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Whimzeyland in Safety Harbor, Florida, is a fun, whimsical place and an excellent feat of creativity and inspiration. While this is an incredible and enthralling project, it is still a work in progress.
Whimzyland is a magnificent house that offers visitors a sense of joy, wellness, creativity, and whimsy. Many travelers planning to visit Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg should explore this spectacular architectural and creative landmark for a truly unique and delightful experience.
Safety Harbor, Florida, famously known as the “Bowling Ball House,” houses a vibrant and colorful oasis filled with all the fun colors you can imagine. This distinctive residence, owned by Todd Ramquist and Kiaralinda, has been a labor of love for over twenty years. The exterior is artistically furnished, showcasing a mesmerizing array of hues and patterns.
Bowling Ball House / Flickr / Matthew Paulson

Bowling Ball House / Flickr / Matthew Paulson


More About Whimzeyland

Originally dubbed the “Bowling Ball House,” this whimsical abode in whimsy land Florida boasts a unique feature: the yard is adorned with more than 500 painted bowling balls arranged in various formations.
The result is a playful and lively atmosphere that welcomes visitors with creative charm. Experience the joy of vibrant aesthetics and artistic expression as you explore this delightful haven in Safety Harbor, where fun colors come to life in every corner.
Experience a great adventure at this unique location, where stacks, pyramids, and walls of bowling balls adorn the grounds. A dizzying landscape of colors created from recycled art borders it, offering visitors a great experience immersed in creativity.
Rainbow mosaic pathways, lively colored bottles gardens, and vivid ceramic sculptures enhance the magical atmosphere. Moreover, the house features a gallery with painted bowling balls from other artists, adding to the great experience of art and innovation.
We have heard about Whimzeyland for years but have yet to have a chance to explore it in person. But we decided to make Safety Harbor a pitstop during our trip to Dunedin. After all, the photos of the house are worth a thousand words. So here is a sneak peek of our experience at such a wonderful place, Whimzeyland. It truly lived up to its reputation as a beautiful place.

Our Arrival at Whimzeyland, Safety Harbor, Florida

When we arrived at 1206 3rd St. N in Safety Harbor, we were still determining what to expect at the Ball Bowling House. While magazines and TV shows featured Whimzeyland, we were figuring out what to find. We needed to figure out where to park our vehicle or if the authorities would fine us for trespassing. During our visit, the owners were busy doing shows and art festivals on the roads, so we were very cautious.

Video Credit: Philip Dean

We were very cautious and decided to park our vehicle on the street, even though the Whimzeyland house had a mulch parking area. When we exited our car, a wonderful world of Mardi Gras Beads and large jester head sculptures greeted us. We were reluctant to roam at first. Then it became clear the owners are very welcoming, even to unexpected visitors like us.

Gorgeous Gardens and Kitschy Décor

The entire Bowling Ball House offers an enthralling experience. There were hundreds of bowling balls bordering the flowerbeds. Vibrant mosaic sidewalks look charming and lead visitors through the gardens. It is also where you will find palm and bottle trees living in peace and harmony.

Photo from https://www.atlasobscura.com/

The mosaic tiles refreshed some memories. They became reminders of a cross between the Wizard of Oz and our exciting trip to Barcelona. The whole place was astonishing due to its brightness and cheerfulness. We smiled as we moved along the path.

Gift Shop at Whimzeyland

Right at the entrance, you will discover a welcoming multi-purpose outdoor place. Since we were so delighted and forgot that we were in someone’s home, not a museum, we thought it was a gift shop. Yet it was a covered porch. It seemed reserved for creating art, dining, enjoying music sessions, etc.
The place is perfect and lets visitors roam in awe. There is also an opportunity to pick up a postcard and enjoy the Safety Harbor Art and Music Center (SHAMc). The homeowners and one of their friends started it.
As unexpected guests, we were hesitant to peek in windows. We were curious if someone was staying in the guest house or cottage. But we could only do a partial story on the Whimzeyland and the people behind all this. It was because of our entire itinerary for the day.

