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Things to Do in Central Florida for FREE


Are you researching the things to do in central Florida for Free? The entrance fees to theme parks and famous attractions are often exorbitant. But many people find Florida’s many free and inexpensive alternatives much more fun.
In this crazy state, there is so much to explore and experience. There are different ways to achieve it on a strict budget.

It’s a good idea to call ahead if you’re going out. Schedules change due to the pandemic and weather, and other conditions. Besides, many locations have limited hours of operation and need reservations.

The details below offer year-round enjoyable and entertaining events and experiences. And all these elements are free, so you don’t have to spend any money. Yet, please note that many FREE places do have paid items and services, which are optional.


things to do in central florida for free

Beautiful beach in Central Florida

20 Things to Do In Central Florida For Free


Below are the 20 best free things you can do in central Florida. Bring the family along and have a good time.

1. Movies in Orlando

Orlando has several outdoor cinemas and for a good reason. Nothing is better than gathering with friends and family to enjoy a movie on a giant screen outside. If you do it on a pleasant summer night, it’s even more entertaining. Grab some popcorn and blankets for a memorable and peaceful night in Orlando. You can cuddle up out beneath the stars, thanks to it.

Please review each online before going because some movie activities are seasonal. Moreover, reservations can occur in advance, and times are still likely to modification.

Check out this link for some possible movies. <Outdoor Movies>. Your local television station, such as Fox35 News, may also provide more listings.

2.  Outdoor Markets


Outdoor markets abound and provide plenty of things to do in central Florida for free. The simplest method to learn about a town’s past is to go to a farmers’ market. You may help artisans and manufacturers by going there. And if you don’t buy it, it’s a beautiful place to try new things, enjoy the sunshine, and even catch some live music. The majority of outdoor markets are also. Winter Park on Saturday mornings and downtown Orlando on Sundays are fabulous. They are two of our favorite outdoor markets.

3.  Winter Park Farmers’ Market

The Winter Park Farmers’ Market building has distinctive designs and architectural significance. Hence, it is one of the region’s most popular tourist destinations. It has the famous Saturday Farmer’s Market. Moreover, the former train depot’s brick walls and wood sliding glass doors are unique.

The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival is famous too. It’s one of the country’s oldest and biggest outdoor art events. Also, it shuts the market each third Saturday in March. Thus, if you’re in town, it’s worth a look, and it’s cheap.

4.  Disney Springs

Folks appreciate going to Disney Springs, known as Downtown Disney. It’s a lakeside shopping, dining, and entertainment complex. The vibrant outdoor environment can enjoy without spending any money. Parking is also accessible and is challenging to come by in Orlando. The Lego Store also provides a wonderland of blocks. It’s where kids and adults can lose themselves for hours. Moreover, you won’t take part!

Enjoy Disney Springs as one of the things to do in Central Florida for free. But you might also enjoy dining at one of the many choice restaurants while you are there.

5.  Cornell Fine Arts Museum

The Cornell Fine Arts Museum houses works of art that are both original and controversial. It is also worth visiting and is located on the Rollins College campus in Winter Park. To be specific, it’s a must-see for art lovers visiting Orlando. The museum hosts a diverse permanent collection of items. It also offers rotating exhibits and continuing programs. Its donors and members are very generous. They made all museum visits, classes, and activities accessible all year.

An exclusive curriculum gallery encourages the child’s imagination and thinking abilities too. The place makes kids enjoy hands-on experiences. The museum is among the things to do in central Florida for free. Yet the Museum Shop sells various objects. The spot has books on creators and titles written by the organization.

You can check out the VisitFlorida site for updates.

6.  Celebration Town Center

A New Year’s Eve tradition! Downtown Celebration Town Center offers the best variety of traditional stores and boutiques. The area has a commercial area with plenty for everybody in the family. When strolling down Celebration Town Center’s brick-lined streets, spend time with loved ones.

Disney built this “dream area” with neon houses and white picket fences. Many visitors come to see the beautiful scenery and stroll around the shore. Self-guided exploration of Celebration Town Center is a perfect way to get to know the place. Thus, it is the town’s entertainment center. After all, it comes with various activities held during the year.

7.  Wekiva Island

Wekiva Island is an eco-friendly location in Longwood, Florida. The area offers boat, kayak, and surfboard rentals along the scenic Wekiva River. Spend the day there relaxing in Adirondack chairs and playing tennis. It’s also where you can soak in the refreshing waters and enjoy live music. Moreover, admission is accessible throughout the week, and the fee is a dollar on weekends.

wekiva island

The indoor section is closed due to COVID, but the outside bar is accessible to everyone. On Saturday nights, listen to fantastic music performed by local musicians. Don’t hesitate to stop by the General Store. The place has many things to take home, including jewelry.

