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So, is all of Florida flat? Is there a mountain in Florida? Find out where the tallest hill in Florida is.. We’ll talk about everything you want to know about the topography of the Sunshine State!


Have you ever heard about high points? No, they are not a type of dog. They want to visit every state and climb its highest natural peak. In 1987, Jack Longacre founded the Highpointers Club to honor task-finishers.


The Highpointers Club has over 2,500 members from all 50 states and other nations. These folks seek the highest natural point in each US state. They even flock to places like Florida, considered the flattest state in the country.


To join The HighPointers Group, you should know a few things first. You should know where the highest point in Florida is and what animals live there.


Keep reading to be surprised as we find out more about Florida’s highest elevation points and what sort of wildlife you can expect around them.   You can read on to learn about the highest places in Florida and the animals that live there.

Is Florida All Flat?


People think of Florida as having a lot of animals, beautiful beaches, and friendly people. But they rarely talk about the state’s geography. For instance, is Florida all flat? Or does Florida have mountains?

Flat but Beautiful Florida

Flat but Beautiful Florida


Florida is flat and has the nation’s highest and lowest points. Florida is the most balanced state despite its north and center hills and slopes. Florida’s seacoast, rivers, bays, and Everglades are flat.


Yet, it is a sizable and appealing territory. That is because it is home to a wide variety of ecosystems. The state has wetlands, woodland, marsh, swamps, rivers, lakes, beaches, and more. Yet, one thing you will need help to discover here is the mountains. But there are some beautiful hills with stunning wildlife.

Where is Florida’s Highest Point?


You can only be a highpoint or professional climber if you know about Britton Hill in Florida. Britton Hill, Florida’s highest peak and the US’s lowest, is 345 feet above sea level. The summit is easy to climb, and even your grandpa can get to the top without sweat.

Florida's Highest Elevation

Highlights of Florida’s Highest Elevation – Britton Hill


Anywhere you are likely higher in altitude than Britton Hill. So, the question is, why should you visit this area?


First, it’s a must-see for tens of thousands of expert climbers across the globe. It’s also a good place for people new to high-pointing. After all, it’s where people can join the 490 people who have reached the highest point in each of the lower 48 states.


Britton Hill is a special place in the US and the highest point in Florida. It has a small forest that feels more like Michigan than Florida. While it is in Florida, Britton Hill is so far west in the panhandle that the area falls in the Central time zone.

How Do You Think I Could Get to Britton Hill?


The peak is in Lakewood Park in northern Walton County, near Lakewood town and County Road 285. Here, you can see an information board, a monument, and trails. Take I-10 to route 331 south of De Funiak Springs to reach Britton Hill.  


About 20 miles on 331 North, you will see a sign indicating Florida’s highest point. It would help if you drove about 3 miles from there until you reached the parking lot. The park is off the N County Highway 285, whereas the summit is two-thirds a mile before the Alabama state line.  


A steep before the park features a sign pointing to the highpoint parking area. Park at the trailhead and walk a few yards until you see a big stone sign pointing to Florida’s highest spot. If you like to hike, a natural trail past the high point is a great place.  


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What Wildlife Live Near Britton Hill?


Although located near the Alabama state line, Britton Hill is a part of Walton County. Since the county has borders with the Gulf of Mexico, the area has abundant wildlife. So, after you land on Florida’s highest point, you can plan to explore the beautiful wilderness in the area.


Little Blue Heron Enjoying Rain

Little Blue Heron Enjoying Rain


Some beautiful wildlife that you can expect in the Britton Hill area include:

Mammals Living Nears Florida’s Highest Elevation


These furry friends include North American river otters, bats, muskrats, and American minks. Still, there are more than bobcats, white-tailed deer, and armadillos. Walton County also has a beautiful coastline with many water-loving animals. A few of these are blue whales, sperm whales, bottlenose dolphins, and pygmy killer whales.

Bird Species near Florida’s Highest Point


Walton County is home to more than 270 different kinds of birds, so you are sure to see flocks of colorful birds. Surf scoters, painted buntings, leach’s storm petrels, and sooty shearwaters are common.


There are also a lot of more excellent yellow-legs, white pelicans, snowy egrets, and purple finches. Further, there are a lot of green-winged teals, owls, and peregrine falcons.

Fish Species near Florida’s Highest Elevation Waters


As one might expect, Walton County’s sitting on the ocean means the area is also home to diverse fish species. It is home to more than 70 kinds of fish. The site is home to big barracudas, lane snappers, catfish, and stargazers. Silver perches, mackerels, Gulf flounders, and bluegills also live there.


Other beautiful species, like amphibians and reptiles, live around Britton Hill. Since Florida is mild and wet, almost all 50 amphibians live there.


American crocodiles also love Florida. After all, Walton County has more than 70 kinds of reptiles. Loggerhead musk turtles, coal snakes, and slim glass lizards live there. Other dwellers there are the Eastern copperheads, gopher tortoises, and more.

