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Featuring the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, the sunshine state has hundreds of miles of beaches offering some of the best spots to surf in Florida.

Striking 1,350 miles of pristine coastline along the shores and providing ample activities, Florida attracts a vast number of outdoor lovers from around the world. All thanks to its East Coast and some other places along the gulf, the sunshine state has produced the likes of Kelly Slater, the greatest ever surfer who ever lived.


surf in florida

Professional Surfing the wave


Although the state has groomed the sports’ finest who earned spots on the elite world tour, it is not as famous for surfing as other places like Hawaii, Southern California, and Australia. However, the diversity of waves on the East Coast and along the gulf can provide an unforgettable surfing experience.


Moreover, the less intimidating waves, endless sunshine, and consistent swells make surfing in Florida an easy and perfect water activity for beach goers and surfers of any skill level.


In this article, we will talk about where to surf in Florida, the best spots for surfing in Florida, and all you want to know about Florida surfing.



Tips for Beginners to Surf in Florida


Remember that it’s never too late or too soon to start surfing. Surfing is also one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors and stay active and healthy. However, it is not as easy as grabbing a board and ripping the water like Kelly Slater.


surf in florida

Joyful young woman beginner surfer


So, if you want to learn surfing or are an inexperienced surfer, keep these tips in mind:


  • Get the Right Surfboard


Choosing the surfboard according to your experience level is critical in safely surfing in Florida. As a beginner, select the correct size that you can easily handle. Not only will it help you progress faster but also you will be able to control it easily.


surf in florida

Surfboard variety


  • Be Patient and Practice More


Before you start surfing, make sure not to get frustrated. It is fun to sit on your board and admire the beauty of the ocean. However, if you are not having fun, take a break. After all, you do not want to get frustrated and never return to the water again.


surf in florida

Surfing in Surf arena


Professional surfers believe that surfing is not easy and can take considerable time to develop surfing skills needed to read the weather, understand wave patterns, and perform certain moves. So, keep in mind that surfing is all about “try try again,” and adopting this mentality is the only way to be a good surfer.


  • Know Your Limits


While surfing in Florida, it is essential to know your limits. Often, you will have a quick look at the waves and think they are pretty small and calm. However, they can become heavier than you feel when out there. While many believe that large waves are hazardous, even small ones can pack quite a punch, especially if breaking in shallow water. So, it is essential not to underestimate the power of the ocean.


Although pushing your limits to some degree is the only way to improve your skills, an inexperienced surfer trying to surf in conditions you cannot handle is hazardous for you and other surfers.


  • Your Fitness Level


Keep in mind that surfing in Florida requires a high fitness level. In order to ensure your safety, you should have good swimming skills and be able to get out of the water without your board. Since surfing requires a unique and specific degree of fitness, your upper body strength and paddling skills are probably the most critical ones that you should be able to undertake comfortably.


Swimming in a lap pool is one of the best ways to train your body. It will also help with your paddling in an event when you need to swim back to the beach without your board.


  • Improve Your Swimming Skills


As mentioned earlier, there’s always a chance that you will become separated from your board and have to swim back to the beach. Unfortunately, many surfers rely too much on their boards for safety when surfing. While swimming in a pool is great for improving your fitness level, swimming in an ocean is very different. You won’t have the luxury of a shallow section to stand or a side that you can grab. That said, it is wise to improve your surfing lessons by trying swimming in the ocean so that you can swim without your board in an emergency.


surf in florida

a person swimming in the pool


Moreover, improving your general swimming skills is essential to boost your confidence in the water, enhance your experience, and safely surf in Florida.


  • Check Weather Forecast, Surf, and Tides


As a surfer, it is essential to check the weather forecast constantly. Weather can change rapidly, and the swell on the surf front can build quickly to catch the surfers off guard. I still remember when I was on a trip passing by a surf spot. From the vehicle, it was looking manageable, and I knew that there was a predicted jump in the swell. So I decided to surf there.

surf in florida

Men surfing through the storm

However, before I knew it, the waves doubled in size and left me out of my depth. It wasn’t the most accessible spot to paddle into the beach because sheer rock faces fenced it.


