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Dive into the depths of excitement with Florida Reef Fest 2024! Set against the mesmerizing backdrop of Key Largo, this upcoming event is more than just a celebration—it’s a journey into marine conservation and education. Organized by the Reef Environmental Education Foundation, the festival, scheduled from October 17-20, invites ocean enthusiasts and conservationists from around the globe to partake in a unique blend of underwater adventures and enlightening experiences. From captivating diving sessions to educational ocean seminars, Florida Reef Fest is your passport to explore, learn, and connect with the wonders of the Florida Keys’ aquatic realm. Join us as we unravel the details of this extraordinary celebration that goes beyond the surface, celebrating the beauty of marine life and the vital importance of its preservation.

Key Largo, Florida, is not just a diver’s paradise but also a beacon for ocean enthusiasts and conservationists. In the coming year, the island will play host to the highly anticipated REEF Fest 2024, organized by the Reef Environmental Education Foundation. This event is set to take place in mid-October and offers a blend of underwater adventures and educational experiences that draw both locals and visitors from around the globe. With a program that encompasses diving, snorkeling, kayak eco-tours, and engaging seminars focused on the marine environment, REEF Fest celebrates the aquatic wonders of the Florida Keys.


Known for its commitment to marine conservation and education, REEF Fest is more than just a festivity—it’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and experts who are deeply invested in the health and future of oceanic ecosystems. Attendees can expect a schedule packed with activities, from exploring the vibrant underwater scenery during diving sessions to participating in discussions led by leading marine scientists and conservationists. Those interested in attending can do so by registering for the event, with details about tickets and scheduled sessions available on the Reef Environmental Education Foundation’s official event page.

Key Takeaways

  • REEF Fest 2024 in Key Largo will offer a variety of underwater activities and educational experiences.
  • The event is designed to foster a deeper appreciation for marine conservation among attendees.
  • Details on event registration, activities, and accommodation can be found on the official REEF Fest page.

Event Overview


REEF Fest 2024 promises to be a key event for marine conservation enthusiasts and ocean lovers. This annual celebration is rich in educational and interactive experiences centered around the diverse marine ecosystem of Key Largo, Florida.

Event Significance


REEF Fest is not just an event; it’s a gathering that highlights the significance of marine conservation. It draws divers, snorkelers, and environmentalists together to engage in efforts to protect ocean life. The event is hosted by the Reef Environmental Education Foundation, an organization with a longstanding commitment to reef preservation.


Dates and Venue


The 2024 edition of REEF Fest is scheduled to take place from October 17-20. This immersive festivity is set at various locations around Key Largo, with the REEF Campus at 98300 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037 serving as the central hub for many festivities.


Main Attractions


Key attractions of REEF Fest 2024 include:


  • Diving and Snorkeling Excursions: Guided tours to explore the stunning coral reefs of Key Largo.
  • Educational Ocean Seminars: Sessions conducted by experts in marine biology and conservation.
  • Social Events: Opportunities to network with fellow ocean enthusiasts.
  • Kayak Eco-Tours: Paddling along the mangroves to observe local wildlife habitats.
  • Conservation Activities: Interactive activities focused on the preservation of marine ecosystems.


For more details regarding event registration, one can refer to the official REEF Fest page.

Registration and Tickets


For the upcoming REEF Fest 2024 in Key Largo, Florida, attendees need to understand the registration process, explore the different ticket types available, and take note of any early bird discounts.

Registration Process


Registration for REEF Fest 2024 is essential to secure participation. Interested individuals can sign up through the official REEF Fest registration page when it opens. It is usually a straightforward online form that participants need to fill out with their personal and payment information.

Ticket Types


REEF Fest offers a range of ticket options to accommodate various levels of participation:


  • General Admission: Grants access to seminars and select events.
  • Activity Tickets: Separate tickets for diving, snorkeling, and kayaking activities.
  • VIP Passes: May include exclusive events and priority access.


Please verify the specific inclusions for each ticket type on the event’s website.

Early Bird Discounts


Attendees are encouraged to register early as REEF Fest typically provides discounts for early registrations. These Early Bird Discounts are a great way for individuals to save money while ensuring their spot at the fest. Discounts and the early bird registration period will be announced on the REEF Fest website

Diving Sessions


Key Largo’s REEF Fest 2024 promises exhilarating diving sessions, catering to a variety of experience levels. Attendees can immerse themselves in the beauty of Florida’s aquatic life through scheduled dives, while adherence to safety regulations ensures a secure and enjoyable experience. Exceptionally curated guided tours enhance the underwater adventure.



  • Day 1 – Morning: 8:30 AM – Spiegel Grove Shipwreck
  • Day 1 – Afternoon: 1:00 PM – Molasses Reef
  • Day 2 – Morning: 8:30 AM – Christ of the Abyss
  • Day 2 – Afternoon: 1:00 PM – Elbow Reef
  • Day 3 – Morning: 8:30 AM – French Reef
  • Day 3 – Afternoon: 1:00 PM – Conch Wall

Safety Regulations


Participants are expected to comply with the following regulations:  


  • Certification: Proof of diving certification required for all divers.
  • Pre-Dive Check: Mandatory equipment check before each dive.
  • Depth Limits: Divers must respect the dive site depth constraints.
  • Buddy System: Divers must use the buddy system for safety.

