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Oru Kayak Foldable Kayak Lake Review:
Portable Perfection for Paddling?

Are you seeking a portable, lightweight kayak for your next adventure in calm waters? Recent tests of the Oru Kayak Foldable Lake kayak show it to be a fantastic choice, particularly for those who value mobility and ease of assembly.

The Oru Kayak Lake model is perfect for beginners, thanks to its focus on stability and simplicity. Assembling this origami-inspired kayak is a piece of cake; it takes just a few minutes, with no need for tools or prior experience. Once unfolded, you’ll find a spacious cockpit and clamshell seat, ensuring maximum comfort during your paddling excursions.


oru kayak foldable

Weighing in at only 17 lbs, the Oru Kayak Lake is about half the weight of traditional kayaks, making it ideal for those who want a hassle-free transportation option. With its compact folded size, you can easily fit it in the trunk of a small car or even bring it along on public transportation.

The kayaks are made of 5 mm double-layered, custom-extruded polypropylene, which offers incredible puncture and abrasion resistance, ensuring durability and reliability during your trips.


Bottom Line

The Oru Kayak Foldable Lake is a top choice for those seeking a portable, lightweight, and easily assembled kayak for calm water adventures.

This kayak is the perfect companion for your next adventure, offering comfort and convenience in a durable package. Take advantage of this great find!

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Oru Kayak Foldable Kayak Lake Overview





Our recent experience with the Oru Kayak Lake has been an incredible one! This lightweight, portable kayak is perfect for those who enjoy casual kayaking on calm waters like lakes, rivers, and bays. As beginners ourselves, we found this kayak particularly easy to manage.


One of the highlights is how fast and easy it is to set it up. The origami-inspired design allows quick assembly, even without previous experience or tools. We never had to waste any time getting started.


oru kayak foldable

They construct the Lake kayak from 5 mm double-layered, custom-extruded polypropylene. We found it extremely strong, durable, and resistant to punctures and abrasions. The spacious cockpit and clamshell seat provided maximum comfort during our paddling adventures.

One of our favorite aspects of the Oru Kayak Lake is its easy transport. It fits perfectly into the trunk of a small car and does not require a roof rack. We appreciated the convenience of bringing it along on hikes, bike rides, or public transportation.

At 17 lbs, this compact and lightweight kayak is only half the weight of a traditional kayak. With dimensions of 9″ x 32″ and folding down to a tight box of 42″ x 10″ x 18″, it worked flawlessly for us, accommodating up to 250 lbs and a paddler height of 6’4″.

Overall, we were highly impressed with the Oru Kayak Lake’s convenience, durability, and ease of use.

Lightweight and Portable Design

We were amazed by how lightweight and portable the Oru Kayak Lake is – perfect for those who are always on the go. Its innovative origami-inspired design allows it to be easily folded down into a compact box (42″ x 10″ x 18″), making transportation a breeze even if you don’t have a roof rack. This foldable kayak weighs only 17 lbs, half the weight of a traditional kayak.


oru kayak foldable

Assembling the Lake was challenging; it took just a few minutes without any tools or prior experience. Even though it’s lightweight and portable, we found the 5 mm double-layered custom-extruded polypropylene to be impressively puncture and abrasion-resistant. It proved to be reliable and durable during our lake and river adventures.

The spacious cockpit and clamshell seat ensure maximum comfort, and with a maximum capacity of 250 lbs, it can accommodate paddlers up to 6’4″ tall. Overall, the Oru Kayak Lake is ideal for beginners or casual kayakers who value convenience and portability without compromising performance.

Source: Oru Kayak

Ease of Assembly

When it comes to assembling the Oru Kayak Lake, we found it to be straightforward and fast. In just a matter of minutes, we wecouldransform the compact box into a fully functional kayak without needing any tools or prior experience. The origami-inspired design is not only efficient but also quite impressive to witness.


oru kayak foldable

We have used this kayak multiple times and assembled and disassembled it quickly. At only 17 lbs, it is much lighter than traditional kayaks, and the small folded size of 42″ x 10″ x 18″ makes it perfect for transporting, even fitting into the trunk of a small car.

