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Try Manatee Kayak Tours Florida Offers

Going on a Florida manatee kayaking tour is worth it because of its uniqueness. Manatees or sea cows are some of the most peaceful and beloved marine animals in the Sunshine State. It is a privilege to witness these mammals in their natural habitats since they are rare. As endangered animals, remember that they roam around specific areas at certain times. According to studies, only about 13,000 are around, with 6,500 or so in Florida. So, due to their rarity, it’s priceless to see these majestic creatures. It’s why many are after the manatee kayak tour Florida offers.


Florida manatee kayaking tour

Inside a group of Florida Manatee – Trichechus manatus latirostris


This blog post will share information on a kayak with manatee Florida offers. Included are the things to do and expect on such journeys. Plus, there are also details explaining why these trips matter. Thus, keep reading to learn more about kayaking with the Florida sea cows.

Florida Manatee Kayaking Tour Examples

These large mammals that average 10 feet long and weigh over a thousand pounds are in select spots. They move at around 30 km per hour and go up every 5 minutes to take in air, but they go to certain areas during winter. So, look for tours designed to visit sea cows and witness their ways.


Florida manatee kayaking tour

Several West Indian manatees Trichechus manatus in Southwest Florida


Manatee kayak tour Florida for quality excursion permits better chances of seeing them. With a day trip to view the sea cows, you travel to the usual locations where these mammals wander. Below are a few outing suggestions to see them in the wild.

A Day Away Tour On Merrit Island

Whether you have a kayak or want to rent one, a company called A Day Away Kayak Tours may help. It’s situated in Titusville and operates within Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. The group has been providing excursions to see sea cows for more than a decade already. For about $44 now, they lead guests to explore the 72 Fahrenheit, idyllic warm waters. That would be for 90 minutes of educational sightseeing. In that way, they help visitors encounter manatees, dolphins, and more. We can say that it’s trusted by many for a Florida manatee kayaking tour for families and friends. So, when you look for a “manatee kayak near me” on the web, you may get this group recommended.


Florida manatee kayaking tour

Bird hunting for fish on Merrit Island

Why a kayak with manatee Florida on Merrit Island Wildlife Refuge is a good idea? Even though touching them is not allowed, they are friendly and rare creatures. At Haulover Canal, inside the nature reserve, many are often around to greet guests. Thus it’s an ideal spot to view and even be with the sea cows.

Get Up And Go Kayaking On Tarpon Springs

Those interested in a Florida manatee kayaking tour on a transparent kayak could try the group, Get Up and Go Kayaking. After all, Tarpon Springs is where plenty of manatees don’t mind seeing and passing by people. The waters even have tourists sitting in kayaks or standing on paddleboards. Starting from the Tarpon Springs Yacht Club to reach the Spring Bayou, the company charges $49. The provided excursion lasts about 1 hour and a half in the winter months. Aside from seeing the sea cows on a transparent vessel, guests also witness scenic views. So it’s no wonder folks contact this company to kayak with manatee Florida.


Florida manatee kayaking tour

An overview of pleasure cruisers docked at Tarpon, Florida.


Aside from having boat access, visiting the Tarpon Springs also opens other spots. The area provides playgrounds and historical destinations. Other than the lagoon with mangroves and sea cows, there are even tennis courts to try. Hence, this spot in Pinellas County is worth visiting for many reasons.

Crystal River Watersports On Crystal River City

There are plenty of sea cows in Citrus County, Florida, and there’s a good reason behind it. These creatures depend on warmth from external sources. Unlike whales and dolphins, manatees need to visit the springs of Crystal River City. After all, the springs there give about 72 Fahrenheit of warmth. Crystal River Watersports provides excursion packages to see them in their preserved habitats. What’s unique about its Florida manatee kayaking tour is that guests can go scuba diving. This means that they can swim with the manatees around. For $75 per person, visitors can already have 3 hours of swimming and snorkeling with the sea cows. Of course, it’s only for observation. So it makes sense why many people contact the group for their manatee kayak tours Florida gives.


