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Most Scenic Places In Florida Are Favorites

It is not surprising to know that the most scenic places in Florida are where tourists go to. They are often the ones with the most number of attractions and distinctive features. Also, they come with activities for visitors to enjoy and make moments worthwhile. Friends and families make Florida one of the most visited states in America because of this. So it’s natural to look for these hotspots when planning to stop by the Sunshine state.

There are plenty of beautiful sights in Florida. In a nutshell, it has a lot of coastlines, amusement parks, nature reserves, and other locations. They are where travelers could relax, have fun, get some sun, and try out some new things. It’s only up to the guests of these places to choose from and make their way to them to have a good time.

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List Of The Most Scenic Places In Florida

This article mentions only some of the famous sites in Florida that travelers visit. Even if there are more that are worth people’s attention, these are already choices. With them, excursionists get quality locations with plenty of scenic views. Also, unique tourist activities are available there to turn trips meaningful and exciting. So try to have a look at them to see some recommended hotspots.

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Coastlines That Are Famous Sites In Florida

  • Clearwater Beach
  • Lido Key
  • Pensacola Beach

Amusement Parks With The Most Scenic Places In Florida

  • SeaWorld Orlando
  • Rapids Water Park
  • Old Town

Nature Reserves As The Best Nature Parks in Florida

  • Manatee Springs State Park
  • Key West Nature Preserve
  • Withlacoochee State Forest

Clearwater Beach For Sun And More

This is one of the most popular public beaches not only in Florida but also in America. It ranked number 1 in the US and was in the top 10 beaches of the world, according to Tripadvisor last 2018. USA Today and Forbes even recommended it in the same year. Yet the place itself proves why it’s getting consistent praises. It has white sands and clear, shallow waters for frolicking, swimming, and the like. It’s also a seaside spot with opportunities for fishing, boating, and local amusements. So it’s clear why going to this beach is one of the best things to do in western Florida.

Also, this beach is where people can do daytime or even sunset cruising with their loved ones. It’s where the most scenic places in Florida for photography are too. Calypso Queen cruises are available for partying, dolphin watching, and dinner. Flowrider Indoor Surfing is also an option for those who want to try the Flowrider machine. On it, surfing becomes less risky as it has cushions despite delivering endless waves. Thus, this beach allows for relaxing adventures and extreme water sports altogether.

Lido Key For Fun And The Most Scenic Places In Florida

People know this beach for its soft and clean, white sands and deep and clear, sky-blue waters. Even though there is usually an admission of $4 for adults and $2 for kids and old-timers, it deserves visiting. The place offers chances to get some sun, swim in pristine waters, and even do some diving. Also, it’s where you can try cruising while enjoying drinks and local cuisines. Thus, it’s where folks go for respite and to spend quality time with their beloved.

This barrier island is likewise one of the most scenic places in Florida to travel to. The mangrove tunnels where swamp-dwelling animals live are excellent for kayaking and canoeing. Also, they are perfect for taking pictures and immersing one’s self in nature. Aside from seeing manatees and dolphins, various fish and crustaceans are also available. Travelers may also delight themselves with the local seafood there. So folks won’t run out of things to do in western Florida with these in mind.

Pensacola Beach For A Variety Of Good Times

The city of Pensacola isn’t only famous for its history or for having the name “The City of Five Flags”. It’s also where the coasts are awesome for swimming, sunbathing, and all sorts of fun. The locals there offer scenic bay tours for viewing a few of the beautiful sights in Florida. Still, in the water, there are also paddle sessions and sailing to do. On land, adventures like scavenger hunts and seaside eating are some of the things to do. As follows, Pensacola Beach is also an ideal tourist destination.

The beach is free to visit, but there is a $1 toll to get there. Many beach-goers go there yet finding a parking spot isn’t hard at all. Besides, it allows pets to tag along. Also, once there, it’s possible to rent a Pontoon and Tritoon boat plus do some surfing. Being active aside, travelers can witness the sunset and a few of the most scenic places in Florida there. So, whether it’s going for a solo adventure or touring, going to this location is an excellent choice.

SeaWorld Orlando Makes Memories That Last

Going here means visiting one of the famous sites in Florida. Many even consider it as popular as the Walt Disney World Resort. Yet, aside from its popularity, it does deliver unique and quality attractions. It’s where the longest, fastest, and most exclusive rides are at. Plus, the themed buildings in the park offer activities and shows. There is even trained marine life for viewing. So there is always plenty to see when going to this amusement center.

beautiful sights in Florida

The address of it is SeaWorld Orlando, 7007 Sea World Drive. Getting inside means reaching the entrance. There are many ways to get to this place and all include driving or taking public transportation. It may take a while to enter but at least there are many enjoyable options once inside the park. It’s different than the best nature parks in Florida since most things here are man-made. But it does have a mix of modern and wildlife entertainment to offer.