The point here is that conditions can change quickly without you realizing it. So, ensure you have a good idea of the conditions before you start surfing. Also, be familiar with surf forecasting and how it works.


  • Hold On to Your Board

Even in conditions where you think you will not be able to make it through a wave, try to hold on to your board. You might try to duck dive under a breaking wave if you have a shorter board. However, you must roll onto your back for longer boards and bring your surfboard through the wave above you. The movement is also known as “turtle roll.”


Moreover, if it is impossible and you cannot make it through the waves, don’t let your board go because it will outspread the length of the leash and can hit surfers behind you. So, during such circumstances, hold your surfboard to your side and try to pull it through the wave.


Furthermore, ensure not to keep the board between you and the wave as it can hit you on the face. Additionally, avoid paddling directly behind someone, or you will collide if you cannot get through a wave.

  • Wiping Out the “Right Way”


Remember that it is common to fall off your board as an inexperienced surfer; you will be dropping off your board. So try to do it in the safest way possible. For instance, your first movement should be to protect your head with your arms from collision, ocean floor, and flying surfboard. Especially when you surf in shallow waters, make sure to avoid landing head first.

Moreover, try to fall away from your board. You should try to fall in the water on your back with your arms out to avoid hitting bottom.


  • Be Aware of Sharks, Stingers, and Jellyfish


Sharks are probably the biggest fear that stops many people from venturing into the ocean. However, the chance of getting attacked by a shark is rare and less than getting hit by a car. However, it happens, and it is global news when it does.


In order to avoid sharks while surfing, keep these points in mind:


  • Surf with others

  • Avoid dusk or dawn surfing.
  • Do not surf at river mouths.

Secondly, keep the stingers and jellyfish in mind as well. The species of these stingers you may see vary from place to place, but if you get stung, head to the beach and see a lifeguard.


Best Season to Surf in Florida


The regular season to surf in Florida runs from early August to spring. However, November through March is perfect for surfers looking to grab the best waves. Similarly, if you are a more experienced surfer, the hurricane season from June to September can bring more excellent waves.


surf in florida

Son and dad are about to go surfing.


Remember that surfing in Florida can be a hit and miss. Florida’s East Coast is the most consistent, with the southern parts having higher quality breakers. For instance, you often go to one spot only to see there’s no surf but driving a litter further can provide you with perfect surfing. On the other hand, the west coast could be very inconsistent even though occasionally, while a storm hits just proper, the waves are surfable.


Moreover, you don’t need any specific equipment to surf in Florida. Often what you wear for swimming is enough for surfing too. However, you will need your board and lots of sun lotion to catch the waves. Additionally, many surfers believe that most of the time, you need a small-wave shortboard if the waves are sound. Similarly, longer boards are handy for the days when the waves aren’t up too much.


So, are you wondering where to surf in Florida? Don’t worry! Just grab your board and sun cream because I have already compiled a list of the best surfing locations in Florida that you can choose from.


For the Best Consistent Surfing in Florida


1.    New Smyrna Beach Inlet is one of the best places to surf in Florida.


New Smyrna Beach is among the best surfing locations in Florida, where you can find the most consistent waves. The spot is also affectionately referred to as “the wave magnet” by locals. Striking a 13-mile beach, you will find plenty of room to stretch out and perfect swell.


surf in florida

New Smyrna Beach Panoramic


Moreover, NSB is also home to the surfing pioneers, such as Isabel McLaughlin, Ross Pell, Kem McNair, and Charley Baldwin. It is an ideal location to experience trick riding too.


Furthermore, if you are looking to get more information about New Smyrna Beach Inlet surfing history, make sure to check out its history museum. You can head to the beach around high tide if you want to catch sound waves. Visiting the beach when the swell is heading southeast provides the best surf in Florida.


