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Look For A Quality Kayak Paddle


Find The Right Quality Kayak Paddle

a couple of paddle on a boardwalk

In kayaking, people need to have a quality kayak paddle. Different kinds often come in unique sizes and weights. Also, they have distinctive parts and materials. Each type has its positive and negative attributes based on usage.

Beginners and experienced boaters must select one to cater to their preferences. After all, paddling becomes easy and enjoyable with the right blade for navigation. So it’s reasonable to check the assortment of blades to have the perfect match for a kayak.


Besides, a paddle usually has a significant impact on kayaking performance. Strokes are what propel and change the direction of water vessels. Boaters have peculiar styles when it comes to using top-rated kayak paddles. Thus taking time to pick the correct paddle matters a lot.

This post explains the different types of kayak paddles. It also includes details about kayaking and how these items relate to the activity. Read on to learn more.

What Makes A Quality Kayak Paddle


There’s a reason why people consider some of the items as the top-rated kayak paddles. When it comes to performance, they are far superior. That would be in providing comfort and efficiency.

Some models are great for relaxing tours, while others are great for racing. With that in mind, try looking at the different kayak paddles before committing to buying one.


What Makes A Quality Kayak Paddle

a pair of kayak paddle


A person must go for the practical kind to navigate the waters quickly. That is whether the individual intends to cruise slow or go fast. It must not cause unnatural fatigue or exhaustion and harm the posture and parts of the body.

First of all, depending on the arms and torso alone when paddling can be relatively inefficient and risky. Thus it would be wise to get the right paddle to get you moving correctly.


Choosing A Quality Kayak Paddle


a girl in bikin on her paddle board

What Makes A Quality Kayak Paddle

In selecting one, checking the top-rated kayak paddles may be a good idea. But it isn’t enough to depend on what people recommend.

Instead, when choosing, take several things about yourself into consideration.

Think about your preferences when it comes to paddling and also see that you get what is suitable for your body. It mustn’t be too long or too short and has to have the right parts. Hence, getting the correct paddle is essential.

Here are some tips to have the right one for your kayaking needs.

Guide To Have A Quality Kayak Paddle


Determine what the length of your paddle ought to be. Often the width of your kayak and your height are the ones you need to know before buying any paddle. In having these data, you could get that which has the correct measurement.

Usually, your paddle should be longer when you have a wider boat. Knowing the dimensions of your torso and even your whole body can help you get the right paddle size.

After all, recommended paddle sizes for specific torso and height measurements are available. But, even with the suggested sizes, it’s important to try what you could buy first.

Also, you should consider what type of activity you will do in the water. Casual boaters can go for the paddles designed for low-angle paddling.

These are more relaxing to use since they don’t demand a lot of power and stamina. Many use them to travel through calm waters. Those interested in speedy yet smooth journeys can try high-angle paddles.

Often, these have short handles with broader blades. They are best for intense rides in white water. So paddle dimensions matter a lot when selecting one to use for kayaking.


About The Shafts and Blades


What Makes A Quality Kayak Paddle

a lady on a paddleboard with a resting paddle

Finding a quality kayak paddle gets more challenging with the handles and blades. Top-rated kayak paddles often even have unique parts too.

The lightweight materials for the shaft are usually fiberglass, plastic, and carbon fiber. Handles made of aluminum and wood are also available but are heavy and somewhat pricey.

As for the blades, there are even uneven, curved, spoon, wing, dihedral, and flat ones.

Each has features that give stability and control to kayakers while on water. It’s only that in using either, they would only be great with the correct paddling form. It’s also the same with the stroke execution.

Thus, in getting the perfect one to use for kayaking, there’s checking the shafts and blades.


Materials Of The Different Types Of Kayak Paddles


Paddles with plastic or nylon blades are pretty solid and dependable. Plus, often, sellers offer them at affordable prices. With their build, using them to wade through waters is excellent, according to many. Yet the issue about them is their weakness to prolonged sunlight exposure.

Leaving them exposed to the heat for too long can cause breakage or cracks on their surface. Those made with fiberglass blades are superior since they don’t break right away. They are more complex and thus way more robust.


What Makes A Quality Kayak Paddle

a pair of paddle


As for the shafts, aluminum and carbon fiber handles are the usual parts of the top-rated kayak paddles. There is no doubt about the excellent durability of both materials.

Yet high and low temperatures make aluminum challenging to handle sometimes. So there may be issues when using them during summer and wintertime.

Even if carbon fighter is easy to carry and use for stroking, the material doesn’t come cheap. More often than not, experienced kayakers are the ones who own paddles with such.

So, before getting any of these, it would be wise to see and even test them up-front.


Things To Consider When Choosing A Paddle


Instead of focusing on the top-rated kayak paddles, think about your size, usage, and budget first. Expensive products with positive reviews may be great, but they aren’t always the best. After all, each person has a unique boating preference.

a girl idling on a kayak

a girl idling on a kayak

Plus, not all individuals are of the same size and can afford every item on the market. Hence, selecting a paddle pays to look closely at the individual products sold.

Kayak paddles aren’t all pricey, but some are very expensive. You may want to settle for a cheap one for practice if you’re an amateur. A mid-level paddle may be suitable if you’ve had some experience.

Costly ones often have materials that are very durable and promise better navigation. But, when buying, consider your usage too.

Are you someone who’s into touring or racing? You may need a short paddle with larger blades.

Is a relaxing cruise on the water something that you do? Long paddles may be ideal for you. But that is while taking into account your height and skill level. Base your decision when buying from these things.


How To Use A Quality Kayak Paddle


Unique types of kayak paddles and similar techniques in using them are there. Paddling involves a lot of work in the core muscles, even though the arms make an effort too.

Using your upper extremities without your torso is not recommended. After all, it can lead to severe and early exhaustion plus injuries.

To engage your core, sit upright with your arms holding your paddle. Once you have your posture right, proceed to wade the waters.


people paddling through

how to use a quality kayak paddle


Do a sweep stroke to move forward in a straight or diagonal direction. Without stretching your arms, lean forward to plant the blade and sweep your paddle. You can twist your torso only to create a wide angle when stroking.

Make sure to bring your paddle to the back of your kayak. To stop your movement, do a reverse stroke. This time, plant the blade at the rear to move backward. It may take time to master these things, but with proper practice, they are achievable.

So get what is ideal for yourself and take time to work on these techniques.


Not all kayak paddles are created equal.


Getting a quality kayak paddle is vital for every kayaker. After all, it is an essential piece of equipment to glide across the waters. A problematic kind will only lead to exhaustion and injuries.

With the right one, a journey on a kayak becomes effortless. Those which have excellent materials and structure are often the best ones. Yet some cheap or affordable types are also part of the top-rated kayak paddles.

It’s only that beginners and casual kayakers prefer them more. So, whether you’re an amateur or experienced in using a kayak, having an excellent paddle is a must. Check your options and choose what suits you best.

We hope this post helped you see a quality kayak paddle and how to get one. If you have experience with different paddles, share your ideas with us. Thanks for reading.

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