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Best SUP For Beginners To Use

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Looking for the best SUP for beginners makes sense. That is especially when you’re a novice in standup paddleboarding. If you’re considering getting into the activity, choose the right one.

After all, there are various models for different skill levels. It can be pretty overwhelming to select the right kind. But, you can get an excellent board by looking at them and figuring out which have some essential features.

Thus it pays to be a bit meticulous when getting your first or a beginner board.

In this blog, we’ll share a few tips on starter paddle boards for SUP. Also included are some excellent picks for newbies.
So, if you’re starting, you might want to keep reading.

Choosing The Best SUP For Beginners


Sellers offer several boards as the best inflatable paddle board for beginners. Many also say the same for solid ones. Each of them has distinctive features that make them great for standup paddleboarding.

But there isn’t a single product that fits every surfer. After all, folks come in different frames and have unique preferences. So it’s understandable why there are short, medium, and long types of boards for sale.


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Best SUP For Beginners To Use


In a nutshell, selecting involves thinking about your usage and body size. Consider how you wish a board to take on the water too. Hence, when buying, consider the product volume and weight capacity.

It’s essential to go for the board that will float on its own and avoids sinking when you’re on it. Beginners likewise need to go for the kind with the correct length, width, and thickness.

This is for comfort, easy navigation, and safety.


Examples Of The Best SUP for Beginners


Owners express themselves in Aqua, Blue, Green, and Peach colors with this product. This is a stable and practical board for a newbie at 11 feet long, 6 inches thick, 32 inches wide, and about 22 pounds.

Best SUP For Beginners To Use

Taken from Amazon.com | Isle Explorer


Made of top-quality PVC and Nylon, it is easy to carry and one of the broader boards with high buoyancy. Prominent individuals can lie down, kneel, or stand on it with peace of mind since it has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

It even comes with a reliable coil leash to ensure the item does not drift away from its owner. Users can enjoy using it for doing exercises like yoga, bringing pets, fishing, and touring.

Some even say its features are the best inflatable paddle board for beginners. So it comes as no surprise why this bundle gets recommended often.


This package for a stand-up paddle board for beginners has other things included. It also comes with a lightweight paddle. The nylon blade has a carbon shaft, making it durable.

With it, paddling becomes less strenuous, and navigation turns easy. Part of the pack is a pressure pump and travel fin. These are essential for keeping the PVC board strong, reliable, and always on course.

The board’s surface supports the bare skin and can withstand scratches from pets on board. Hence, it does have qualities to make it one of the best SUP for beginners.




Coming from one of the top makers of SUPs, this stand up paddle board for beginners is an excellent choice for newbies. It’s a long and wide vessel with the right thickness for maneuvering waters at varying speeds.

Goosehill Inflatable

Photo from goosehillsport.com

Amateur paddlers can take it to lakes, rivers, and even oceans for recreation. Its size is 10 feet and 6 inches long with a width of 32 and a thickness of 6 inches.

Also, its surface has a handle at the center for carrying and a pattern with a rough texture to avoid slipping. Near the tail is a dependable valve that keeps the whole unit from losing air.

Still, this one has a coiled leash, so the board always stays nearby. So paddlers can enjoy using it for long hours without worrying about issues.


Sellers often sell the board bundled with the most valuable accessories. It comes with a detachable center fin for the bottom and stability of the unit.

Such keeps a paddle board moving forward quickly while you paddle on the sides. Included is a portable and 3-piece adjustable paddle for navigating the waters.

Still, there’s a repair kit, double-action pump, and storage backpack. After all, troubleshooting may be essential sometimes. Likewise, the unit can shrink, and the pump plus bag is handy.

Thus surfers can enjoy using it due to its portability and readiness to handle problems.


This is yet another best SUP for beginners due to its practical features. It is an inflatable and thus portable kind of paddle board. Built with military-grade PVC and several coatings, it is very durable.

scout coral roc inflatable paddle board sup kit

scout coral roc inflatable paddle board sup kit | Picture from rocpaddleboards.com

People with their furry friends can have a good time with it. Plus, bungee tie-downs on the deck to secure belongings and a non-slip pad to keep you in place.

This board has three fins for stable cruising as you paddle, with one removable. Likewise, this product has a weight capacity of about 300 pounds, but it’s only 17.5 pounds to carry.

With a handle grip in the middle, a length of 10 feet, 33 inches as its width, and a thickness of 6 inches, it is very movable. In that way, it makes an excellent water vessel for all kinds of recreational activities on the water.


It is the best inflatable paddle board for beginners because it comes with extras. For instance, there’s the aluminum paddle that you can fold down to transport with ease.

Together with it is a safety leash to make the inflatable unit avoid drifting away. Also, there’s a high-pressure pump to get the boat blown up with convenience and fast.

Still, there are bags for storing the paddle board and holding small objects like gadgets. So it’s got almost everything that makes an excellent stand up paddle board for beginners.


Why Buy The Best SUP For Beginners


If you love visiting lakes to relax or going to the beach to get some waves, you may want to carry this item around. With the way solid and inflatable paddle boards are, they allow a unique way to travel on water.

Although using them means prolonged standing or kneeling, they aren’t bulky. Compared to kayaks, canoes, and other vessels, more often than not, they are way easier to bring.


Best SUP For Beginners To Use

fit man carrying paddleboard on beach


Solid ones might demand a lot of space, but inflatable ones are convenient. After all, in most cases, they fit inside small bags. Some paddles are even collapsible.

Thus it makes sense why people invest in the best inflatable paddle board for beginners. That is even if they need accessories.


Plus, standup paddleboarding is a unique activity that gives plenty of benefits. Unlike other ways of water traveling, this one allows you to stand up or kneel.

So it lets you develop your balance and makes you exercise. In a way, the activity serves as a low-impact workout. This helps with cardiovascular fitness and weight management somehow.

Still, it gives another perspective on outdoor exploration. So it is evident that getting a stand up paddle board for beginners is a worthy pursuit.


So, what’s the best SUP for beginners?


Now that you’ve had examples of the best SUP for beginners, which one appeals to you? In most cases, solid ones are for touring and racing. Inflatable stand-up paddle boards are versatile and can be for all kinds of fun.

Amateurs and seasoned paddlers can use for them to cruise and do other activities on the waters. But it takes balancing and systematic paddling to go forward and enjoy.

Still, though it has its challenges, many are going for it. If standup paddleboarding appeals to you, find a quality board with accessories. When starting, you can search for the best inflatable paddle board for beginners.


We hope this guide helped you select the perfect board for your needs as a newbie. No matter which type you’d choose, we look forward to you having some fun paddling on one.

You can leave us a comment to share your thoughts about the best SUP for beginners. Thanks for reading.

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