2.    There’s no better feeling than catching some waves at Ponce Inlet in Florida.


Just south of Daytona, Ponce Inlet is another top destination for surfing in Florida. In addition to its stunning waves, Ponce Inlet is famous for housing Florida’s tallest lighthouse, nature trails, an observation tower, a boardwalk, and a marine science center with interactive exhibits.


surf in florida

View of Ponce Inlet and New Smyrna Beach from Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse, Florida


Touching a height of 175 feet and having 203 steps, the lighthouse in Ponce Inlet is excellent for a nice workout, especially for those craving exercise. Regardless of its height, the climb is doable even for kids. Later, you can relax at one of its gorgeous beaches, perfect for shelling, sunning, and jogging.


Moreover, Ponce Inlet is also home to Cobie Gittner, a professional surfer. There’s a jetty coming north from Smyrna Beach, creating sandbars at the south end. The outer shoals, Shark Shallows, have incredible breaks in almost any well conditions. Additionally, higher tides at these outside bars generally give surfers more giant waves.


3.    Do you want to surf in Florida? Jacksonville Beach is a great place to catch some waves.


Jacksonville Beach is one of the hot spots for surfing in Florida, and rightly so. For those looking for sound waves, clean showers, and camping spots, check Hanna Park. While some notable breaks are Lighthouse and Officer’s Club, Mayport Poles is an excellent spot for surfing on the northeast swell.


surf in florida

Surfers on the shore of Jacksonville Beach


Similarly, Beach Piers south of Jacksonville gives surfers some long lefts and short rights during the northeast swell. However, heading to the north side will let you find consistent waves during high tide.


Moreover, Sunrise Surf Shop at Jacksonville has served surfers and skaters since 1976. So, if you need anything while you are in town, make sure to hit them up.


4.    Come ride the waves with us in Pensacola Beach, Florida!


If you are searching for an excellent surfing spot with clear water and white sand, there’s no better option than Pensacola Beach. While you can find great surf at any tide, the Pier and the wall have good breaks in winter, offering excellent waves coming in from the northeast.


surf in florida

A young surfer enjoys the waves.


Yancy Spencer III, “the father of Gulf Coast surfing,” hailed from Pensacola. His Innerlight Surf Store in a 400-sq building has been serving the surfers since 1969.

So, what are the best spots for big breaks and where to surf in Florida?


Best Surfing Spots for Big Breaks


5.      Sebastian Inlet


Sebastian Inlet is located in Melbourne Beach on the East Coast of Florida. The surfing spot is home to the top-tier twin Damien and C.J. Hobgood and aerial surfing genius Caroline Marks. Although it boasts a three-mile of incredible surf, the Monster Hotel has the most significant breaks, where you ride up to 10-foot solid waves from a sandbar.


surf in florida

Sebastian Inlet


Gnarly waves aside, the Sebastian Inlet is also famous for offering a picnic area, grabbing some grub, and clean bathrooms. While finding a good north/northeast swell at any tide is common, low tides make the rips easier to handle. If you need any surfing gear, the Sebastian Inlet Surf and Sport Shop is a great place for lessons, equipment, and anything else you want.


Moreover, if you are craving a new spot, head to Spanish House just past the Sebastian Inlet for an excellent local break.


6.    When it comes to surfing in Florida, Reef Road is the place to be!


Florida isn’t famous for having the best surfing spots with big breaks. However, Reef Road on West Palm Beach is perfectly rideable and can be fun. The ritzy and glitzy Reef Road is home to some stunning surfing spots. It’s a scene of crystal clear waters, with breathtaking beaches, exotic locals, and warm temperatures.


surf in florida

extreme surfing skill displayed by a man


While surfing on Florida’s Reef Road, you will find epic conditions when cold fronts come through the state and leave most of the swell. Most surfers describe the location as long, clean lines with rippable walls and big pumping waves. Additionally, a ride there can get you barreled, and surf can last as long as a football field.


