic Preserve. Many travelers see it as an excellent spot for adventures. With a remarkable stretch of protected waters, vacationers can visit them for paddling. Likewise, the site has many nearby campsites. They are where guests can camp with their families.


pine island florida

View of the boardwalk

Exploring Pine Island already provides a fair amount of thrills. Still, tourists can spice things up by renting a pontoon boat or cruise. We hired Captain Jack, a popular local tour guide, during our visit. Couples and honeymooners often hire them for fishing and romantic sunset boat trips.
Moreover, while at the Pine Island Aquatic Preserve, travelers check out fascinating sights. After all, the reserve has fluttering birds and other native creatures. With gorgeous nature views and water-based activities, this place is worth exploring.

2. Enjoy Pine Island Kayaking

Pine Island kayaking is one of the most enthralling activities. Matlacha Island especially has some excellent kayak spots where the water is shallow. Enjoy your kayak excursion by floating through mangrove creeks. It’s where jacks and snook can welcome you. Moreso, you may witness colorful birds. After all, frequenting the reserve are roseate spoonbill, ducks, and herons. They gather up and soar through the skies near Little Pine Key. So Pine Island is a terrific place to go if you’re looking for peace, superb fishing, and a beautiful natural setting. Try to travel by kayak here to experience serenity.


Florida Kayaking

Pine Island Kayaking

Moreover, you will also appreciate the Great Calusa Blueway. It winds east of Matlacha Pass through places like Mud Hole and Big Dead Creek. People often tout Boca Grande on Gasparilla as the tarpon capital of the world. Yet Cape Coral and the Gulf of Mexico near Pine Island have everything. They produce amberjacks, redfish, Spanish mackerel, grouper, and kings.
Furthermore, visitors can rent a boat from Viking Marina and Olde Fish House Marina. There are also bait and tackle shops that offer all the fishing equipment.


3. Explore Amazing Matlacha Art Galleries


You must try Matlacha’s creative galleries in Pine Island Florida, and if you love art. Also, there’s a lot to discover, and they are within walking distance. Six art galleries adorn this island, and they include:


  • Island Visions (for Delightful Floridian paintings and prints)
  • Frills (showcasing bead and craft jewelry)
  • Bert’s Pine Bay Gallery
  • Trader’s Hitching Post (featuring Native American art and jewelry)
  • Lovegrove Gallery and Gardens (an extensive range of eccentric pieces)
  • WildChild Art Gallery (featuring whimsical, sea and wildlife motives, and beach scenes)
Matlacha Art

Matlacha Art

Art enthusiasts and collectors from across the world travel to Matlacha Island. They join the annual Pine Island Art Festival that happens in February. Other than that, other travelers and Spring Breakers flock to Pine Island too. They visit the place to witness the yearly Mullet Toss Championship.


4. Enjoy Fishing


It’s fine when there’s no Pine Island beach. You can still enjoy fishing. After all, the site has a lot of fish species. Catching tarpon, sea trout, redfish, snook, and more is possible. Still, fishing at Pine Island is an industry and is a big business. Vacationers fish with guides from the bridge and kayaks. On the island, you are likely to encounter fewer experts ready to take you on your fishing tour.


Sunshine State Fishing


Yet, if you are not interested in hiring a local fishing guide, you can look for other options too. For instance, Pine Island kayaking is a popular activity for angling. Still, although kayak rentals are available, you can bring your kayak if you have one.
Moreover, the fishing season at Pine Island is active year-round. But the best time to fish runs from October to May. If you are there in June, you may join or witness the world’s richest tarpon fishing tarpon tournament.


5. Discover The Calusa Heritage Trail


This route is necessary for our top things to see and do in Pine Island Florida. The Calusa Heritage Trail is a one-mile nature trail. It’s what can take travelers through an inspirational journey. This pathway educates visitors about Florida’s fascinating history. It reveals everything: from Native American culture to the archaeological sites around it.


Calusa Heritage Trail

Calusa Heritage Trail

More than Pine Island kayaking and other activities, this trail has different offers. Besides the calming walk, people decorated the trail with signposts. It means you don’t have to hire a guide once you’re there. So, grab your backpack, get on the path, and study about Florida’s First Nation.


Video Credit: @Florida4Kchannel

6. Enjoy Authentic and Presentable Seafood at Tarpon Lodge


Even though Tarpon Lodge at Pine Island is a hotel, the site houses one of the excellent restaurants in the area. It is a beautiful site, and we couldn’t resist including it here. The veritable four-star sensation has excellent customer reviews. So making a reservation ahead of time is a must.