8.  Hollywood Beach

Hollywood Beach is lively. It’s a bold mix of vintage Floridian design with cutting-edge hotel and dining themes. Also, it’s ideal for even the most discerning tourist. The place has an extensive Boardwalk. Still, it has engaging events on the water and sand that highlight Hollywood Beach. The path is a relaxing place to take in the sounds of the ocean, the new Atlantic air, and the mild climate all year.

It would be best to rent a pontoon boat or go on a fishing excursion to have fun on the beach. Special activities and festivities take place on Hollywood Beach. One of the world’s most extended holiday light parades returns to the Boardwalk in December. They return for the Candy Cane Float.

9.  Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is well-known for its beautiful, rocky, sandy beaches. It’s only 23 miles to the coast. Likewise, it’s where tourists can run, rest, or ride their bikes. Moreover, all travelers and tastes will enjoy various fun events in the area.

Golf could be the perfect spot for getting away from the crowds, and Daytona Beach is a golfing hole-in-one. Almost 20 golf courses are available in the region. Moreover, it has a range of acclaimed layouts. World-class architects designed these structures. The Daytona Beach Bandshell offers free live music. It’s at the north end of the Beachfront entertainment complex.

10.  Nightlife in Orlando

Orlando’s nightlife is not only distinct and exciting. Additionally, it is packed full of value. Many free options are available for those who wish to see the area uniquely! Here’s how to unwind for free in Orlando after a long day of sightseeing. There are several free nightlife choices. For example, Pointe Orlando is a full-service restaurant, nightlife, and retail complex. It’s set off from Beach Road as an easy entertainment and recreational center.

Please take a look at the VisitOrlando website for details.

Things to do in central florida for free

Orlando, Day or Night

11.  Ocala National Forest

The Ocala Woods is a one-of-a-kind and remarkable ecosystem. It’s a place that offers a constant regrowing habitat. For family camping, mild winters are lovely. Several outdoor opportunities in the forest are only accompanied by water. Excellent springs are available for water skiing, winding water streams, and lakes. Unsurprisingly, the Ocala National Forest is a frequented national forest in the United States. Any leisure activities ought to be passed or allowed.

On the Ocala River, camping is available all year. Visitors are welcome to remain in most campsites for 14 days. Sometimes people stay longer, depending on the season. But, any camps are first-come, first-service.

12. Hiking in the Tibet-Butler Nature

Tibet-Butler Preserve provides a respite from the dense urban sprawl. It’s due to its large, scenic nature center and well-kept trails. There are lovely artistic walks perfect for families who wish to bring their children outside. After all, it’s where people can listen to a barred owl hoot. One of our favorite aspects is the terrain, which is more than going into the forests.

The site has forested meadows, wetlands, and a fantastic pool. You can stop by the conservation center before you go camping. This will provide data on wetlands, biodiversity, and what’s new on the trail system.

13. Kraft Azalea Garden

Kraft Azalea Garden, located off the beaten track, is the kind of public space. The average tourist to Central Florida might not know it. Go for a quiet walk in the scenic Kraft Azalea to escape the hustle and bustle.

A small parking lot is nearby, so you won’t have to park in the nearby homes. It’s also free to enter, like anything else on this list. So why come here to enjoy the lake views while relaxing in the shade of cypress trees?

Please take a look at the City of Winter Park website for details.

14.  Sunset Celebration

Yes, we know, Key West is not in central Florida. But we included it to highlight the absolute beauty of Florida sunsets from anywhere along the coast.

The sunsets in Florida are beautiful, and residents in two Florida counties believe that causes enough to rejoice! Any night, a couple of hours before sunset, the crowds assemble. The mood is upbeat here. After all, there are live bands performing and artisans selling their wares. Also, creative artists draw portraits, and performers entertain the masses.

When dusk falls, everybody appears to take a moment to stop for a while. People appreciate Mother Nature’s show-stopping spectacle. When the dark comes, the band then starts as if on cue. Sunset Celebrations are held at Mallory Dock in Key West. Many people witness the radiant pink and the red sun disappearing into the Gulf of Mexico horizon. This happens at the Key West Sunset Celebration. And it is free of cost.

