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Enjoy One Of The Top Rivers In Florida

Florida is also a place known for its waters. Tourists often stop by for its waterways. The winding nature, endless flow, and reaches of its rivers make the state worth visiting. Yet it would be nice to have the opportunity to spend time with the longest river in Florida. That would be none other than the St. John’s river.


There’s So Much There To Do There

It is not only the body of water itself that folks come to visit but everything around it. The zones of the watercourses in Florida like those in St. John’s river are pretty interesting. Yet there is always more there to see. Visitors also check the place for its ecosystem services and tourism. Locals and foreigners are often after:

longest river in florida



Captive animals are kept and shown off to the public at an aquarium. The creatures are out of their element. Divers frequent areas with coral reefs because of their vividness and rich biodiversity. After all, many fish species use these locations as a haven. Nonetheless, the river has more species of plants and animals than other places on the planet.


  • History and Fun Facts
  • Recreational Activities
  • Gastronomical Services
  • Transport For Tourism

Some Information About The Longest River In Florida


For a quick story about its name, it’s the Spaniards that named the river Rio de San Juan. It translates in English to St. John’s river. They named the river as such to honor a saint after their victory to claim it.

Folks made used it for trade and transport at first. Later, it became a place of food and recreation. Thus, it turned out to be a great hotspot for tourists.

Fun Facts

Jacksonville, Florida, is where it runs through 12 counties. It is 310 miles long and 3 miles wide, flowing from the Blue Cypress Lake to the Atlantic Ocean. What makes it peculiar to many is that the water in it moves from south to north. Also, it is impressive with its massive three basins that are thousands of square miles long.

Most of the water there is freshwater coming from networks of marshes. But despite the stream originating from the blackwater stream, it is brackish. This means that it has a mixture of saltwater. So it’s where you can find different wildlife and vegetation too.

Best Recreational Activities in St. John’s River

It’s nice to choose this site instead of other rivers in Florida. But to enjoy it you ought to do some research first about the attractions available. That is so you could enjoy your journey to explore what the watercourse and all else there has to offer.


longest river in florida



For your enjoyment, you may want to look for:

  • River Cruise or Tour
  • Recreational Locations and Activities
  • Inns and Restaurants
  • Cottage and Boats For Rent

Cruising St. John’s River

You have the option to enjoy the longest river in Florida by riding a pontoon, yacht, tour ship, or cruise liner. It will likely only take you hours to complete if you want everything fast. Yet you can stay for days relaxed and afloat on a ship too. Either way, you’ll likely appreciate the waters and serenity.

Wherever St Johns river boat you’d be on, while cruising, you could do different things. A cruise package may give you entertainment through local craft demonstrations. You might also eat good food with fine drinks and enjoy cruise narrations during your voyage.

Benefits Of River Tours or Cruising

  • You unpack everything you need once. That would be since you won’t have to keep transferring while cruising. Usually, cruise lines don’t park in ports or harbors right away and stay afloat for hours or days. They already have amenities and activities to offer which make vacationing comprehensive already.
  • Transit time becomes fun because there are worthwhile onboard activities. You could even learn new things if the staff offers lectures and tales to tourists on deck. Cabin attendants are often ready with a set of interesting activities. They let passengers take part in them and enjoy too.
  • Most things get planned for you. Your destinations are set. All you have to do is relax while things unfold. Even if you have curiosities, it wouldn’t be a problem. There are experts on the ship and shore desks who can answer everything. Even the TV onboard likely has informative channels that could help.
  • You are likely only required to put on casual clothes on a St Johns river boat. It’s rare for small cruise ships for cruising to have formal events. So you could be in your most comfortable attire.

Voyage Options For The Longest River In Florida


Cruise lines are way bigger than pontoon-style or small tour boats. They have cabins and suites to accommodate a lot and different types of passengers for days. But at least being onboard one means having lodging and food concerns handled. Even the amusements there are set and there are plenty of amenities too. They are ideal for weekend getaways, holidays, and family vacations.

Different vessels for tour boats with different capacities are available for people too. The rates to ride these things vary depending on the size, class, and purpose of the boats. These are often for individuals who want to go sightseeing, eat, and do stuff onboard for hours or one day only. Day tours are nice for folks who wish to travel by water and land altogether or have a quick yet meaningful trip.


Accommodation fees are usually different for children and those who are older. Youngsters and seniors are often charged lesser fees than working adults. But, to save, non-senior folks have the option to take group tour packages. A trip that only takes hours or an entire day may also end up being more expensive than a journey that lasts for days. That would be due to discounts on offers that are pricier.

Fun Activities In Select Locations

Visit The Blue Spring State Park

This is where you could see scenic spots and witness sea cows or manatees in their natural habitat. They are interesting creatures that keep the ecosystem of the river well.

This is also the park in one of the rivers in Florida where you could do fishing, kayaking, and canoeing. Even snorkeling is open here. These activities can let you enjoy, introduce you to the wildlife, and learn more about the river. For this, you may have to rent a boat and other equipment.


There are humble yet tasty restaurants as well as fine dining establishments to try. Jacksonville has a variety of places to eat for locals and visitors alike. They even have food for people with dietary preferences. So along the longest river in Florida, you will find things to cater to your taste.

On the shores, you are likely restaurants that serve grilled meat and seafood. But nearby bars and eateries may also supply native, exotic, and iconic food choices. So you could still enjoy eating the usual sandwiches, sodas, and sides. Yet you could also have access to those with crabs, gators, conch, and fish as their ingredients.


In Conclusion


Taking one of the St Johns river boats to see and ride along the longest river in Florida is worth it. You pass the long and famous watercourse and allow yourself to have a good time. By cruising or boat tours, you could have a long or quick adventure already packed with things to do. The article showed the many tourist attractions to avail.

Yet, before traveling, knowing the specific things to check may be smart. It’s not only to get everything ready for your journey but also to make the most of your time, money, and effort. Embark on an unforgettable adventure and discover fun Florida eco-tour ideas in 2023. Experience the breathtaking beauty of Florida’s natural wonders while supporting sustainable travel practices. Start your eco-friendly journey today!



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