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If you’re looking for some cycling fun on your next trip to Central Florida, we have plenty of options. With so many wonderful bicycle trails in Central Florida, you might try a different one each trip. There are many options, but it depends on you what kind of experience you want. Get ready for some fantastic bicycle trails in central Florida. Choose your favorite bike entry from the information below and start having fun!


Top 10 Bicycle Trails in Central Florida

It’s time to start seeing what Florida has to offer, and your adventure wouldn’t be complete without a trip to one of these incredible biking destinations. Keep the coolest bike sunglasses, and pedal your way across the central sections of the Sunshine State for an exciting adventure.


1.  Chain of Lakes Trail

This 3.6-mile trail starts in Winter Haven and continues a few miles farther into Lake Alfred after passing US Highway. Many lakes in the northern chain of Lakes and parks, towns, and businesses can see from the flat road. Trail visitors can park in any of the parking lots in downtown Winter Haven. The path also runs parallel to many of the city’s business districts. It would be top if you took a bike ride into town for lunch or a cup of coffee. There is a good plant shop and an antique store in Lake Alfred.


2.  Lakeland Trail

This Lakeland road is the way to go if you want to blend in sightseeing and relaxing for your cycling. The scenic drives around lakes include this 25-mile urban cycling path. The road, which is a combination of parks and commercial areas, is marked with signs to keep you on track. In Lakeland, parking is best along Lake Hollingsworth Drive.

When it comes to food, Lakeland has a plethora of bike-friendly choices. Downtown Lakeland, just up the hill from Lake Mirror, has everything from pizza and burgers to open-air cafes for short bites. You may also go the other track from Lake Mirror and stop at the Poor Porker for beignets and brews.

3.  Van Fleet State Trail

The Van Fleet Trail is a paved multi-use trail with a trailhead in Polk City that is 29.2 miles long. As it divides the heart of the Green Swamp, the source of much of Florida’s drinking water, this path passes through some of the state’s most scenic and agricultural landscapes. On State Road 50, the trail runs from Polk City north to Mabel. Since specific trail segments are very remote, you won’t find a convenience store or even a gas station anywhere. Bring plenty of water and a snack.


4.  Fort Fraser Trail

The 12-foot-wide Fort Fraser Trail runs parallel to US Highway. Every day, hundreds of people use the trail, including walkers, joggers, inline skaters, bicyclists, etc. Motorized automobiles did not permit on the track. It built to defend a new military road used by the army during the Second Seminole War. Historical, geological, educational, and natural facts about the area shown on the sign.


5.  Circle B Bar Reserve

The Circle B Bar Reserve is one of the state’s most well-known nature reserves, and its tracks are ideal for cycling. Under the canopy of live oaks, there is an extensive shaded, unpaved trail. With so many alligators in the area, it’s a great spot to carry a camera – but don’t miss out on anything else. With a network of well-maintained marked trails of various lengths, Circle B Bar Reserve offers a plethora of possibilities for photographers and painters looking to capture the beauty of nature.


6.  Loyce Harpe Park Trail

This 7-mile single-track hiking system features various scenery, including many rugged trails that can challenge even the most seasoned mountain biker’s stamina. The main path winds through the forests, through human-made wetlands, and up and downhills. The challenge arises when you stray from the main trails. Pay care everywhere you are in the park; one wrong move and you’ll be swimming with alligators.


7.  Lake Kissimmee State Park

On the shores of Lake Kissimmee, you’ll find Lake Kissimmee State Park. During a Central Florida holiday, this is a common location for camping, climbing, and kayaking. There are 13 miles of bicycle trails at the State Park. The State Park is also home to over 200 bird species, making it one of Central Florida’s best birding spots.


8.  TECO Auburndale trail

The Auburndale TECO Trail runs from Auburndale to Polk City and is flat, inviting walkers, joggers, runners, and inline skaters to use it. There is an observation area near the trail’s southern end where you can watch bald eagles build a nest. The trail’s ties are what make it so significant in the region. It leads to various side paths leading to new communities and allows residents to access the Van Fleet Trail. There are gated access points. Please do not enter the trail if the gates lock.


9.  Cady Way Trail

It would be a good trail for you if you’re looking for a fast hike and don’t mind many stop signs. The path is somewhat shorter in some places and appears to be more populated than others. You’re genuinely enjoying your outdoor time with others, including bikers, joggers, and walkers. There are better trails, so this will suffice in an emergency. There are street intersections that run through the trails, much as the other tracks.


10.  Lake Louisa State Park trail

The park is nestled between the Green Swamp and Lake Wales Ridge, creating a unique transition region. A half-mile nature trail locates at the Lake Louisa parking lot for those looking for a shorter stroll. Biking on the 7 miles of elevated Park path provides a workout and scenic views of the sandhills. Cycle paths are a significant plus. The cooler months are ideal for commuting, with fewer vehicles on the road but lots of other cyclists and hikers.



The award-winning biking trail system in Florida offers many chances to unwind and enjoy a scenic trip ideal for a day away from it all. The Sunshine State has it all, from remote off-road trips to close-to-town nature drives. Try at least one trail above mention and let us know in the comments.


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