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10 Lighthouses in Florida to Visit This Year

If you like lighthouses, Florida is an excellent travel destination. Visiting many of the state’s lighthouses is a great deal of fun. Florida has 30 lighthouses along its coastline, making it the state with the most lighthouses globally. Here you will find our best options for lighthouses in Florida to visit as well as the ones you should visit if you have the opportunity!


Top 10 Lighthouses in Florida to Visit

You will find these lighthouses located in popular tourist areas  and some in more remote locations. For a stunning view, climb to the uppermost level and take some amazing photos!

1.  Amelia Island Lighthouse

lighthouses in Florida to visit

Amelia Island Lighthouse

The Amelia Island lighthouse include on the list simply since it is Florida’s oldest lighthouse. This lighthouse, built-in 1838, is a living piece of Florida history. Moreover, it has never undergone significant restoration. Saturdays are the only days that the lighthouse is open to the public. However, for tourists, it can offer twice a month on the first and third Wednesdays. While you cannot ascend the lighthouse, you can take a tour of the grounds to have a closer look to photograph it.


2.  Cape Canaveral Lighthouse

Cape Canaveral has an operational lighthouse recently reopened to the public, despite being best known for space shuttle launches. The 145-foot-tall brick lighthouse has 180 stairs, as well as an oil storage house. This lighthouse was previously only accessible to US citizens due to its location. On the other hand, international visitors will now visit provided they have passport details at least 72 hours before their trip.


3.  Boca Grande Lighthouse

The Boca Grande Lighthouse is a charming building with a white frame house and green shutters, and a black lantern tower. The Florida State Park Service is presently in charge of the operational lighthouse. It stands just 40 feet tall and has 55 stairs leading to the roof. Boca Grande locate near Cape Coral on Florida’s west coast. The lighthouse makes iron screw piles with a timber frame and can see from up to 12 miles away when illuminated.


4.  Cape Florida

The lighthouse builts help sailors navigate across the Florida reef and escape an unfortunate disaster. This lighthouse adds to the National Register of Historic Places as a cultural heritage. A wrap-around balcony at the top provides a legendary view of Key Biscayne. The tower is open for tours five days a week. However, Cape Florida closes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


5.  Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse

The Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse is a one-of-a-kind landmark on Florida’s coast. It is among the world’s most vital lights, which can see for up to 28 kilometers. Since the lighthouse is on Coast Guard property, it is not open to the public all of the time. Tours can offer only once a month. Moreover, it charges the $25 fee due to the summit’s fascinating past and breathtaking views.


6.  Jupiter Inlet

Jupiter Lighthouse

Jupiter Lighthouse

The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, located on Florida’s Atlantic coast, is a working lighthouse. It stands 108 feet tall and sits atop a 48-foot-high Indian mound. Jupiter, Florida, has long been recognized as the birthplace of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, as well as the country’s most colorful lighthouse.

There are sunset tours that include appointments in addition to those that are free to the public. In addition, it also contains a museum and gift shop. It might be the only lighthouse between the Cape Canaveral and Hillsboro Inlet lighthouses on the east Florida coast. Moreover, it is one of Palm Beach County’s oldest structures.


7.  Pensacola Lighthouse

The top half of the Pensacola Lighthouse paints black, while the lower half paint white. The blacktop shows out against the horizon, while the white lower stand out against the foliage. Moreover, it designs that way to make it visible from afar. For the entire family, the lighthouse climb and museum below it are well worth visiting.

Pensacola Pass can see from the top of the tower. In 1974, the National Register of Historic Places added the Pensacola Lighthouse to its list.


8.  St. George Island Lighthouse

Ascend the 92 stairs to the summit for panoramic views of St. George Island. Little ones will also enjoy the playground and beachfront land at the base of the St. George Lighthouse. Make time to visit the Keeper’s Museum and the area’s visitor center, all of which locates on the lighthouse grounds. The lighthouse, built in the 1800s, has a long history and has served as a significant landmark for nearly 200 years. The lighthouse is entirely operational and includes a recreation of the original Keeper’s Quarters, which houses a museum and gift shop.


9.  St. Augustine Lighthouse

lighthouses in Florida to visit

St. Augustine Lighthouse

It is Florida’s lighthouse, which is famous for its name and stature. The St. Augustine Lighthouse is renowned for many reasons. However, its status as an unofficial symbol of the country’s oldest city only adds to its significance. The St. Augustine Lighthouse is a must-see on every list. The tower, located on Anastasia Island’s north end, sits at the height of 165 feet (50 m). The lighthouse is already on the National Historic Places Register of the USA and is famous for its ghost tours. On top of the clock, enjoy stunning views of the sunset and full moon rise while sipping champagne!


10.  Carysfort Reef Lighthouse

The lighthouse has an iron screw-pile base with a platform and a red-painted skeletal hexagonal symmetric tower. The lighthouse is the country’s oldest operational lighthouse of its kind. It’s a towering building that stands 112 feet tall. The shallow reefs that cover the lighthouse’s base prevent boats from getting too near. Ships and planes have the best views of the lighthouse. The red tower stands against water, marine waters, and dark reefs with its white trims.



The state is well-known for the lighthouses in Florida to visit. And each of these lighthouses make for interesting, beautiful and worth seeing daytrips.

Have you visited one or more of them? We’d love to hear about your ventures and see your photos! Please let us know in the comments. And please share this information with other people so that they too can go to these lighthouses.


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lighthouses in Florida to visit

St. Augustine Lighthouse

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