It is worth mentioning the Oru Kayak Lake is primarily designed for casual kayaking on calm waters, and we appreciate that its construction is durable and reliable, made from 5mm double-layered custom-extruded polypropylene. Overall, we believe that this foldable kayak’s ease of assembly and convenience make it a fantastic option for those who value portability and simplicity.


Highly Durable Construction

One thing we truly appreciate about the Oru Kayak Foldable Lake model is its highly durable construction. The kayak is crafted from high-quality polypropylene material, capable of withstanding the wear and tear of outdoor adventures. This feature ensures it’ll last longer compared to other options in the market. Its lightweight design (only 7.7 kilograms) nomakes it portable and easy to set up and use on lake and river expeditions.


oru kayak foldable

We’ve used this kayak on multiple trips, thanks to its sturdy build and resistance to damage. The manufacturer, Oru Kayak, is so confident in the durability of their product that they offer a “Love Your Boat Guarantee,” providing easy 30-day returns. Using this kayak has been a smooth experience for us, combining portability and stability for various water sports activities.

While the durability of this foldable kayak is impressive, we can’t ignore the fact that its price might be a bit steep for some. However, investing in a reliable and robust product like this one is worth every penny.

Maximum Comfort

One thing we noticed about the Oru Kayak is its attention to comfort. The spacious cockpit and the clamshell seat make it an enjoyable experience for the user. We found that the seating remained surprisingly pleasant even on long paddling sessions and didn’t cause any back pain or discomfort.

Designers created this foldable kayak for calm waters like lakes, rivers, and bays, making it an ideal choice for beginners and intermediate paddlers. In our experience, it handled smoothly on flat water, providing excellent stability that made us feel safe and secure while enjoying our outings.


In addition to its physical comfort, the compact and lightweight design of this kayak makes it easy to transport. We had no trouble fitting it into the trunk of a small car, eliminating the need for a roof rack. This convenience factor adds to the Oru Kayak’s overall satisfaction, as we did not have to worry about heavy lifting or storage.

While the Oru Kayak offers decent comfort for casual kayaking, it might provide a different level than a specialized touring kayak. However, considering the product’s primary purpose – maximum portability – it still delivers impressive comfort.

Convenient Transportation

We recently tried out the Oru Kayak Foldable Kayak Lake model, and its convenient transportation features are noteworthy. At 17 lbs, this innovative kayak is about half the weight of a traditional one, making it incredibly easy to carry around. The 9″x 32″ kayak folds down into a compact box sized 42″ x 10″ x 18″, ensuring hassle-free storage and transport.

As we didn’t need a roof rack, fitting the folded Oru Kayak into the trunk of a small car was a breeze. This made it perfect for hiking, bicycling, or even taking it on public transportation. We were pleasantly surprised by how quickly the Lake model could be assembled in minutes without any tools or prior experience.

While being portable, this kayak doesn’t compromise on durability. Made from 5 mm double-layered, custom-extruded polypropylene, it’s puncture and abrasion-resistant. However, remember that it’s designed for calm waters such as lakes, rivers, and bays, suitable for beginners or casual kayaking enthusiasts.

To sum it up, the Oru Kayak Foldable Kayak Lake model offers a remarkably convenient transportation solution for those who crave spontaneous kayaking adventures.


Pros and Cons


We found the Oru Kayak Foldable Kayak Lake to be an extremely portable and lightweight option for kayaking enthusiasts. At just 17 lbs, it’s half the weight of a traditional kayak and easily fits into the trunk of even small cars. This makes it ideal for those who love hiking, biking, or using public transportation to reach their favorite kayaking spots.

Additionally, the innovative origami-inspired design allows it to be assembled within minutes without the need for any tools or previous experience. This is incredibly convenient, as it allows you to spend more time on the water and less time setting up.

The material used to create the kayak is a durable, 5mm double-layered, custom-extruded polypropylene, which provides excellent puncture and abrasion resistance. During our time using it, we found the Lake model to be quite stable on calm water like lakes, rivers, and bays, making it perfect for beginners. Finally, the spacious cockpit and clamshell seat ensure maximum comfort while paddling.

