Florida Events Calendar 2023

In Florida, the fun runs all year-round. Our sunshine and sub-tropical to tropical weather makes the Sunshine State the place to be any time of the year. Browse through our Florida Events Calendar 2023 for ideas on what to do and when it’s happening. 

Be sure to bookmark this page and stop by often. We’ll be updating as new events are posted. And if you know of an event not already listed here, please let us know! Just send us a message at: Contact@FloridaSplendors.com. Or visit our Facebook page and leave a message there. 

Use our Florida Events Calendar 2023 for ideas on what to do and when it’s happening. 

Keep these factors in mind when planning.

  • June 1 – November 30 is officially our rainy season. Expect afternoon showers and possible thunderstorms. Don’t worry- they usually pass quickly. But watch the weather reports for updates. NOTE: This is also our official hurricane season. We typically have a long warning- several days to weeks- to prepare for tropical systems. But listen to the daily weather to ensure you stay up-to-date.


  • Also noteworthy, the weather does not always follow the calendar. It is possible to have rain and storms outside of those dates!


  • Summer months get very hot and humid. Dress accordingly and plan some time in the shade or indoor activities during the heat of the day. 


  • Fall is a great time to visit our state. Temperatures cool down, many events take place, and the beaches are still open. So don’t forget your swimsuit!


  • Winter months can be mild or chilly in some areas. It’s a great season for outdoor activities, with cooler temperatures and fewer bugs, and less humidity. But bring warm clothes. We advise planning to dress in layers as afternoons are typically much warmer with the Florida sun.


  • We love our wildlife! But use caution. If you are by water, you might see alligators. Yes, they even go in the ocean at times. 


  • The ocean also hosts sharks, jellyfish, and other wildlife to watch for. However, most people never see these animals, even if they stay at the beach.


  • Our major roads often get very busy. It helps to plan ahead to know where your exits are and how to reach your destination.


  • Stay hydrated! Dehydration can be very serious and even deadly. When you are having fun in the Florida sunshine, you need to remember to stay hydrated. Carry a refillable bottle of water and drink throughout the day.



Past Florida Calendar Events, 2023

We’ll move the month’s events to this category as the year progresses. Many events take place at a similar time each year. Use this section for future planning.

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