Guided Tours


Guided tours offer a structured exploration of Key Largo’s underwater marvels:  


  • Shipwreck Excursion: Dive masters lead explorations of iconic wrecks.
  • Reef Exploration: Naturalist guides detail the vibrant coral ecosystems.
  • Night Dives: Offered for certified divers to experience the reef after dark.

Conservation Efforts


Key Largo’s REEF Fest 2024 is set to implement a variety of conservation initiatives focusing on education, ecosystem cleanup, and wildlife preservation to foster marine conservation awareness.

Educational Workshops


Key Largo emphasizes the importance of knowledge for conservation. In 2024, REEF Fest provides a roster of educational workshops addressing topics like sustainable fishing practices, the impact of climate change on coral reefs, and strategies for marine habitat preservation.

Reef Cleanup Activities


Regular reef cleanup activities are organized to maintain the integrity of Key Largo’s underwater ecosystems. Participants can join dives aimed at removing debris, monitoring coral health, and cataloging marine species, all of which contribute to the longevity of the reefs.

Wildlife Preservation Initiatives


The focus on wildlife preservation is evident through actionable programs. These initiatives include the protection of endangered species through tagging and tracking, establishing protected marine areas, and supporting conservation activities like the Butterfly Garden Tour at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, intent on preserving local flora and fauna.

Accommodations and Travel


When attending the Reef Fest 2024 in Key Largo, guests can explore a range of lodging options, find suitable transport arrangements, and access essential accessibility information to ensure a convenient and comfortable experience.  


Lodging Options


Key Largo offers a variety of accommodations to suit different preferences and budgets. Visitors can choose from luxury resorts to affordable hotels. Some popular choices include the Ocean Reef Club, known for its array of amenities. In addition, there are numerous rental properties and quaint bed-and-breakfasts providing a homely atmosphere.  


Transport Arrangements


For getting to Key Largo, the most common entry point is through Miami International Airport, which is conveniently located in proximity to Key Largo. Car rentals and shuttle services are available for the journey from the airport to the island. To navigate around Key Largo during your stay, visitors can also use local taxi services or car rentals to easily reach the Reef Fest venues and other local attractions.  


Accessibility Information


Ensuring all visitors have the information they need, Key Largo is equipped to accommodate individuals with disabilities. Many hotels and venues are ADA compliant, featuring wheelchair-accessible facilities and services. Guests are encouraged to directly contact their selected accommodations and event coordinators at REEF Fest for any specific accessibility needs or concerns to facilitate a seamless experience.

Local Attractions


Key Largo offers a delightful array of attractions that enrich the experience of visitors attending the REEF Fest 2024. From environmental marvels to flavorsome dining and shopping options, there’s plenty for everyone to explore.

Key Largo Points of Interest


  • John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park: As America’s first undersea park, it offers unique snorkeling and diving opportunities to view vibrant marine life and coral formations.
  • The African Queen: The iconic boat from the eponymous film is available for canal cruises, providing a nostalgic experience for movie enthusiasts.

Nearby Dining and Shops


  • Local Seafood: Restaurants like the Fish House offer fresh catches of the day, serving traditional Key Largo dishes that delight seafood aficionados.
  • Unique Boutiques: Dotted around the area, boutique shops provide a range of local crafts and souvenirs, perfect for mementos or gifts.

Sponsorship and Support


REEF Fest 2024 offers various opportunities for organizations to contribute to ocean conservation through sponsorship. Support is acknowledged through diversified recognition tailored to sponsor involvement.  


Sponsor Recognition


Sponsors of REEF Fest are acknowledged through various channels, ensuring visibility and appreciation for their support:  


  • Listing on Event Materials: Sponsors’ logos appear on promotional items, event banners, and printed materials.
  • Social Media Shoutouts: Recognition across REEF’s social media platforms.
  • Event Announcements: Verbal recognition during the event’s key gatherings and seminars.


How to Become a Sponsor


Interested parties can become a sponsor of REEF Fest by following these steps:  


  1. Review Sponsorship Levels: Each sponsorship level comes with its specific set of benefits and acknowledgments.
  2. Contact for Details: Potential sponsors should reach out to REEF Fest’s coordination team for detailed information on packages and how to proceed.
  3. Submit the Sponsorship Form: Complete the necessary forms and agreements provided by the REEF team to finalize the sponsorship.

Volunteering Opportunities


Attending the Key Largo Florida Reef Fest presents a unique chance for individuals who are passionate about marine conservation to contribute as volunteers. They play a pivotal role in supporting the event and fostering oceanic environmental education.