While there are many benefits to the Oru Kayak Foldable Kayak Lake, there are a few drawbacks as well. Its specific design caters to calm waters, which means it might not perform as well in choppy conditions or faster-moving currents. The minimalistic design, although great for portability, might not provide all the features and functionality desired by more experienced kayakers.

Also, some may find the initial setup and disassembly to be a bit challenging, but with practice, it becomes easier over time. Additionally, the max capacity of 250 lbs and max paddler height of 6’4″ might limit its usage for some individuals.

In conclusion, the Oru Kayak Foldable Kayak Lake is a compact, lightweight, and portable option ideal for those who want a simple and easy-to-assemble kayak for calm water exploration. However, it might not be suitable for rougher conditions or paddlers seeking advanced features.

Customer Reviews

We’ve come across numerous reviews from current Oru Kayak users and can confidently summarize their feedback. Most customers appreciated the lightweight and portable nature of the kayak, mentioning that they could easily transport and store it. Experienced users generally describe the assembly as straightforward, taking under 5 minutes. People also confirmed its suitability for flat water, like lakes and calm rivers.

However, a few customers shared concerns with the initial setup, stating that it takes some practice to become quick and efficient in assembling and disassembling the kayak. Some users wished for additional features, but overall, the Oru Kayak received positive feedback for its functionality, ease of use, and compatibility with various water environments.

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In our experience, the Oru Kayak Foldable Lake Kayak is a reliable and convenient option for those looking for a portable and lightweight solution for their kayaking adventures. We loved how easy it was to set up and fold away, making it ideal for quick trips to the lake or river. Its under 20-pound weight and around 10-foot length make it suitable for flat water and easy to carry.

Although minimal in design, it proved pretty functional as we could enjoy hours on calm waters with adequate room for a pet. As first-time users, assembly took a little time to familiarize themselves, but it became quicker after a few tries. While its compactness is a considerable advantage, those who plan to use kayaks on rougher waters may want to consider other options.

Overall, we highly recommend the Oru Kayak Foldable Lake Kayak for individuals seeking an easy-to-transport kayak without compromising stability and functionality.



How does the Oru Kayak compare to inflatable kayaks?

The Oru Kayak is an excellent alternative to inflatable kayaks as it is lightweight, portable, and easy to assemble. Weighing only 17 lbs, it is half the weight of traditional kayaks. The Oru Kayak’s foldable design draws inspiration from origami, rendering it compact and convenient. Unlike inflatable kayaks, the Oru Kayak, made from 5 mm double-layered, custom-extruded polypropylene, offers incredible puncture and abrasion resistance.

What is the weight capacity of the Oru Kayak?

The Oru Kayak is designed to accommodate a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs. This makes it suitable for most individuals to enjoy kayaking on calm waters safely and comfortably.

How durable is the Oru Kayak?

Oru Kayaks go through extensive strength and durability tests to ensure their long-lasting quality. The manufacturer makes them from a 5 mm double-layered, custom-extruded polypropylene material, which offers incredible puncture and abrasion resistance. They assure you that the Oru Kayak is built to withstand a variety of water conditions and provide a reliable kayaking experience.

What is the size of the Oru Kayak when folded?

The Oru Kayak has an impressive foldable design, reducing it to an easily transportable size when not in use. When folded, it measures 42″ x 10″ x 18″, making it convenient to store in the trunk of your car or even in your home.

How easy is it to assemble the Oru Kayak?

Oru Kayak designs the kayak for quick and hassle-free assembly, even for those with no prior experience. It takes just minutes to set up and does not require any tools. With practice, you can get even quicker with the assembly process, letting you spend more time out on the water and less time setting up your kayak.

🌊Experience Freedom on the Water with Oru Kayak!🌊


Unlock a world of adventure and convenience with the innovative Oru Kayak. Our foldable design makes kayaking more accessible than ever, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time paddler. Crafted from durable materials, it’s your ticket to exploring lakes, rivers, and bays.


🌊 Compact Design: Folds easily, making transport and storage a breeze.

🛠️ Quick Assembly: Spend less time setting up and more time on the water.

🌟 Premium Quality: Built to last, ensuring your kayak will stand up to any adventure.


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