Impressive Bowling Balls of Whimzeyland

Hundreds of bowling balls of Whimzeyland are one of its most significant charms. Regardless of where you roam in the house, you will find something fun to see. It was remarkable how they used the bowling balls as garden separators. You will also find hundreds of them left by visitors who knew the owners would put them to good use.
The entire house is a visual feast. The two artists created an incredible mixture of Florida’s attractive landscaping and original art. As a visitor, you will find it unique, innovative, and creative that this community embraces.

Image from https://www.cltampa.com/

Besides being a charming place, guests can also learn and get new ideas on recycling there. The area guides travelers to transform used items into beautiful artworks. For instance, the colorful bottle gardens are easy to create and inspire.
The place will also leave you wondering how adding a bit of hue can make such a huge difference. The atmosphere of Whimzeyland feels like there’s a celebration. It gives an aura of remembering Christmas, Easter, or birthdays. So, if you plan a trip to Pinellas County, add Todd Ramquist and Kiaralinda’s amazing guest house to your itinerary.

Downtown Safety Harbor Main Street

Safety Harbor is a picturesque town with a beautiful main street. Travelers coming over can get scenic views, good food, and attractions all at once. It’s packed with plenty of things for a good time. Restaurants, shops, bars, and local parks filled the streets. Visitors can enjoy monthly festivals with celebrations, food, and music. Likewise, the town also presents an arts and crafts fair and flea market.
Exploring the main street in the evening is an excellent idea. Many restaurants offer dishes for meals throughout the day. The menus include chicken, pork, steak, vegetarian, seafood, and specialty desserts. Visitors come from everywhere to explore an array of bars lining the street.
If events are what you are searching for, Safety Harbor is also the ideal destination. There’s also a guest house nearby. Every third Friday, happy visitors and vendors fill the streets. The sound of the crowd and the smell of the food make this an exciting program every month.
The downtown area of Safety Harbor is one of the hidden treasures of Pinellas County. The features of the place show why folks consider it a gem. It is a quaint and compact downtown area in the northeast corner of the peninsula. The location is full of beautiful old oak trees. On Main Street, visitors can find everything from fine art to antiques.
Travelers could check the Farmers’ Market, too. It is at the Gazebo at John Wilson Park and opens from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. every Sunday. You can buy fresh Florida vegetables, fruits, plants, baked goods, and more there.

Safety Harbor Art and Music Center (SHAMc)

SHAMc is a non-profit organization. It aims to share knowledge of and education in visual and performing arts. The Safety Harbor Art and Music Center exhibits artistic works for kids and those who love art. It was also a lifelong dream for Todd, Kiaralinda, and Heather. So they made it, and it complements the charming bowling ball house.
Safety Harbor Art and Music Center

Image from TripAdvisor

After acquiring the property, the founders were able to transform the Rigsby House. They have made the Safety Harbor Art and Music Center a reality. The dream center surfaced due to the efforts of others, too. Thanks to the Pepsi Refresh Grant (PRG) and the community’s support, it’s there. Now, there is a place where people can gather to celebrate art.

Wrapping Up

The quiet town of Safety Harbor houses one of the most surprising attractions. The eye-catching house called Whimzeyland draws tourists. It overflows with vivid and happy hues. The gardens in Whimzeyland Safety Harbor Fl also come with lively colored bottles. Whimzeyland invites guests to take a mesmerizing walk along its rainbow mosaic pathways. It allows exploring a landscape you have never seen in Florida.


Is Whimzeyland Safety Harbor Florida free?

It is free and open to the public. We hope you piqued your curiosity with our post on Whimzeyland.
If you have experience visiting this place, share your encounter with us. We love to hear the adventures of our readers, too. For now, thanks for reading. We will see you in our next post.

Who Created Whimzeland?

Whimzeyland was created by two artists, Todd Ramquist and Kiaralinda. They transformed their property into a colorful and imaginative space. It features a fusion of found objects, vibrant artwork, colored bottles, and playful sculptures. Their creative vision turned Whimzeyland into a whimsical and unique destination.

Are there any vibrant and captivating art offerings?

Safety Harbor art is unique. There are lots of exciting art things to see. Galleries show local talents, and places like Whimzeyland have cool art. This place loves creativity, and they have events, festivals, and galleries to prove it. Whimzeyland is full of relaxed and playful art if you want to see something fun. There is also a Music Center (SHAMc). It is a community-focused venue that hosts art and music-related activities. These include concerts, workshops, and events.

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