Other Highest Points in Florida


Britton Hill is Florida’s highest elevation. But there are a few other high points with great views:

1. Oak Hill

Volusia County, FL

Elevation: 331 Feet (101 m)


Oak Hill, in Volusia County, is Florida’s second-highest height at 101 meters. Near supermarkets and retail areas are charming Oak Hill City.

Also, if you’re looking for a quiet and secluded place to spend time in Florida, Oak Hilltown is great. It has a friendly and welcoming community. Also, trees encircle typical tin-roofed Florida homes, relaxing the drive to town.


River Breeze Park has a boat ramp and angling beside Oak Hill. The Oak Hill Flea Market and old riverside restaurants may also interest you.

2. High Hill

Washington County

Elevation: 323 Feet (98.5 m)


High Hill, with an elevation of 98.5 meters, is the third-highest point in the Sunshine State. High Hill is the nearest peak to Oak Hill, three miles north of Wausau and four miles east of Vernon. You can enjoy outdoor sports by driving to Washington County Road 278.


Take a day off, pack your camping gear, and spend a night under Florida’s stars at Kahuna’s Kampground.

3. Falling Waters Hill


Washington County

Elevation: 322 Feet (98.14 m)


Situated in the Falling Waters State Park, it is Florida’s highest waterfall. The area is also the only place in the state where you can see a majestic 70-foot-tall waterfall. At 322 feet, Falling Waters Hill is Florida’s fourth-highest point. Flowing Waters Hill is three miles south of Chipley in Washington County.


Outdoor enthusiasts love its giant trees and fern-covered sinkholes. Travelers can do lots there. Campfire groups are popular in the area.   Also, the 171-acre Falling Water State Park has 24 sites. All provide essentials, like water, electricity, and a clothesline. Relax in the sun, eat at a picnic table, or walk one of the park’s natural paths to see the local wildlife.

Does Florida Have Mountains?

Florida’s highest elevation is remarkable. But, as we have mentioned earlier, the Sunshine State has everything but mountains. Yet, the Sunshine State boasts many beautiful hilly areas with abundant wildlife. A few of Florida’s stunning hilly regions include:  


Beautiful Hills of Ocala


Ocala is one of the prettiest hilly areas in the Sunshine State. The sprawling and rolling hills give its terrain unique curves and contours. Ocala is also known for its horse community. Many people there are proud to have bred thoroughbreds that have gone on to run in the Kentucky Derby.  


Horse farms dot the picturesque hills with riding arenas and stables. Also, fascinating Ocala’s streets house Victorian-style homes, custom homes, and beautiful cottages.  


Lake Wales Ridge


Lake Wales Ridge is another lovely hilly Florida area that feels like old Florida. Hikers and campers love the site for its scenic paths and peaceful accommodations. Flowers, trees, and wildlife abound here.  


In particular, there has been a lot of growth in the area around the US 27 corridor. Thus, spring rains sprout new communities like mushrooms.  


The Region around Tallahassee


Tallahassee, the state capital, has beautiful oceanfront hills. Hills, woods, and beaches are nearby due to their proximity to state parks and Georgia.  


Florida’s Lowest Elevation


We’ve talked a lot about Florida’s highest point. But where is the state’s highest point that is also the lowest point?  


At 0 feet above sea level, the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico are the lowest points in Florida. In the center of the state of Florida, there are many places where the ground is dug down far below sea level. Yet, you’re likely to land at the lowest of a phosphate mine if you’re a miner. This idea means that when you’re at one of Florida’s beaches, you’re already at the lowest point in the state.

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Find Britton Hill, Florida’s Highest Elevation


Florida is the only balanced state in a world of mountains and hills. But please don’t worry about that fool you. This one-of-a-kind feature has led to some of the most beautiful natural sights in the country. There is beauty in the simplest of things. Florida’s scenery, from crystal-clear springs to vast swamps, is a perfect example. Britton Hill, which is only 345 feet above sea level, isn’t the highest point in America, but it has its charm. So take a break from your busy life and visit Florida to see what it offers. There’s something for everyone here, whether you want to try something new or take it easy. Take advantage of this hidden gem. Start planning your trip today and discover what makes the Sunshine State shine.  


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How high is Britton Hill in comparison to the rest of Florida?

Britton Hill is the highest natural peak in Florida. It is 345 feet above sea level. Even though most people think this part of Florida is flat, the view from this summit is impressive.

Is it true that a meteorite made Britton Hill?

On the other hand, natural geological processes, such as weathering, made Britton Hill. There are many ideas about where it came from, but none involve a meteor hitting it.

How far does the top of Britton Hill go in all directions?

Even though the view from the top is stunning, it doesn’t show all of Florida. But tourists can see the state from a different point of view and see the landscape in a new way.

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