Volunteer Roles


  • Diving and Snorkeling Support: Certified divers and snorkelers can assist by being part of underwater activities, ensuring safety, and providing educational insights about marine life.
  • Event Setup and Management: Helpers are needed for setting up venues, managing registration desks, and coordinating seminars and social events.
  • Kayak Eco-Tour Guides: Those with experience in kayaking can help guide eco-tours, offering information about the mangroves and marine ecosystems.
  • Outreach and Education: Volunteers may also engage with the community by educating attendees on conservation efforts and the importance of protecting marine habitats.


Each role is designed to enhance the event experience while promoting environmental stewardship.

Application Process


  • Submission of Interest: Prospective volunteers must initially show their interest by submitting an application through the REEF Fest website.
  • Review of Qualifications: The Reef Environmental Education Foundation reviews applications to match skills and interests with available roles.
  • Orientation and Training: Selected volunteers will be required to attend a training session to prepare for their specific responsibilities during the event.

Event Merchandise


At the REEF Fest 2024, participants will have the opportunity to purchase a variety of ocean-themed merchandise, celebrating marine life and conservation efforts. These products not only serve as mementos but also help support the Reef Environmental Education Foundation. 


Products Offered


  The REEF Fest typically features a plethora of products, including:  


  • Apparel: T-shirts, hats, and other clothing items featuring REEF Fest and marine life motifs.
  • Accessories: Eco-friendly tote bags, water bottles, and reusable straws to promote sustainable practices.
  • Educational Materials: Books, field guides, and informational pamphlets on marine species and habitats.
  • Artwork: Prints and posters from renowned marine artists.


Merchandising Vendors


The vendors providing merchandise at REEF Fest are carefully selected for their alignment with the foundation’s mission. Some notable vendors include:  


  • Local Artisans: Artists and craftspeople from the Florida Keys region.
  • Specialty Retailers: Companies specializing in diving equipment and ocean-themed apparel.
  • Conservation Organizations: Nonprofits offering informational content and merchandise to raise awareness.

Contact Information


For those interested in attending or requiring more information about REEF Fest 2024, the following contact details will serve as a guide:   Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) Physical Address: REEF Campus 98300 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 United States

Email Contact:  


For general inquiries, one may contact the REEF Fest team at:  



Phone Contact:  


They may also be reached by telephone for direct communication:  


  • REEF Headquarters: +1 305-852-0030


Social Media and Online Presence:  


Updates, announcements, and interactions can be found through REEF’s social media platforms:  



For online registrations, the detailed process and event information are available on the official REEF Fest page:  



These contact points should assist attendees and interested parties in obtaining all the necessary information regarding REEF Fest 2024. The organization encourages potential participants to reach out with any questions or for more detailed event planning.

Florida Reef Fest 2024: A Call to Oceanic Stewardship

As the curtain falls on Florida Reef Fest 2024, the resonance of marine wonders and conservation fervor lingers. This annual celebration, orchestrated by the Reef Environmental Education Foundation, has not only been a festival but a resounding call to safeguard our underwater realms.  


Dive Deeper, Act Now


Let the echoes of diving adventures and educational insights inspire action. Carry the spirit of Florida Reef Fest by committing to oceanic stewardship. Whether you explored the coral reefs, attended workshops, or simply marveled at the ocean’s beauty, your connection is crucial.  


Join the Wave of Conservation


Florida Reef Fest may conclude, but the wave of conservation continues. Join us in preserving marine ecosystems. Act now, champion sustainable practices, and stay tuned for the next tide of oceanic celebration. Until then, let’s ensure our commitment to the ocean remains unwavering.  


Take Action Today. Protect Tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Reef Fest in Key Largo is an important event for both marine enthusiasts and conservationists. Below are FAQs offering specific information for those planning to attend or participate in the 2024 Reef Fest.

What activities are scheduled for the Reef Fest in Key Largo?

The 2024 Reef Fest will boast a variety of activities including diving, snorkeling, kayak eco-tours, and ocean-themed seminars. Attendees can also participate in social events that celebrate marine life and conservation.

How can I volunteer for The Reef Foundation in Key Largo during the festival?

Individuals interested in volunteering can connect directly with the Reef Environmental Education Foundation, which offers various in-person and virtual programs. Volunteers can support a range of activities during the festival.

Where can I rent a wetsuit in Key Largo for Reef Fest events?

Numerous local dive shops in Key Largo provide gear rentals. Attendees can rent wetsuits and other necessary equipment for aquatic activities scheduled during Reef Fest.

Are there special programs for reef conservation at the Key Largo Reef Fest?

Yes, Reef Fest features educational ocean seminars that emphasize reef conservation. The 2023 celebration also included special conservation activities and seminars, which are expected to be part of the 2024 event as well.

What is the state of the coral reefs around Key Largo currently?

The coral reefs near Key Largo are delicate ecosystems affected by various environmental factors. Initiatives by local conservation organizations aim to protect and restore these vital marine habitats.

Can you recommend any eco-friendly accommodations near the Reef Fest?

There are accommodations in Key Largo that focus on sustainability and minimizing environmental impact. These eco-friendly options often provide information about their practices on their websites or can provide details upon direct inquiry.

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