Best Uncrowded Waves to Surf in Florida


7.    Do you want to surf in Florida? Boynton Beach is a great place to surf.


Boynton Beach Inlet might be the perfect destination if you’re looking for a spot with fewer crowds to surf in Florida. The Boynton Beach Inlet (also known as the South Lake Worth Inlet) is located south of West Palm Beach. It is an artificial cut-through that connects the south end of the Lake Worth Lagoon with the Atlantic Ocean.


surf in florida

Boynton Inlet, Florida


The area is great for excellent surf and paddling and driving about a quarter of a mile; you will find a sandbar that makes for long breaks. During a southeast wind headed north, you will see fewer crowds with some of the great surf.


Moreover, there’s not much to do, which makes it an excellent spot if you like solitude. If you need anything, head to Nomad Surf Shop, a family-owned shop that has been surfing the surfers since 1968.


8.    If you’re looking to surf in Florida, be sure to check out Flagler Beach.


If a cold front is closing in, head to Flagler Beach. Located between Daytona and St. Augustine, it is another excellent spot for surfing in Florida. The place also features six miles of crowd-free beaches while offering plenty of surf when the conditions are right. The surf is excellent, especially during a cold spell with a low incoming tide.


surf in florida

a man enjoying the waves on Flagler beach


Moreover, the place is also home to one of the best female surfers, Frieda Zamba. In addition to excellent surf conditions, the beach has a lot to offer. For instance, the beach is also considered one of the best beaches for natural, unspoiled beauty. Striking about 19 miles of crowd-free beaches, Flagler Beach is a laid-back place to spend quality time.


9.    Visitors can surf in Florida, but Jupiter is off-limits.


Jupiter Beach is another laid-back destination to surf in Florida with full-throttle adventure. Since it is located at the convergence of the Loxahatchee River, Intracoastal Highway, and the Atlantic Ocean, Jupiter Beach offers an ample amount of water sports.


surf in florida

A group of people gathers around Jupiter Beach to surf.


As a surfer, Jupiter Beach has a lot to offer. For instance, you will see Ocean Reef Park, Juno Beach Pier, and Pump House to the south. Similarly, it has Xanadu/ Ocean Walk to the north, which breaks towards Carlin Park and Civic Center.


Moreover, it also features about 3 ½ miles of beaches with the Gulf Stream flowing adjacent to the United States. This crystal clear, warm waters are surrounded by mangroves and dunes. In addition, Jupiter Beach is also an excellent spot for surfing in Florida, especially if you are there with your family.


10.      Destin Beach is the perfect spot to catch rays and ride waves.


Crystal Beach in Destin is among the top surfing spots, especially for inexperienced surfers. Sometimes, all you need is a bodyboard that the waves can manage. The site is perfect for learning the energy of waves and surfing on the big breaks.


surf in florida

Destin Beach, Florida


Because of its location on Florida’s Emerald Coast, Destin Beach is one of the best picture-perfect surfing locations that looks like it could be in the Caribbean. In addition, Crystal Beach is also an excellent location to spend time with your family or friends.


For those looking to try their hands at something else, Destin is popularly known as the “world’s luckiest fishing village.” So, surfing in Florida at Destin Beach can be teamed with great fishing.


Cocoa Beach


Cocoa Beach is yet another top location to surf in Florida, especially if you are starting. In addition to being an excellent surfing spot for beginners, Cocoa Beach is also home to Kelly Slater, the greatest ever surfer, and the world-famous Ron Jon Surf Shop. The destination is also Florida’s most prominent and one of the most loved surfing spots.


surf in florida

Surfers waiting for the wave in Cocoa Beach


However, while it is an excellent spot for longer boards and inexperienced surfers, Cocoa Beach is not so great for professional surfers. The busiest area you can find is the Cocoa Beach Pier.


In addition to excellent surf conditions for beginners, the beach also has a lot for non-surfers. For instance, it is also known as the quintessential beach. So, a short drive from Orlando will introduce you to the great outdoors if you want a break from theme parks.


Where to Surf in Florida?


There you have it. Eleven best spots to surf in Florida. I believe that you are now convinced that surfing in Florida has a lot to do. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, you can find the perfect spots and perfect Florida waves to ride.

Many surfers also kayak. Do you know how to store your kayak safely?


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