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See The Fall Colors In Florida

Fall Colors in Florida

Fall Colors in Florida

The fall season in Florida happens too. Although it’s one of the warmer states in the US, the place experiences autumn. From September to October, rains often come, and it isn’t that warm anymore.
Since it begins to turn cool, beautiful shades of foliage start to emerge. Due to low humidity, places in the state become dry, and the sky loses its clouds or turns clear.Yet there is still some sunlight for outdoor activities. It’s when shrubs or trees go dormant and change the color of their leaves before they lose them in the winter. Hence, it’s a regular occurrence and one that many even enjoy.

The Sunshine State gets a little colder during autumn, and changes occur. Yet local and even international tourists come to visit Florida for fresh adventures. After all, during this time, people hold seasonal festivities and holidays.

But, travelers often pick spots to see autumn foliage and everything related to it. This post will mention some of the best locations to see fall colors in Florida. Some of these spots are the most peaceful ones in the Sunshine State too. So stick around to find out which areas to visit next.


Things To Expect During Fall Season In Florida


When does fall start in Florida? Many say that the autumn season happens from September to October. Some insist that it’s from October to November. What’s sure is that it takes place before wintertime.

Before the freezing temperatures come, the leaves start to change their colors. Some even fall off the branches. This is natural since plants adapt to climate and weather changes.

So, gorgeous foliage surfaces due to daylight and other changes in the said months.

fall season in Florida

Beautiful fall afternoon in the park


When the time comes, deciduous trees don’t make as much food as they used to anymore. They stop making chlorophyll and often turn from green to other hues. Leaves turn yellow, orange, red, and sometimes purple, depending on the plants.

Campgrounds and other locations then have more than exciting leaves to see. These places get refreshing air and a cool breeze. Animals get busy migrating or storing food before low temperatures come.

The surface of the bodies of water becomes cooler. They transform into spots for fun watersports and relaxing activities. With less sunlight as it transitions from summer to winter, days turn shorter too. So visitors of the state get more than fall colors in Florida.


Places To Appreciate The Fall Season In Florida


People ask, “When does fall start in Florida?” to figure out when they will go to the Sunshine state. But many often forget to research the best places to visit. Look for excellent spots before traveling for practicality.

Doing so will allow you to reach destinations with the most worthwhile attractions. It can also let you witness the fall colors in Florida. So try to find out which natural hotspots in Florida are worthy of your time and effort.


Due to various environmental conditions in Florida, many evergreen and deciduous trees thrive. A lot of them respond to autumn months by transforming their leaf colors. Below are a few locations where to see fall foliage.

These spots are usually open to all travelers at various points in the state. They are not only for viewing but to accommodate activities. Thus, they are also some of the most recommended tourist destinations.


Also spelled as Suwannee River, many travelers visit it for many reasons. For one, folks appreciate its fall colors in Florida. It’s where groups of cypress, birch, and red maple trees are throughout the waterway.

After all, the forest wetlands come with plenty of water-loving shrubs. This slow-moving or blackwater river provides natural, relaxing views. It extends from the south of Georgia state and empties into the Gulf of Mexico.

fall season in Florida

Setting Sun on the Suwanee River


Surrounding it are spots where guests can take a walk or ride a boat to feel the fall season in Florida. So it’s one of the best locations to try to experience the autumn of the Sunshine State.


The truth is that travelers get to see more than forests of deciduous trees on this river. More than purple ampelaster, yellow nodding beggarticks, and red cardinal flowers are there.

About 170 miles of water offer designated paddling and swimming spots for leisure. Also, throughout journeys, tourists may encounter birds, gators, dolphins, manatees, and other creatures. So this stream provides some of the best scenic views in autumn and other forms of recreation.


Lake City


Awesome for nature lovers; this part of Columbia County has been the gateway to the Sunshine state for a long time. It’s only because it’s close to the junction of I-75 and I-10. During the fall season in Florida, its heritage trees give rise to stunning views.

These thick and tall clusters of shrubs or trees make the place cold. Examples are magnolia, maple, tupelo, white ash, aspen, willow, and cottonwood. The city remains sunny with the autumn winds but can be quite chilly.

So it’s fit for sightseeing and experiencing pleasant temperatures simultaneously.


Other than giving the fall colors in Florida, it’s where fishing reservoirs are. During October and later months, salmon begin to swim upstream. Also, bass and crappie increase in number because they migrate.

Tourists only need to look for the right spots for angling to catch a few of these. Hence, visiting this location in autumn allows for great sightseeing and fishing experiences.

The foliage is exceptional, and plenty of fish can go around. So it isn’t surprising why many recommend visiting it.




This town in Jackson County is not only rich in history but brimming with foliage. Because of that, it makes for a great place to experience firsthand the fall season in Florida. It has the Three Rivers State Park, where forests surround the converged rivers.

In autumn, the serene Lake Seminole waters reflect colorful hues. With the lush trees, cool winds greet travelers too. Still, due to the fall colors it is best hiking trails in Central Florida, hikers and paddlers enjoy them.

After all, the trees and shrubs give excellent backdrops to memorable photos. So it’s clear why some folks spend their time for recreation in this town.


Hiking on the Three Rivers State Park paths gets people more than scenic views. Forests of towering and lush pines, magnolias, sweetgum, and other trees grow in the area.

It’s awesome in autumn since the leaves of these shrubs turn colorful. Even the shagbark hickory produces bright or golden yellow foliage. Hence, taking the best hiking trails in Central Florida and cruising the lake can be very stimulating in this town.


Flying Eagle Preserve

Situated in Inverness or Citrus County, this sanctuary comes with a lot of forested hills. Scattered forests have a mix of shrubs like maples, cypress, and other trees. In the fall season in Florida, not only does it become eye-catching due to the many hues from the foliage. Migrating animals such as birds turn many, perching on or flying from branches. So this spot delivers some of the best fall colors in Florida.

This park has plenty of campgrounds for travelers to enjoy spending time outdoors. Also, there are trails for walking or running and paths to take when riding a bicycle or horse.

The wooded trail hikes offer opportunities for excellent exercise and photography. That’s because there are miles to cover and plenty of shapes and colors to appreciate.

Amenities that provide comfort and convenience are available throughout the preserve too. Still, visiting this park during autumn gives an immersive and invigorating experience. Thus spending moments in this remote spot is usually great before the year ends.


Why Choose The Fall Season In Florida?


It’s a matter of having convenience and more opportunities to pursue things. When you’d arrive in the Sunshine State a few months before the year closes, you could have a cozier journey.

There’s a gradual heat reduction in the surroundings due to the diminishing sunlight. It gets colder and more pleasant to stay and get to places because of it. Still, wildlife habitats are different when autumn happens.

Creatures, big and small, get busy making preparations for winter. It’s the same for humans, especially farmers, who must be ready for the cold. Thus chances to see and even interact with them become available.

Guests of the state get more than fall colors in Florida when autumn arrives.


In Closing


In having a change of scenery, witnessing the fall season in Florida is worth it. The Sunshine State offers lush shrubs outdoors and is perfect for immersion. When the forest leaves change, they also give scenic fall colors in Florida for the snapshots.

Still, the foliage shows it’s time once more for a cool environment to surface. Thus visiting the state from October to mid-November is quite sensible. Doing so allows for an eye-catching and also pleasant nature trip.

Only picking a good place or several ones to visit comes first.


Have you had the chance to visit one of the spots mentioned before or during the fall? What did you do when you went there? Share your thoughts about the fall season in Florida and the ideas shared here.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you can visit the Sunshine State in autumn.


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