15.  Wine Tasting and Vineyard Tour

Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards in Clermont provides free tours and wine tastings six days a week. Guides begin each quarter with a 15-minute video presentation. The exhibit demonstrates the growth of Florida grapes via the fermentation cycle.

The tour includes a stop at the processing plants. It also has a beautiful sight of the vineyards where people cultivate and process the grapes. Tastings occur at a vast sampling counter, where various award-winning wines are available. The guide and whiskey tasting takes about 30 minutes to finish. Moreover, the vineyard holds a free summer concert series of live bands during July.

16.  Town of Murals


Over 40 murals beautify buildings in the downtown area of Lake Placid, known as the Town of Murals. It is the beginning, as there are surprises around every corner in this small town. Small parks and green areas are peppered with benches. These areas are ideal for relaxing and taking in the scenery. There are also one-of-a-kind carved trash cans downtown. A steam locomotive rests on its wheels and a larger-than-life turpentine bottle. Also, there are those with a prison design and lovely butterflies. These are only a couple of imaginative trash cans available.

17.  Holocaust Memorial

This aspect of our trip to central Florida is also worth highlighting. It’s due to the rich history and profound influence that visitors may find.

It is in Maitland and devoted to the memory of the six million Jewish Holocaust victims. The monument is a remarkable edifice. It’s built of bright Jerusalem stone and black granite. Also, it features a message that tells a tragic story. Before visiting, groups of ten or more must make a reservation.

It’s a fascinating display with many vintage pieces. It also functions as a self-guided audio podcast on the Holocaust. The Florida Holocaust Museum also operates cultural outreach projects. It’s to raise human rights concerns.

18. The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary 

Another “not in central Florida” favorite is the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. It celebrates the marine life of the entire state, thereby earning its listing here.

The shallow nearshore waters feature interconnected underwater ecosystems. It includes fringing mangroves and is best known for its coral reefs. Divers, snorkelers, and paddleboarders will admire the National Marine Sanctuary. Visitors don’t have to pay admission, so load up your paddle or kayak and get paddled.

19.  CityArts


Believe it or not, Orlando has a thriving and ever-expanding arts and entertainment scene. You can understand the local art scene at CityArts, a gallery group in the Downtown Arts District. Moreover, entering and opening from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. is free. Furthermore, it is a must-see for art enthusiasts visiting Orlando. After all, it has many galleries and fascinating exhibits and activities.

20.  Safari Wilderness


Take a ride to Safari Wilderness in Lakeland for an unforgettable nature experience. Safari Wilderness is different from the usual safari excursion. They restrict the number of tourists at a time. This privilege allows people to admire the hundreds of endangered species inhabiting the region. It’s enjoyable without having to queue or deal with distracting crowds. For our family, it would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you will not want to skip.


Central Florida offers many free activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. There’s something for everyone in this beautiful region. It provides outdoor recreation and scenic nature trails. Likewise, it has cultural events and historical landmarks. Appreciate the various free options in Central Florida, whether you’re a local or a visitor. After all, it’s a great way to experience the area on a budget.

So, don’t let a limited budget stop you from experiencing the best of what Central Florida offers! Enjoy the various free activities and attractions provided, and get out and explore this beautiful region today. Our top picks include visiting local farmers’ markets and enjoying picturesque nature paths at state parks. We also recommend attending cultural events such as outdoor concerts and festivals. So get out there and discover all the fantastic free things to do in Central Florida!


What makes Central Florida worthwhile?

The area features long stretches of lush forests, various flora, healthy ecosystems, and scattered lake views. Hundreds of parks, preserves, and ecological sanctuaries may be found across Central Florida, paving the way for this region as a top outdoor adventure magnet.     Another major lure to Central Florida is the abundance of water; we’re not just talking about the ocean. The area also has thousands of dazzling lakes and natural springs and many pristine lake chains.

Can you describe Central Florida's cultural and historical features?

The Orlando Metropolitan Area and its neighbors have a vibrant arts and entertainment scene. It also boasts a rich history and heritage and several tourism choices. Visitors may explore historic sites, attend cultural events, and learn about the region’s remarkable record at museums and cultural centers.

Are there alligators in Central Florida?

In Central Florida, alligators are prevalent. Alligators are widespread in the southeastern United States. It’s where they stay in various bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, and swamps. Alligators are widespread in Central Florida. Yet they usually are timid and would avoid human contact if given a chance. Besides, alligators may turn violent if they feel unsafe. So use caution while approaching bodies of water. When exploring Central Florida’s natural regions, travelers must be careful. They must always be conscious of their surroundings and observe prescribed safety standards.

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