Florida Culinary

Key Lime Pie



Tarpon Lodge serves charming fresh seafood, scallops, and fish. The owners are very welcoming and always ready to recommend culinary delights. This site will take your meal to new heights. Also, remember to order a slice of their delicious Key Lime Pie before leaving. It isn’t one of the top activities in Pine Island, but it will give your tastebuds a good time.
Still, while it is famous for having one of the finest restaurants, Tarpon Lodge is also a top-level hotel. It has cozy and accessible rooms. So, visiting Tarpon Lodge is worth it. It’s whether you want to enjoy luxury and rest or gastronomic delights.


7. Go To Pineland Marina


The famous Pineland Marina is the next sensation on our list. You don’t have to afford or rent a yacht for this adventure. After all, you can still enjoy sipping a cocktail while watching the boats go by. Yet, if you can rent a yacht, we recommend experiencing one of their six scheduled trips.



Pineland Marina Pine Island

Pineland Marina Pine Island



The boats here accommodate 16 to 49 passengers at once. It means you can invite your family and friends on your voyage. Also, there isn’t an issue if there is no Pine Island beach. The Island Girl Charters offers entertaining activities for leisure. So you can try shelling, dolphin watching, birding trips, and more.

8. The Bokeelia Community


Bokeelia, near Pine Island, Florida, is an unincorporated community. It is home to many mobile homes and fine restaurants on the fishing docks. Also, folks consider it famous for its acres of beautiful palm trees. Visitors appreciate its laid-back small-town atmosphere. Hence, exploring Bokeelia is an exciting activity.
Beyond the delightful local art, fishing charters are also popular among visitors. You can also discover Gasparilla Island State Park. It has sprawling trails, galleries, and gardens. Still, you can head to Englewood Beach in Bokeelia without a Pine Island beach. It’s where you can enjoy sunbathing.


9. Visit Rendell Research Center


The Rendell Research Center in Bokeelia is where you will want to spend some time. Go here if you are a fishing enthusiast. It operates under the Florida Museum and Natural History supervision. The place allows visitors to learn about the inhabitants of the estuary. These people fished there thousands of years ago.
The research center is a great place to get some history and appreciate the surroundings. So it is an excellent place to visit for many reasons. Some try a self-guided walk through the trail. Travelers do sightseeing to learn about the area’s extensive history. Thus, it provides exciting and meaningful experiences.


10. The Mango Factory


Do you love juicy mangoes? If you have answered yes, brace yourself for the Mango Factory in Pine Island Florida. As the name suggests, this place has a simple purpose. It’s to sell fresh, delicious, fresh, and juicy mangoes. Also, the best part is that it’s in Bokeelia.
Besides offering the freshest and juiciest fruits, it’s also great for snapshots. Whether you adore or appreciate the drupes, the Mango Factory is there for you.


To Finish Off


So, that’s all about Pine Island Florida. While there is no Pine Island Beach there, the place still offers plenty for vacationers. There’s Pine Island kayaking, unique local art, and the finest restaurants. Also, fantastic nature trails and fishing spots are available. Hence, Pine Island has something for everyone. We hope our guide helped you plan a perfect family trip.
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If you have more ideas to contribute, please leave us your comments. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in our next posts.


What is the climate like on Pine Island?

The summer here is long, warm, humid, and cloudy. During the hot days, the average temperature is about 90.7°F or 32.6°C. So, from June to September, there may be crowds. It gets windy, freezes, and snows in wintertime. In the late months, it can reach 53.6°F or 12°C. Still, folks from the North move to the south to get some warmth.

How did Pine Island get its name?

Before, it was a dense and forested place filled with pines.

Are there alligators on Pine Island?

Visitors may see American alligators taking a casual stroll. The place is ideal for them since it’s where they can feed on accessible prey.

Is Pine Florida the hometown of the founders of the Florida State Fair?

Yes, Pine Florida is the hometown of one of the founders of the Florida State Fair. In 1904, a group of agricultural leaders, including the prominent Pine Florida farmer and businessman E. P. Porcher, came together to create the South Florida Fair, which eventually evolved into the Florida State Fair. While other factors contributed to the creation of the fair, the agricultural expertise and influence of Pine Florida residents like Porcher were essential to its success.

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