Florida manatee kayaking tour

Kayaking Florida waterways


Aside from getting an exclusive tour, the city offers boating and fishing opportunities. There are even kayaks with glass bottoms to rent for at least $30. They give a better view of underwater life while keeping a kayaker from getting wet. Dry tours are also available to see the different kinds of wild birds and raccoons. Hence, it’s worth noting that Crystal River City offers plenty for its visitors. Going there means having more than a kayak with manatee Florida alone.

Why A Florida Manatee Kayaking Tour Matters

These gentle giants are friendly and solitary creatures. It’s relaxing to see them where they linger or roam. They also move between fresh, salty, and brackish waters. Hence, travelers can spot them in rivers, inlets, estuaries, and more. Besides, above and below, there is usually lush foliage where they are. Thus, in visiting them, there are also forests, seagrass, and other aquatic plants.

A manatee kayak tour Florida provides is more than calming. It’s also helpful to the surroundings. Going for it means supporting the preservation of the manatees and where they graze. Tours bring attention to them and keep them alive. Their presence stops the overgrowth of invasive aquatic plant species. They eat the plants in the water and prevent waterway obstruction. In that way, excursions to see them allow for conserving the Florida ecosystem.

Tips For Manatee Kayak Tours Florida

Make preparations before a Florida manatee kayaking tour to enjoy it. This means finding out and having everything you need before going. Besides, tourists can only get to swim with these majestic animals with the right gear. Hence, having the essential set of things for a manatee kayak tour in Florida gives is crucial. Some of the best items to carry are swimwear, a snorkel, goggles, and a device to capture images. After all, manatees are underwater animals that dwell in shallow waters. So have things to move, see, and breathe better, plus take snapshots in an aquatic environment.


Discover essential tips to ensure your safety while kayaking and enjoy your adventure worry-free—learn how to stay safe with these 10 tips on how to stay safe while kayaking expert-approved!

Activities During Manatee Kayak Tour Florida

To swim or kayak with manatee Florida, be considerate of everyone. Remember the groups that protect these sea cows and the creatures themselves. Do not approach or interact with them. Instead, pass by them and appreciate their beauty from a safe distance. Make sure that your vessel is away and doesn’t interfere with their activities in any way. So paddle near but make an effort not to startle any of them. Besides, touching a manatee is punishable by federal laws and can result in a fine or even jail time.

Though it may be tempting to do so, never attempt to feed or touch them. Some may be playful, back away, and take their pictures instead. In keeping your distance from them, you’re helping them maintain their natural behaviors. Consider that manatees usually have instinctive fears of water vessels and people. It’s also a good reason because these make them susceptible to dangers. A Florida manatee kayaking tour often involves having many travelers around. Hence, it’s recommended to look at them only for their sake.

Timing Is Important

These mammals dwell in and pass by waterways that are 3 to 7 feet deep, eating aquatic plants to live. To visit them, searching for “manatee kayak near me” online can help. Also, sea cows look for warm waters but can withstand 68 Fahrenheit or chilly waters. Thus, travelers usually spot them wandering in the warm months. Alone or in groups of about six, they stay in the springs during springtime, summer, and fall months. Many become active and travel in groups in the wintertime. They migrate to heated locations since these are creatures sensitive to cold. So, to see them, it may be wise to visit certain areas in Florida from November to April.

Manatees graze in the daytime to feed themselves. At night, some of them travel, but they make time to sleep too. They go up to the surface to breathe in air from time to time, but they are in the water for the most part. It’s best to leave them while wandering, eating, or resting to appreciate how they are. With these things in mind, in finding a Florida manatee kayaking tour, think of the date and time of your trip.

To Wrap Things Up

If you are fortunate enough to try a Florida manatee kayaking tour, go for it. Since they are rare, it would be a privilege to see one or a few sea cows roaming and grazing the waters. It’s not allowed to touch them, but at least it’s recommended to visit and take pictures of them. So touring to witness these protected animals gives an unforgettable experience.

With the many companies that offer excursion packages to see them, it can be challenging to pick one. We hope this post helped you select one or at least see which type of group to contact for your tour. Also, we wish you’d decided which places to try to see manatees in the wild. If you want to create rare moments, you can’t go wrong with kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming to view sea cows. Thanks for reading, and we’re looking forward to hearing your tales about seeing them.

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