Rapids Water Park To Get Wet, Wild, And Laughs

This is also an example of the famous sites in Florida that is worth noticing and spending time with. Excursionists who want to get wet and have fun can choose this as their travel destination. It’s the place in Riviera beach where there are 30 acres of land for amusement. That is with rides, attractions, and establishments for shopping, dining, and more. It includes the biggest, coolest, and wettest rides for adults and children. For this reason, many even frequent the park during the holidays.

Going down slides and riding rafts and tubes are some of the things to do in western Florida because of this park. Examples of the most intense rides here are the Riptide Raftin’ and Black Thunder. The is the Baby Blue and Big Red for all ages with the Alligator Alley and FlowRider for the kids to enjoy. Admission is $49.99 on the weekdays except for holidays, while it’s $59.99 on the weekends and holidays.

Old Town For Elegance And Most Scenic Places In Florida

This place also has the most scenic places in Florida because of the attractions to see. The park has historic architecture all over. Even the establishments bring back classic Florida with their simplicity and realism. Everywhere you look, there are things to see that make moments worth capturing. So this is a nice spot for retirees and even those who appreciate the old town feels.

There is no admission to enter and stay for a bit in this place, but it does have establishments that sell. The restaurants, stores, bars, and amusement rides are worth the snapshots and trying. There, you can have good American food, confectionaries, and alcoholic beverages. Some shops sell clothes and crafts plus a fish spa for relaxation. Still, traditional rides such as the Ferris Wheel and Carrousel are around. They are there not only to experience but, also for celebrating momentous events in life. Thus coming here is also worthwhile and what many recommend.

Manatee Springs State Park To Experience Nature All Over

Travelers include it in the best nature parks in Florida only because it offers a lot of experiences. In this place, people won’t only be able to see and even interact with manatees. They may also surround themselves with features such as lush greens and fresh air. Plus, it’s comfortable since assigned campgrounds and picnic pavilions are available. So it is right for tourists looking for the most scenic places in Florida to pick this one.

This nature reserve is also great with its clear, fresh waters and lush forest. The freshwater is great for swimming and fishing. The trails surrounded by nature make it excellent for hiking. Since the park allows bicycling and paddling, it is fun for exercising and adventures. It’s even open every day of the year with only a $6 fee per vehicle. Thus, people enter this nature spot from time to time and suggest it to their loved ones.

Key West Nature Preserve To Capture The Wild And More

The different areas of this park are some of the most scenic places in Florida. Folks maintain the natural habitats of the flora and fauna of this reserve. Thus visitors get the privilege of seeing untamed yet harmless animals and plants. There are no threats to the creatures and the greens in this park so travelers could get to enjoy seeing them. This makes for a great destination for photography and exposure to nature.

go to Florida nature reserve

There are park benches for resting and snacking or having meals. There’s also an observation pier and similar spots there where you could go for an eco-tour. It’s also part of the best nature parks in Florida, considering that it has many wild creatures and plants to see. Bird watchers, trekkers, and nature tourists enjoy coming to this spot for immersion. Anyone who appreciates nature and a laid-back atmosphere will enjoy this.

Withlacoochee State Forest To Visit The Rich Forests

This area ranks as number 3 of the largest Florida forests. Yet it’s not overwhelming as the people divided the place into tracts for easy navigation. It’s where people can go on adventures and witness the beautiful sights in Florida. To be specific, this state forest offers picnicking, and camping experiences to guests. This is also where folks can do some hunting, horseback riding, and wildlife viewing. So this forest likely won’t bore anyone during their stay.

Their recreational areas provide conveniences too. Bathrooms, dump stations, parking spots, and campsites are available. There are also hiking trails, signs to see, and a visitor center to address concerns. So, by visiting this reserve, people get access to several of the beautiful sights in Florida. At the same time, they get comfort and peace of mind while traveling and resting.

Enjoying The Most Scenic Places In Florida

There are so many things to do in western Florida or any part of the state. So it would be wise to make plans before visiting locations and taking part in the activities there. Rather than doing things at random, try to see your options before you go. With this approach, travel, lodging, and other aspects of vacation become easy.

Planning Your Trip

  • Check the famous sites in Florida. It’s great to know your options first so that you could pick the best based on your interest and resources.
  • Consider your time, budget, and capacity. For how long will you be traveling and staying elsewhere from home? How much are you willing to spend? What can you carry? These are some of the questions that you need to answer before going.


When traveling to the Sunshine state, it may be wise to find out the most scenic places in Florida first. After all, when you’re in a different place, the first things that you appreciate are the ones that you see. So it would be smart to pick destinations that look appealing.

Yet sightseeing isn’t everything when traveling. Trips become interesting when there are things to do other than taking pictures. Thus try visiting beaches, amusement resorts, and the best nature parks in Florida. These locations are often perfect for getaways and filled with exciting things to do.

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